How to Replace Husqvarna Blade Adapter- Don’t Avoid These Steps

Nowadays, a typical modern lawnmower, known as a grass cutter, is a machine for gardening. This machine is used in cutting grass in grassy lands. ‘Walk-behind’ lawnmower is easy to handle as it moves according to the guidance of the user. Still, we found a difficulty in it when its blade started to move.

To fix the module, we need to change the blade adapter. If you want to know how to replace Husqvarna blade adapter, then this article is for you. Here you will get the 5 step by step instructions to change the blade adapter.

How To Replace Husqvarna Blade Adapter

Husqvarna blade adapter is used in lawnmowers. The blade in a lawnmower attaches to a blade adapter. The adapter slides onto the engine’s output shaft. The adapter has the belt pulley on it and a unique key that engages with the blade. Over time, the blade key can wither, and it can cause the blade to wobble.

When the blade adapter is brake off, it needs to switch with a new blade adapter. Otherwise, if the blade strikes with something hard, the engine shaft key can be sheared off. Many of you face trouble when you try to fix it. So here are five simple step by step instructions for how to replace Husqvarna blade adapter.

Step: 1

To replace the Husqvarna blade adapter, first, you have to turn the lawnmower up and, then you have to support it by sliding the handle on the surface. Then keep something massive upon the handle so that it cannot move from its place. Use a wood block to hold the blade in its place so that the blade also cannot move.

Step: 2

You can see that the blade is secure with one bolt and so you have to remove it with a socket wrench. To remove it, you can strike the wrench with a hammer to loosen the mounting bolt. After removing the nut, remove the blade. You can use a hammer or a gear puller to help remove the blade adapter from the engine shaft.

Step: 3

Take the new blade adapter which, will go over the shaft. On its head, there is a star, and the blade fits over the star, and on its edge, there is a pulley, and the lawnmower’s belt goes through it. Reinstall the new blade adapter by aligning the key in the adapter. During sliding it into its position, you have to be very careful when you are.

Step: 4

Latterly pull the belt of the lawnmower around the pulley of the blade adapter. After finishing this task, fix the blade adapter properly on the shaft. The belt, which is connected with the blade adapter, helps the user to control the brake system of the lawnmower. If the user pulls the brake on the handle, the blade will stop moving.

Step: 5

Our final step is to fix the blade in its place. Take the cutting blade and place it over the star of the blade adapter. Make sure to align the sharp edge facing away from the deck. Place the mounting bolt on its position and, with the help of the socket wrench, fix it. Use the wood block to hold the blade in its place.

After setting it, return the mower to its upside position. Through these step by step guidelines, you get your desired answer to the question of how to replace Husqvarna blade adapter. It will be easy to manage the Husqvarna blade adapter if you follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which tool can be used to remove a Husqvarna blade adapter?

To remove a Husqvarna blade adapter from the shaft, you can use a socket wrench. You can also use a gear puller instead of a socket wrench.
During selecting a tool, you have to keep one thing in mind that whatever device you will use to remove the blade adapter, it has to be strong enough to move the bolt, which usually stuck the blade with the blade adapter.

How to replace Husqvarna blade adapter, which is stuck by a rusty bolt?

If the bolt is rusty, then it is quite challenging to remove the nut. In that case, give some oil on the rusty lock. It will help to loosen the bolt. To add extra strength in the socket wrench, you can use a hammer to strike the wrench so that it can move the rusty lock quickly.

How to replace Husqvarna blade adapter and how to clean it?

Sometimes the blade adapter started doing a problem when the grasses get stuck into the blade adapter. To clean the blade adapter, you need to replace it first from the shaft. To restore the Husqvarna blade adapter, you need a socket wrench.
With the socket wrench after removing the blade, you can clean the blade adapter. To clean it, take a brush and flick the blade adapter, and then take a clean cloth and wipe the rusts from the blade adapter. You can also apply oil in the blade adapter so that it can run smoothly.

Wrap Up

Various manufacturing companies manufacture blade adapters. Husqvarna blade adapter is one of them. Though it looks a bit tough to change the Husqvarna blade adapter, it will be easy for you to follow the guidelines described in this article.

So if the question of how to replace Husqvarna blade adapter comes into your mind or if you want to replace the Husqvarna blade adapter, you can go through the step by step instructions, and you can solve this problem easily. Through reading this article, you will get the knowledge about the process of replacing the blade adapter.