How to Mow After Overseeding- Guide with Lawn Safety

Want to mow after overseeding by yourself? Then you must read this content carefully to know how to mow after overseeding by yourself without hiring an experienced one. I assure you that, by following the process I am going to describe, you will be able to mow correctly as the experienced one.

If you really want to mow perfectly by yourself, then read the instructions and do it. I hope you will not be disappointed. Let’s start our discussions about How to Mow after Overseeding< step by step.

How To Mow After Overseeding

Step 1: Age of The Lawn

At first, you must think about whether it is the first time for mowing or the old one. If it is the first time for mowing, then you must be assured that it has appropriately grown and the roots are strong enough or not. If you have no idea about it, then I suggest you mow for the first time at the age should be 2/2.5 months, at least.

Harvesting for the first time, you should wait at least 2/2.5 months for the lawn correctly. In this time, your lawn might be so long, but don’t worry after overseeding it will be amazing. If your lawn is old, then you can mow it when it becomes up to 3 inches.

Step 2: Tools You Need

For mowing, the most important thing you need is the mowing tools that are required first.

The tools you need to mow are given below which are used by professionally:

  1. Lawn Mower
  2. String Trimmers
  3. Edgers
  4. Blower/Vacuum
  5. Lawn Spreader
  6. Sprayer
  7. De-thatcher
  8. Lawn Aerator
  9. Leaf Blower

There are also some Helpful Hand Tools that you needed:

  1. Rakes
  2. A spade
  3. A rain gauge
  4. Hand weeding tools
  5. Hose and sprinkler head
  6. Gloves
  7. Spreaders and Sprayers
  8. Shears
  9. Hand Trowel
  10. Wheelbarrow

Don’t worry!!!

You don’t need all these tools. I have given these tools only for knowing about all that are used professionally. You must need some of these tools for mowing simply.

These tools are given below with the tasks that you can easily catch them:



1. Lawn Mower For mowing perfectly by moving on the lawn
2.Spade For digging the soils and carry anything
3. Rake Gathering the leaves or anything from lawn
4. Wheelbarrow For carrying the dust
5. Gloves Keeping the hands safe
6. Broom Cleaning the surface

You can find these tools from Online and the tools shop nearer to you. Only by these 5 tools, you can mow after overseeding perfectly.

Step 3: Be Ready

Before you start mowing, you must be prepared by dressing yourself and putting on the gloves on your hands so that soil can’t make your skin rough.

For avoiding the dust, you can make or select a cloth that you can use whenever you are mowing. You can also have a flip flop for your feet that protects your feet from any harm. Now you are ready and safe for mowing.

Step 4: Clean The Leaves And Dust

Now you are on the spot where you want to mow. At first, take the Rake and start cleaning the surface of the lawn field. Gather all the leaves and dust at any one corner and put these into the Wheelbarrow using the spade and rake.

Step 5: Start Mowing

You must be careful in this step because this is the most important step for mowing. It will be more helpful to use the mower if you go through the instructions that are given in the mower. Now, get the Lawn Mower at one corner of the spot. Then make an exact line that you will mow properly.

Start the Mower and move it softly and straightly as far as you can. You must do it very patiently and slowly if you want to do it perfectly. Do not give so much pressure on the Mower. Move it smoothly like you are moving any trolley bag. You can also watch the videos if you are facing problems.

You will start moving the Mower from one corner to the finishing line, and then you will turn it back by pulling and again come to the finishing line. By repeating this, you will mow the whole field perfectly. After finishing the mowing, turn off the Mower, clean it, and take it to the place where it has been kept.

Step 6: Clean The Dust

You have already known about how to mow after overseeding by doing the mowing. Now you have finished your mowing, and all the fields become messy. You should not leave it like this. You must clean it. For cleaning the field, you can use the rakes and plastic broom. You have to gather them in any corner as a pile.

After cleaning the surface and making the piles, you must get them out of the field. So, you will collect the dust from the pile and take it in the wheelbarrows using spades and take it out from the field. Now take a look at your field that you have finished mowing perfectly, but still, you have something to do.

Step 7: Finishing Task

After cleaning all the fields, you have to put the water sources that you kept out. Then water all the fields and clean yourself and the tools that you used. Now, you have finished all the work and get ready to see a beautiful field where you have done hard work.
It may not be looking as pretty as the professionals do, but trust me, it is perfectly done if you do it as I have told.

By reading this, now you know How to mow after overseeding. So, follow the steps above and do the work that I discussed and then take a look at your field that is perfectly done by you. These are the steps by following you can mow after overseeding by yourself.