How to Unload Dirt From a Pickup Truck without Messing Around

Are you getting disappointed in removing dirt from your hauling truck and searching for some easy methods? This article is for you! Here you will know how to unload dirt from a pickup truck.

When you are a professional and carry garbage materials in everyday life or a self-sufficient home-maker, unloading trash, and scraps can become a headache for you. Don’t worry! It’s not too tough to do when you know these few hacks.

How To Unload Dirt From A Pickup Truck

Usually, pickup trucks are made to transport all kinds of heavy-weighted material. It is also used to remove garbage materials. In the time of changing apartments, concretions work, and landscaping work, you must need a pickup truck to get rid of junk and trash. It makes your job easy.

But it becomes a tension when you have to unload the dirt from its bed. Unloading dirt from a pickup truckmanually isn’t wise for any person. It requires not only a long time but also lots of energy.

Following these easy methods and using the dumping equipment mentioned below, you can quickly get rid of this tension.

1. Using Dumping Tools

A truck bed unloader is a useful dumping tool. The Loadhandler is one of the most popular pickup truck bed unloaders. It takes 25-30 seconds only to unload stuff.

It has an easy-to-install process that makes your work more comfortable. You don’t need to drill or make any change to your pickup truck to install it. It is actually a firm fabric sheet that is rolled by a handle. Just curve its heavy-duty rolled bar to dump the garbage from the truck’s bed.

Some popular brands you can choose also for bed unloaders are Harbor Freight and Boxer. Usually, a bed unloader can lift a weight from 2000 lbs to 2500 lbs.

How to unload dirt from a pickup truck using truck bed unloader

At first, you have to extend the heavy-duty drag sheet broadwise to your truck bed. Now move the tailgate downward. Finally, roll the crank on the cargo unloader to unload your truck bed.

2. Roll Tarp Kit

Dump truck roll tarp kit is another option for the professionals who need to unload pickup trucks for everyday purposes. It is created for dump trailer applications. It’s one of the easiest ways to unload trash from your hauling truck. These kits save your time and labor cost.

How to unload dirt from a pickup truck by using a roll tarp kit

Place the tarp bar in the tarp catch hook. Cover the load by the tarp tightly by fixing the crank ratchet strong. To unload the dirt, you have to retract the tarp by unloading the crank ratchet. Loosen the tarp by enlarging a few inches wide. Finally, free the attached tarp bar from the catch hook.

3. Dump Bed Inserts

A dump bed insert is a dumping kit used as an alternative to the stock bed. Installing a dump bed insert doesn’t need to remove the main stock bed. So it gives fewer changes to your pickup truck. Just put the dump bed insert over the stock bed as a 2nd layer.

There are many brands where you can buy your dump bed. DumperDogg is one of the most popular brands. It has a removable tailgate, which gives you more options for personalized work. Its quick-release hinge pins make the tailgate allowed to open up or down to unload pickup truck.

It can handle up to 6000 lbs payload weight. You can control the dumping bed inserts from a distance. These inserts typically can be removed for further purposes. But using dump bed inserts as a 2nd bed reduces the payload capacity of your pickup truck.

4. Replace The Stock Bed By A Dumping Bed

If you are determined to use your truck permanently for removing dirt or garbages, you can use a dumping bed insert to replace the stock bed. It changes the figure of your truck and makes your truck a permanent dumping transport.

Replacing the stock bed by a dumping bed increases the loading capacity of your truck. Whereas using a dump bed sheet above the main bed reduces the payload capacity of a truck. But it can not be returned to its previous shape, once the stock bed is removed.

It is generally used to get full of payload capacity. If payload capacity is your first priority, you should go for it.

5. The Most Affordable Way

If you don’t want to spend money on unloading dirt from your pickup truck, you can follow this way. Keep plywood under the trash you are carrying. Attach a chain or rope to the tailgate end. Now go to the place you want to dump. Tie the tailgate to a tree. Come back to your driving seat and drive forward.

The dirt will glide from the bed of the truck. This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to unload dirt from a pickup truck. It won’t cost you a single penny.

Bottom line

In everyday life, we use pickup trucks to haul garbages. One needs to know how to unload dirt from a pickup truck to make the work stress-free.

Following the procedures and using the equipment mentioned in this article will make your hauling work easy and save time. Applying these easy ways can also save your truck from damages during unloading.