How to Build a Trimmer Rack- DIY Guide to Store

Do you want to know how to Build a Trimmer Rack? And looking for an effective strategy? Then here is the right guide for you. Here you will find the solution to build it. You know that trimmer rack is an immensely useful thing. You can easily make it at home.

I am sure you will get a concrete idea about building it very fast and smoothly by the end of the article. So without wasting time, go ahead and follow my guidelines. You can build it as cheap and straightforward as possible, not to save money but to save space. Below are all the materials and tools you need to create a trimmer rack.

How to Build a Trimmer Rack- Follow the Materials and Tools

  • 12-inch wide plywood
  • 3/8″ × 1 – 1/2 “carriage bolts
  • 3/8″ washers
  • 3/8″ nuts
  • Jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Makita Plunge Cut Track Saw – any circular saw, or table saw will work
  • F o r s t n e r Bits – you can use several drill bits or cut a curve with a jigsaw
  • Twist Drill Bits
  • Ratchet or Wrench and Socket
  • Cordless Drill or Drill Press
  • Sandpaper and Sander
  • Tape Measure
  • Speed Square

Method of How to Build a Trimmer Rack

This is a ubiquitous rack made from scrap plywood. This will serve as a shelf for other items, such as 2 – stroke pre-mix, trimmer line, etc. There are different ways to build it, but you can only use some scrap 1/2 “plywood.

1. Cut some 1/2″ plywood into 12″ × 48″ pieces. If you want, you can cut the plywood sheet’s length to 12″ × 96”.

2. Make a mark every 12 inches 2 – 1/2 inches from the edge of the plywood. Then make the first mark 6″ and the next ones 18, 30, 42, and so on. This allows the use of 4 trimmers for each 48 – inch plywood.

3. The drill is holed 1 – inch where the mark is just made. The F o r s t n e r bit can be used here, but any drill bit of 1 – inch will do it. You can choose jigsaw for this.

4. Use a speed square or straight edge to draw a straight line from the hole’s side to the edge of the plywood after drilling the hole. Now, cut the just drown slot, using a jigsaw.

5. At this stage, sand the edges and any rough spots.

6. Mock the shelf in place and drill holes for mounting fasteners. Then you can attach to the wooden framing. You can even create individual 2×4 frames.

7. Now, Fasteners need to be put in place. Then use 5/16″ × 1-2″ carriage bolts for every 4 foot of plywood.

8. Put the rack in place and fasten the nuts to the carriage bolts, and tighten.

9. Hang your string trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers, brush cutters, and stick tools like shovels, rakes, holes, etc.

10. Surprise your newly organized space. And this is a quick project that will help you clean your workspace.

How to Build a Trimmer Rack


First, use the Makita Plunge cut the track to cut plywood scraps down to 12 inches by 48 inches. Then keep a gap of about 12 inches between each trimmer. Make your first mark by measuring 6 inches from the side of the plywood (short edge).

Thus, make a mark every 12 inches. So, you should have a score of 6″, 18″, 30″ and 42″. Each of these pieces should be allowed to hang four tools evenly. Starting with the 6 – inch mark, there is spacing when you butt two shelves opposite each other.

Step: 2

Come back and make the cross mark, you intersect the newly created one. This intersection mark should be 2 – 1/2 inches from the front (long edge) of your shelf. After that, You need to have four cross marks on each 12″ × 48″ piece of plywood.

Now is the time to spread the cordless drill or use the drill press. Then drill a 1 – inch hole centering your cross marks, using a 1 – inch f o r s t n e r bit.

Step: 3

Using a rafter square at the front edge of the plywood, you draw a vertical line from the front edge to each side of the running hole. You need to have two lines for each hole.

Now, carefully cut along the border with the jigsaw. You can mount it as is, but you probably want to hit it with an electric sander. Now clean the rough edges with a pneumatic 6 – inch DA sander and close the sharp angle.

Step: 4

Now, place the plywood rack on top, where you want to set it. Then drill through 3/8″ metal at your selected place and new boots. Pull the plywood shelf to the bottom and hammer 3/8″ × 1 – 1/2 “carriage bolts in plywood.

Then place the plywood rack behind the same place. And line the pins with drill holes. Now, put your washers and nuts in the bolts then fasten with ratchet or wrench and socket.

Safety and Precautions

The priority in any work is safety. So even in this work, it cannot be avoidable because you will use a lot of harmful materials. Thus, the work has to be done carefully.


• Do not leave power tools in front of small children.


• Seal the rack with a water sealer or a clean coat of external grade to project it from components.
• Establish neoprene nuts for more permanent assembly.

Final Verdict

Many racks are available in the market, but it is tough to get a helpful and preferred frame. Equipped with lots of power tools and scrap plywood, you can build the trimmer rack yourself. As you have learned How to Build a Trimmer Rack above this article, hopefully, you can create a marvelous Trimmer Rack now.