How to Glue Rocks to Pond Liner- Must-Know Before You Proceed

Many of you may have a pond on your property. Ponds increase the beauty of your property and create a calm environment. But the question is how to maintain your pond! You have to use certain things such as pond liner, rocks, and glue to keep your pond.

People generally cover their pond liner with pebbles because it makes their pond more attractive and natural. In this article, I will like to share how to glue rocks to pond liner. I hope it will help you in maintaining your pond. Let’s get started.

How to Glue Rocks to Pond Liner

When you start thinking about creating a pond, this question will definitely arrive in your mind that how to glue rocks to pond liner. It is not a difficult job, actually. You should follow some easy steps that I have mentioned in my article.

Furthermore, I have included some essential pieces of equipment in this article that you should know before digging your pond.

What is Pond Liner

Pond liner is a waterproof geomembrane which used to hold the water of the pond. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) liners are one of the best pond liners. On the other hand, EPDM or PVC liners are also used vastly as pond ships. A pond liner should be 0.75mm to 0.85mm thick.

Generally, a pond liner can last for 20 years. It means it is a long-lasting thing, so you should choose your pond liner carefully. You can use a new pond liner over the old one, but you have to remove everything inside the pond temporarily.

Adding Rocks to Pond Liner

You can use rocks on the bottom of your pond, or you can use it on the top of the liner to decorate the lake. Uses of rocks will make your pond more natural. But there are some issues that you should consider using rocks on your pond liner. What are the issues? Let’s check them out at a glance.

  • Use huge and smooth rocks.
  • Insert a bottom drain at the deepest part of your pond.
  • Keep a wide area without rocks.
  • Clean rock’s debris regularly.
  • Use a pond vacuum cleaner to clean the debris over the rocks.

Glue for Attaching Rocks

The glue we will use in attaching rocks must be waterproof. It must have some unique characteristics. You should know them before choosing your adhesive.

  • It must have enough strength to hold stones underwater.
  • It must also be enough strength to keep rocks away from separating at the time of weighing.
  • It must be non-poisonous.
  • It must be bulk enough to seal the gaps between the rocks.

 These are some essential features of a glue that you should keep in mind while choosing for your own. After knowing them, you are now ready to know the tips about how to glue rocks to pond liner.

Step: 1

At first, set the pond liner over the pond carefully. Make sure that you have enough coating to use. Cover the sides of the pond with the liner. You have to cover every space with the liner you wish to add stone because plastic is needed as a backup to attach the rocks around your pond.

Step: 2

The second step is to break the stones in proper shape. You have to cut the rocks in a form that you want to use in decorating your pond. But make sure that they are in the same shape. If you cut them in a circle or one in rectangular, that might not look so good, I think.

Step: 3

Now it is the time to start decorating your pond. Set the rocks around your lake like a puzzle. It is the section where you should use your creativity. Your potential will help you most to decorate your pond gorgeously. But my suggestion will be for you not to paint over; otherwise, it will hamper your lake’s natural beauty.

Step: 4

Now it is a simple step to do. Pick each stone and add glue on the backside of the stone. Then, keep the rocks in the right place from where you pick them. If you don’t do this, you will not find the decoration that you have done on the previous step.

Step: 5

The last and final step is applying glue between each stone. It is more straightforward from stage four. This step will help the stones to attach themselves. I will like to advise you to use some gravel stone in this step. It will help to protect your liner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What glue generally works on rocks?

Epoxy glue is used to bond rocks together. Epoxies have different types. From those, 2 Epoxy 330 Water Clear Adhesive Lapidary Rock Gem Glue is the best to glue rocks to pond liner.

Can superglue be used to attach rocks?

Superglue can work to join frags and small rocks. But for bulk stones, I am pretty sure that it will not work well.

What glue is best for rocks?

Without any doubt, Power Grab N Bond is the best adhesive for stone. It is best to glue rocks to pond liner.

Can glue be used to attach two pond liner?

Well, if you use EPDM rubber pond liner, it might be difficult for you to join them. But if you do the work with patience and pre-planning, I am sure that you will be successful in attaching them.


After finishing the article, I hope now you have a clear idea about how to glue rocks to pond liner. It will help you choose the best glue, rocks, and pond liner for your pond. If you ask me for a suggestion, I recommend EPDM as pond liner, square-sized rocks, and Power Grab N Bond glue for decorating your pond.

So, if you are planning to dig a pond on your garden or property, let’s gets start it. If my article helps in your decision making, I will be happy. Don’t forget to thank me later—best wishes to you.