How to Install Landscape Lighting Under Sidewalk- Way to Sleek Look

Today we are going to talk about landscape lighting and its installation. Nowadays landscape lighting is a popular method of lighting specifically at sidewalks for safety and good looks at night time. As with the security issues it also enhances the beauty of the property, with that, we see its use on different celebrations too.

It obviously adds a different luxury look on your path. But most of the people don’t know about the installation of it well, except the professional ones. So today we are going to talk about how to install landscape under the sidewalk. Hope this article will help to redecorate your sidewalks.

How To Install Landscape Lighting Under Sidewalk

In this article, we will discuss the installation of lighting under sidewalks in a very simple and cost-saving way. If you want to redecorate your sidewalks with lighting on your own you will need some materials. So take a look at what you will need to go.

Materials You Need

  • Landscape lighting fixture.
  • <transformer< li=””> </transformer<>
  • Pipe
  • <shovel< li=””> </shovel<>
  • Drilling machine
  • Wire clip
  • Voltage checker
  • Wrench set
  • Weatherproof wire connector
  • Posthole digger
  • Safety glasses.

Though depending on your desired design it may vary.

Choosing Lighting System

When choosing a desired lighting system some factors should be remembered.

  • Buy a larger capacity transformer, in comparison with your needs.
  • Choose soft lights, as it will enhance the looks.
  • Keep in mind the season issues, your light should be as such that it could complement the look of all nature.

Almost all the fixtures have the same components. Like

  • Transformer
  • Lights
  • Cable
  • Fixtures.

So select your desired landscape lighting system then go through to know how to install landscape under the sidewalk

Steps Of Installation Landscape Lighting Under Sidewalk

Step: 1

As you want to install landscape lighting on your sidewalk, you first have to fix the lighting spots and transformers spots, but the distance between lights should be maintained 5-10 feet, equal space between lights is important. So, inspect your concerned property and decide about lighting spots and where the transformer will be installed.

Here voltage drop is an important matter. To avoid this try to set the transformer at the center. But at least a 10-meter distance from the transformer to lights should have to be maintained for safety issues. As it may cause burning for getting overvoltage.

Another issue is important in the placement of the transformer which is, it needs to be close to the main power from where the connection will be made, this will ensure easy power supply. For designing of spot fixation of lights and transformer, there are some common types like-

  • Tee: It looks like “T” from lights to the transformer.
  • Split: When multiple lines of lights connect to one transformer it is called split type.
  • Loop/circle: There is some similarity of this type to series, but like series, it doesn’t end at the last spot rather the wire comes back to complete the circle.
  • Series/Daisy chain: It’s the easiest type, runs a single wire from the first spot to last, and sets the transformer aside.
  • Split tee: Setting multiple tee lines from one transformer.

Step: 2

Now the second step is across the wire between lights. For that arrange a PVC pipe which need to be a bit longer than the width of the path, you can use 1-2 inch longer pipe. Then use a shovel to dig the lighting spots on one side base on the diameter of the pipe.

Now dig out the opposite part keep in mind that the PVC pipe will pop up from here from one side to the opposite. Repeat it with all the predetermined spots.

Step: 3

At this step, you have to make a trench from one side to another of light spots. For this dig the trench as per the diameter of the PVC pipe.

Step: 4

In this process, you will encounter a lot of dirt and mud, but using water to clear this will be the wrong idea. You can use a smaller pipe to clear this out.

Step: 5

At this step lay the pipes through the trench from one side to another of lighting spots. Pipes are used to keeping the cables safe and easy to access under the path.

Step: 6

Now your task is running the wire through the pipe. Using of Shovel in this is not wise here as it may damage the wire and can cause short-circuit. Rather use your finger.

Step: 7

Now again dig trenches from Lighting spots to the transformer for wiring that will ensure power supply to the lights.

Step: 8

After running the wire through new trenches your task is to tamp the soil back. As it doesn’t look like any wire from outside and looks very fresh. But try to leave some extra wire in case of any change of design it will work.

Step: 9

It’s the last step, you are now on your lightened path just a switch on away. But before this ensures that wire connectors are weatherproof otherwise soil moisture will damage it. And dig at least six inches to keep the wires safe.

Step: 10

At modern lighting fixtures, you can set a time when it will light up when to off. This feature will help to save time and energy. Make ready the path every day without your concern.

Now you know how to install landscape lighting under your sidewalks. Know the problems as well to make the alternative.


  • Weak wiring may cause damage, in many cases, we see many fixtures that are being carried by one transformer. It causes overload.
  • About 1 foot higher from the ground to the transformer position should be maintained to keep safe.


  • Use a limited number of lights as per the capacity of the transformer. In case of increasing numbers, you may use multiple transformers rather than pressuring one unsafely.
  • Set the transformer in a suitable place with the lights and obviously higher from the ground by covering it with a weatherproof cover for future safety and easy process.

The Verdict

For the beautification and its usefulness at night landscape lighting is very popular and not so expensive too, with these if you know the installation yourself then it will cut your cost.

So, why wait, know about how to install landscape under the sidewalk, and do it on your own to give a new look to your sidewalks. Renovation of your sidewalks with lights will make your home more enlightened.