How to Get Rid of Silver Maple Tree-2 Best Ways

Do you want to know how to get rid of silver maple tree? Of course, you can get rid of the maple tree in different ways. Do you want to decorate your living space beautifully? Is the maple tree interfering with your living space? You can dispose of the problem if you want.

Since the Silver Maple Tree grows very fast compared to other maple trees, it causes various problems in the habitat. Although it is suitable for afforestation, many do not want to keep it at home. The Silver Maple Tree grows to a height of 49-62 feet or even a maximum of 115 feet. Its spread is 36-49 feet wide.

Before cutting the Silver Maple Tree you need to think about what problems you might face if you have this tree.

How to Get Rid of the Silver Maple Tree

Step 1: Use Herbicides

When people suffer from various problems with silver maple trees, they ask how to get rid of silver maple tree? If you want to get rid of silver maple tree, you can use herbicide. Some herbicides that help prevent unwanted plants, leaving you with the plants you need. Herbicides can destroy the rooting system of the tree.

Brush non-selective herbicidesqs such as glyphosate, pathway, Garlon on the surface of the cut. Leave sprouts out.

Step 2: Cut It Down

The second step for how to get rid of silver maple tree is to cut it down forever. If you want to get rid of Silver Maple Tree, the easiest way is to cut it down. Winter is the best time for pruning this tree. It can help you to save money. And, Winter is the time when you can cut the tree easily.

Below are the tools needed to cut the silver tree:

  • Hand shear
  • Lopping shear
  • Chainsaw
  • Shovel
  • Spade

Firstly, you have to prune the branches of trees.
Two types of materials are commonly used for pruning trees:

  • Hand shear
  • Lopping Shear

Hand Shear

It has a 24-39 inch long handle. With hand shear, you can prune the twigs and leaves of the tree. It is also used for cutting shrubs. It is used for pruning small branches of trees.

Lopping shear

Lopping shears are used for pruning dense and large branches of trees. With it, you can work comfortably. If not needed, there is no need to use the outstretched arms. It will consume more of your energy. Try to keep it sharp, then it will be easier to cut the tree.

When the branches of the tree are pruned with the help of shears, your first step is done. Then you need to make arrangements to remove the huge size of wood. With the help of chainsaws, you can cut the large wood. You will use a chainsaw to cut the wood to a larger size.

The lower part of the tree should be cut down very carefully with a chainsaw. Carefully cut so that there is no damage to the surrounding plants or houses. For this, you can take the help of thick ropes. With a chainsaw, you can cut your wood to the desired size.

After you have to remove the root and stumps of the tree beneath the soil by digging it out. Since the roots of the Silver Maple Tree are scattered all around, it needs to be dug up before it can be destroyed.

Two types of tools are essential for digging it:

  • Shovel
  • Spade

To remove the silver maple tree with the stump, first, dig around it. With the help of a shovel, the small roots around the tree should be cut first. With the help of shovels, the soil can be easily brought to the surface.

The soil has to be dug with a spade. Then the root of the tree which is below has to be removed by putting pressure on something with the help of a spade. This way you can get rid of the silver maple tree by cutting down the tree.

Why Would You Get Rid of a Silver Maple Tree?

The Silver Maple Tree grows very fast. The canopy of this tree spreads all around, goes deep from the surface of the soil. The branches of this tree spread all around. The silver maple tree takes up a lot of space due to its large size.Its roots often stick to different sewer pipes.

This causes various problems in the pipes. Again, its branches spread very fast, so it often sticks to the roof of the building. During storms, branches of the Silver Maple Tree can damage buildings. Without proper nutrition, the bark of the silver maple tree peels off, the wood becomes pale, and the color of the leaves can be lost.

The huge buds of silver maple are the primary food of squirrels. Having this tree can increase the prevalence of squirrels. The Silver Maple Tree can also be a hindrance to the driveway due to its huge size.

Different types of fungi, insects, and viruses can infect it and cause a variety of problems. When people face these problems, they cut down the silver maple tree.


  1. When cutting the tree, care should be taken so that its trunk does not hurt anyone.
  2. You have to see if there is any electronics wire around it.
  3. It needs to be kept clean
    When climbing to the top, make sure it is slippery.
  4. Care should be taken to ensure that the plant does not contain any harmful substances or toxins.

In fine

We can say that the Silver Maple Tree is suitable for the forest but it causes various problems in the habitat. It grows very fast and is huge. As a result, it takes up a lot of space as it grows. It obstructs the driveway, waterway, roof of the building.

However, you can plant it in a planned way to enhance the beauty of the landscape. It will keep you covered in its cool shade.

If you want, you can shape the Silver Maple Tree with proper planning and care. However, we hope that the above tips will help you to get rid of Silver Maple Tree if the tree causes you problems. Here we are trying to describe easily how to get rid of silver maple tree for your assistance.