How to Remove Weeds from Curb- 7 Effective Methods

Are your curbs or sidewalks covered with weeds? Are you thinking about a permanent solution & natural ways to remove weeds from the curb? In this article, I have given you some strategies How To Remove Weeds From Curb & Prevent from growing in your sidewalk.

Weeds are invasive, troublesome, or unwanted plants that grow spontaneously without any seedlings & damages your sidewalks. Though weeds are able to reproduce more in a short period of time, these are fairly easy to remove.

To eliminate weeds growing in these sidewalk cracks, you can buy commercially available, which is eco-friendly, weed-killing devices, liquids, or use of a variety of household symbols. Once you read the whole article, you will see there is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of sidewalk weeds.

This can be used in your sidewalk, around the neighborhood, and anywhere you have weeds in cracks.

How To Remove Weeds From Curb Applying Some Necessary Things

There are some smart and safe ways to effectively remove and prevent pavement weeds from the sidewalk in a few steps that are environmentally friendly. You should take a look at some homemade remedies for killing and removing weeds from sidewalk cracks:

Using Vinegar

In Organic gardening, you can use Vinegar as a natural weed killer to get rid of weeds in the driveway or sidewalk & concrete without the use of harmful chemicals.

Vinegar is a cheap, effective & homemade solution in removing plants. The huger the volume of acetic acid in Vinegar, the faster it will kill the weeds. Spraying vinegar on the weeds allows it to go faster in the soil and is absorbed by the roots.

Burning The Weed

To get rid of weeds from curb Burning is another more simple and productive way.Using Salt

Salt is another remedy and natural weed killer to remove weeds from the curb. As a chemical composition, it has sodium that changes the chemical balance in the weed. You may add 2 cups of water in 1 cup of salt, then properly mix it and boil the saltwater to make your homemade solution.

Use a spray bottle to sprinkle it directly on the weed. To get an immediate result to pour these homemade contents on the sidewalk weeds.

Pouring Boiling Water

Another natural way to remove weeds from the sidewalk is by pouring boiling water over weeds. If you want to try this effective, inexpensive, natural weed killer, just fire up the kittle to pour the hot boiling water directly onto the weeds.

Pouring hot water is effective and most convenient for controlling weed growth on a driveway or sidewalk since those areas have less harm of destroying other borders.

Using Horticultural Vinegar

This type of Vinegar may be tough to find in provincial stores, but this Vinegar can be ordered online. Sprinkling Baking Soda

One of the best powerful natural weed killers is Baking Soda that can be consumed to remove weeds from the curb. To remove weeds for a natural way, sprinkle Baking Soda into the sidewalk. Every 4 to 6 weeks Repeat this method until the weeds are gone. Baking soda destroys the weed gradually and curbs the regrowth.

In the Spring and Fall, apply baking soda for the best result.

Pull Up Weeds by Hand

 This is the best way and the most common and fundamental technique to pull the weeds by hand, though it is the hardest one method. It basically depends on the grass type. This method to be more helpful when pulling a weed once the ground is moist, so try watering heavily.

If you remove the whole weed entirely with its roots, it may not regrow because there are no other parts left in the soil.

For Weed Prevention Use a Weed Preventer

Weeds grow everywhere and often grow back & making the sidewalks are less attractive. Sometimes the weeds are not entirely removed from their roots.

The following below describes we may prevent weeds from growing back:

  • To prevent weeds from rising for a short period of about three months, you can utilize weed preventer granules like Preen.
  • All weed preventers are not the same. You should initially specify the weed sample that you’re trying to remove.
  • Only for a few months, a normal Chemical may work to prevent weeds from growing; after if you don’t reapply the chemical, they will reappear again.
  • You can consume Landscape fabric for long-lasting results, which prevents them from growing for several years.

Landscape fabric barriers the sun from the hidden area, preventing undesirable weeds from rising.

How To Seal The Cracks Of The Sidewalk

Crack filler is easy and inexpensive to find at hardware shops and home restoration centers:

  • To curb the weeds from rising back, spatter the gravel or sand to fill the cracks.
  • To prevent regrowth, plants apply roofing cement to seal them into the cracks.
  • To seal the cracks, you may also use blacktop or epoxy filler.
  • Before walking on the sidewalk /curb, let the epoxy or cement dry for a maximum of 72 hours to completely cure.

If rain is predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours, refrain from filling the crack. The sealant needs to dry to set properly.


Always try to apply non-selective ingredients, which I already mentioned in the above article How To Remove Weeds From Curb. Applying some necessary things like Vinegar, essential weed oils, boiling water, and chemicals carefully according to any manufacturer’s directions.

Maintain both flame-weeders and weed steamers away from explosive materials. When you are handling strong chemicals, try to wear always protective eyewear and gloves.

Final Verdict

The above innovative ways I have tried to make you understand How To Remove Weeds From Curb, which you will need to apply in your practical life once you face weed problems onto your sidewalk. If you follow the above instruction properly, the curb weeds will be dead and ready to be removed within two days.

There is no need to waste money on marketable herbicides. Instead, formulate your own household remedies. In the above article, I covered several solutions for dealing with weeds in your sidewalk. This article depends on your necessities; you may choose the one that applies best to your circumstance.

I expect this article will assist you in keeping your sidewalk elegant!