How to Hang Up Weed Wacker in The Garage- Smart Ways

What is weed wacker? A string trimmer is an electric tool, which is held in hand. How To Hang Up Weed Wacker and how it is being used for cutting grass were challenging to reach. Weed wacker called different verities names.

In Australia and New Zealand called weed wacker “weed eater, “weed-whacker,” “line trimmer,” Other countries like Ireland and the UK called strimmer. Weed wacker is known as a garden tool. It is handy for cutting grass and ground cover. With the help of a blade, weed wacker creates a flexible monofilament line.

It has a long shaft with a handle and also a rotating spindle. George Ballas of Houston Texas invented weed wacker in the early 1970s. How to hang up weed wacker in the garage? It is essential to know about it. It is easy to hang up in our house or garage. If you don’t know about it, this content will help you to understand it.

If you want to know about it, then go ahead.

How To Hang Up Weed wacker In The Garage

  1. First, you have to mark the location. Where two adjacent wall studs, you have to choose that one. If you cannot find studs behind the drywall, you have to use a stud finder to find them easily. When a spot about a foot higher than needed, then the weed wacker can hang from its handle without the cutting assembly.
  2. Forty-eight inches is a fair estimate for units. To draw a horizontal line using a four-foot spirit level.
  3. It spans the two studs when nailing an 18 inch 1 by six board horizontally. At the bottom of the board, use your marked line as a guide. Each stud uses three nails to affix the board.
  4. On the board, place the brackets. Mark the location of the mounting holes on the board. Choose any place on the board to your liking. About 1/ 4 inches deep pilot holes with a drill. You have to drill a little smaller than the mounting screw’s diameter. Screw it firmly to the board and put the bracket in place.

How To Work Weed Wacker

Weed wacker or a string trimmer brilliantly tackles those tough weeds in the yard. How long weed wacker or string trimmer will work well; it depends on our care. When it is hanging on the wall in the garage keeps it off the floor. It has to stay away from where it can get damaged.

Weed wacker is a garden tool. It is used for cutting grass and ground cover. Weed wacker consists of a rotating spindle. Weed whackers are used for cutting low foliage near obstacles.

Important Things Needed

  • 18 inch 1 by six board
  • Stud Finder
  • 4-foot spirit level
  • 16d nails
  • Hammer
  • 8-inch wide garage 

How To Store Weed Wacker Safely

How to hang up weed wacker in the garage all we know. Before hanging up weed wacker, we need to see some information about it. We have to store the weed wacker safely. Before we hang it in the garage brackets, we have to cool it first. We have to clean the machine outside.

Rush away the pieces of grass and weeds before bringing it into the garage. The most important thing you have to do that empty the fuel tank to store the machine for the winter.

Some Important Tips

  • Two individual hooks spaced 8 inches apart you can use.
  • Ensuring the weed wacker hangs vertically.
  • A full bracket supports the handle evenly.
  • Several pieces of equipment can conveniently store.
  • Before store weed wacker, it has to cool each use.
  • When you hang brackets on a concrete wall, you have to buy specialized mounting hardware of concrete.
  • You have to measure your eater from the handle to the base.
  • You need to choose a spot on your wall to hang the weed wacker.
  • Mark the wall where each bracket hangs.
  • Using the hardware, attach your shelf brackets.
  • The base of your weed wacker measures the width of the handle.
  • Before you hang up the weed wacker, you have to know how to hang up the weed wacker. Then it will easy for you to hang up the weed wacker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many ways to change the trimmer line?

There are five ways to change the trimmer line.

What is the Fuel-Oil mix proportion?

The fuel-oil mixture proportion for all Weed Wacker products is 40:1. You can achieve this proportion by mixing 3.2 Oz.

Can I store the fuel in my unit?

You should not be stored the fuel. If you keep the fuel longer than 30 days, then drain the fuel tank and start the unit until it stops.

How to hang up weed wacker in the garage?

The length as you needed to cross over studs on the wall. Nail or screw it into the place. You can easily hang your string trimmer or weed wacker.

Can I hang a weed wacker with the engine up or down?

When storing vertically, you can hang your trimmer or weed wacker with the engine up.


Weed wacker company famous for the string trimmer. The original string trimmer is weed wacker. At the top, it has a massive engine. It has a long, skinny contraption. It’s cutting mechanism is high. It has a large handle on the top of the shaft. Weed wacker large handle easy to hang in the garage.

If we know how to hang up the weed wacker in the garage then nothing worry to handle it .we can easily hang up the weed wacker in the garage with the help of mounting bracket.