How to Get Rid of Axonopus Compressus- 7 Effective Ways

Is your abandoned backyard covered with a rare type of unfriendly short grass? Or maybe it’s your old garage that shades this type of spice? Are you finally looking to set things lively among these places? Then this is the article that is going to tell you how to get rid of axonopus compresses in just 7 easy steps.

Axonopus compressus is a rare type of species in the grass. This is also known as carpet-grass or American carpet grass in English and Buffalo American in French. It is generally too low-growing to be useful and mostly seen in wet & shaded situations.

This grass doesn’t just decrease the beauty of the place but also takes control over your site. So you must get your lovely place rid of this axonopus compressus. Luckily you can do it in a few easy steps.

How to Get Rid of Axonopus Compressus

 1. With Salt

Salt can quickly help you with this problem. First, gather safe and clean water in big gallons. The number of gallons will depend on the amount of land you need to cover. Usually, 5 gallons will be suitable to clean the shared lawn area. However, to include a broad field, you might need 50 or more gallons of water.

After that, you should put two cups of salt in each gallon and leave it to get dissolved. This dissolving might take a couple of days, and you must be patient with this dissolving process. After the salt is perfectly dissolved, you have to spray it all over the affected area. Make sure you do this process in a dry season.

2. Using Sunlight

By the description of it, we know that it is generally grown in a wet, shaded place where sunlight cannot reach easily or directly. So during summer, you have to make sure that those places get proper and direct sunlight. The site should also not get wet. You will notice that the axonopus compressus after a few days, is changing color.

After the axonopus compressus turns its color into brown, then you can take them out quickly. However, it is a must to be careful that you don’t leave any of them behind. This means you have to clear absolutely all of them because if you do go any of those behinds, then there will be a chance for them to grow back.

If the field gets proper sunlight or stays dry for some days after that, then your area will be able to be free from this curse. Then you can do gardening or can start farming in it.

3. With White Vinegar

There is another way to solve your problem, if you are lucky enough and notice the existence of the carpet grass at the beginning. White vinegar is considered as an easy cure for your problem. You can use white vinegar upon that small section of your land, which is affected by axonopus compressus.

However, you must pay great attention while doing so because vinegar is used to kill weeds and unnecessary grass. So it can also destroy the clean area of your land if you don’t be careful with it.

4. Super Friendly Paste

There is another way if you want to avoid the chance to kill some of the excellent and clean grass. A paste by arm & hammer & soap will help you in this. Because this method is safe on the other types of grass and only works on the affected part of it.

This paste is going to be a helpful one if you have small kids or friendly pets around you. Because this has been proved harmless on children and animals. So this super friendly thick paste is only going to kill on the axonopus compressus part. You don’t need to be so careful with it, like other methods.

5. Using Lime Water

Lime water or Chlorinated water can be proved effected on the carpet grass. Lime water doesn’t damage other types of grass. However, it has been seen to have a massive impact on axonopus compressus. But you must be careful while using it. Masks on the face and gloves on hands are a must in this method.

6. Using Homemade Solution

You can simply use homemade solutions that are used by people over centuries. Such as vinegar, baking soda, and salt are mixed as a solution to kill weeds for many centuries. So as a homemade method, you can surely try it out.

But if you are looking to save your good green grass then be careful and it is also not going to be a suitable way if you have ample space to cover because it will require a massive amount of the solution, which will cost you highly.

7. Covering With Soil

There is a type of carpet grass that doesn’t do well with soil. So you can try to cover them with soil and wait for days for the result to be seen. But be aware that this process can take a long time and also can require a lot of sand, depending on the amount of land you need to cover.

Probably this will not be your first choice because of the uncertainty of the method. But if you run out of other options, then do not hesitate to try this out. Axonopus compressus is basically a curse to your lovely safe, and your thought on how to get rid of axonopus compressus is not wrong at all.

So without wasting more time you definitely should get yourself ready to declare a battle against the carpet grass. All the ways mentioned here are very own techniques to fight this war. So what you’re thinking now? Choose your suitable method and get your land free from these unwanted guests.

Don’t forget to keep your places free from unnecessary water and make sure that it gets proper sunlight because that is the only way to stop them from visiting your lands again.