How to Get DOT Numbers in Michigan- Complete Guide Easily Explained

A DOT number is a kind of license that helps identify you uniquely if you have any commercial motor vehicles that you use to transport through different states. If you have any company that performs transportation on the interstate, you will need a DOT number.

Most of countries need a DOT number to drive a commercial motor vehicle. But apart from this, in most US states’ territories, you will need a DOT number. Michigan is one of them. So if you don’t know how to get DOT numbers in Michigan, this article is for you.

There are some easy guidelines to follow, which will help you to register your vehicles for getting DOT numbers. Getting a DOT number is very important for your business of transportation through interstate or intrastate commercial motor vehicles.

How To Get DOT Numbers In Michigan

Before knowing how to get DOT numbers in Michigan, you need to know what a DOT number is. The DOT number stands for the Department of Transportation, issued by FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The vehicles that a person uses commercially to transport goods or passengers need a DOT number. Like a van, truck, pickup truck, or car with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds, if you drive your motor vehicle inside the state of Michigan, you will need Michigan DOT or MI DOT, also referred to as Michigan Intrastate Motor Carrier Authority.

For getting your DOT number in Michigan, you first have to apply for MI DOT registration. You can apply both online and offline. The MI DOT registration is free. If you want to apply online then-

  • Go to the FMCSA website and then click on the “FMCSA Registration & Update.”
  • Then you will get an online registration form where you have to provide information about your company and vehicles.
  • As a part of the verification of your identity, FMCSA will ask for your credit card information. But don’t worry, It will not charge you. It will use your credit card info as your digital signature. If you don’t have any credit card, you can’t apply for the DOT number through online application according to the rules. You have to use offline in that case.
  • If you are not comfortable in online registration, you can call the Michigan Public Service Commission at 888-464-8736 to make the manual application.

After online application, it should take around seven business days to get your Michigan DOT number.

If you cant online, then you have to do some paperwork for offline registration. For that-

  • You have to download the application form. You have to get the right application form to fill up, as there are three different types of application forms according to the kinds of tasks the company does.

But if you apply online, the FMCSA system will automatically choose the right form for you according to your information.

  • Then you have to fill the form accurately and mail it to the address of the FMCSA office.

When will you Need a DOT Number in Michigan?

If you have vehicles like trucks, vans, or any other car used for transporting the specific amount of loads and passengers inside Michigan state, you will need a DOT number in Michigan. For getting a DOT number, you must have the following criteria like you-

  • Have a commercial motor vehicle that uses intrastate routes
  • Carry least eight passengers with payment
  • Carry more than fifteen passengers with or without payment
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is over 10,000 pounds.
  • Carry hazardous materials.

If these criteria match with you, then you will need a MI DOT number ungently. This DOT number is used to track, monitor, and collect information for safety issues.

What Do you Need to Get a DOT Number in Michigan?

As you know, the Michigan DOT application is not that difficult, but you must still have a clear idea about your business. Along with your necessary information, you will also need to know the following details-

  • Company Operation
  • Operation Classification
  • Cargo Classification
  • Types of vehicles
  • Number of vehicles
  • Ownership of vehicles
  • Driver status

In how Many Days will you Get a DOT Number in Michigan?

After completing the application correctly, the registration process starts immediately, and FMCSA issues the DOT number (if your application gets accepted). Sometimes your application can get rejected if your information is not complete or precise. In that case, you have to apply again for your DOT number in Michigan and have to fill the form appropriately.

If you are a commercial businessman and have to transport through your commercial motor vehicles in the state of Michigan, you must have a DOT number. So if you want to resume your transportation business smoothly in Michigan, then apply for a DOT number as now you know how to get DOT numbers in Michigan.

But remember the DOT number expires every two years. So after every two years, you have to reapply for this again and update all your information. Otherwise, it might cause a problem for you as the DOT number will be deactivated, and you might pay penalties for a minimum of $1000 per day or a maximum of $ 10,000.

If you want to know your DOT number is active or not, you can find it out by calling the 800-832-5660 number. It is a customer service number of FMCSA. After calling, you might have to provide some information about you and your business. Then you will find the updated status of your DOT number.

You can find it online also. For that, there are two ways to find out. Firstly, you can check it online by visiting the Safety and the Fitness Electronic Records website, Which is operated by the United States Department of Transportation. Here you have to provide your DOT number or your company name for getting the status of your DOT number.

Secondly, you can check it by emailing your query through an online form to the Safety and the Fitness Electronic Records website. They will reply to you quickly with the status of the DOT number. That’s the easy way of how to get DOT numbers in Michigan and checking the status of your Michigan DOT number.