How to Install Ramp Springs Accurately with Professionalism

Do you know how to install ramp springs? How Cantilevers, ramps, and springs may look different than what is shown. But the procedure is the same. To install & or replace the springs on the ramp springs assist, have a hammer & roll pin punch & new springs hardly two, and more people are required to install safety & properly.

(E-Z) Flip ramps are lightweight, horizontally regular rear loading ramps used on trailers that have a rear slush, rear structure.

(E-Z) Flip ramps have double torsion springs installed to help to rescue the ramps off the trailer deck as well as off the ground.

Rogers E-Z Lift ramps are available in two styles: Wood-covered & Ladder-style. Wood covered rear ramps are good for loading tracked equipment while the self-cleaning Ladder style ramps are good for loading rubber-tired machines.

It must know for an install ramp springs user How To Install Ramp Springs. If you are facing this problem, you have come to this right place hare.

How To Install Ramp Springs- Step By Step

springs can store & release angular energy and statically hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs about the body centerline axis. They offer resistance to twist and cyclicly applied force. Spring of this type will minimize body diameter & increase slightly in body length when deflected in the preferred direction of the fabricated wind.

The springs usually connect to other components at both ends & require some type of force like pressing and twisting to function.Many springs of this type return to the original position once the force is stopped. This type of spring can be used for all sorts of applications involving new & aging equipment.

Everyday uses cover clothespins, ratchets, counterbalance mechanisms, & as a coupling between concentric shafts such as in motor & pump assembly.

How to Correctly Position Ramp Door Spring for Installation

  • The spring with the black cable drum should always be mounted to your left standing on the inside of the trailer looking out.
  • This is a very important proper operating system. Dual spring systems, like #ERS160D96.A red cone & a black cone spring so pay close attention to the colors.
  • If the system is mounted upside down, the spring will grow in diameter when the system is hit. If the system is mounted properly and the springs should grow in length.
  • You should be capable to see the springs go down the tube they are mounted on as each spring is hit.
  • The left & right markings on the ramp spring are always assuming you are standing on the inside of the trailer looking out. So left means passenger side & right means driver side.
  • I confirmed this with my contact at (M-3) for you. The (M-3) Enclosed Trailer Ramp Spring that you referenced,
  • part #CB250D96SHD has a (250-lb) capacity & this is the highest-rated of all such available items.

If you decide to replace your weak winch with a new one. Suggest a brake winch & a worm gear winch since both of these types will prevent the ramp from free falling. An economical brake which is the Maxx Tow Positive Lock Hand Winch (#MT70176) that comes with a 25-foot strap and that has a (1000-lb) capacity.

For a worm gear winch, you might use the (1500-lb) rated Dutton-Lainson #DL10950 that can be used with winch cable #DL24100.We only carry the springs for those heavy-duty style ramp springs. The springs we have the Ramp Spring 2K Torque for 1-1/2″ Shaft left-hand #RS16933LH & corresponding right-hand #RS16933RH.

The other parts will need to be either straightened & replaced or custom welded into place.

Ramp Spring:2K Torque for (1-½)” Shaft – RH

Right Hand Code: RS16933RH

Price: $22.89

  • Trailer Ramp Springs
  • Single Ramp Spring
  • Right Hand Spring
  • 11 Inch Wide Spring
  • Steel Alloy
  • Redline

Ramp Spring – 2K Torque for 1-1/2″ Round Shaft – LH

Left Hand Code: RS16933LH

Price: $23.91

  • Trailer Ramp Springs
  • Single Ramp Spring
  • Left Hand Spring
  • 11 Inch Wide Spring
  • Steel Alloy
  • Redline

Cargo System Installation

Cargo Systems consult our spring rallies only be installed stable and modified by the original trailer manufacturer and an authorized dealer. Under no circumstances should the end-user attempt to modify, adjust & replace a torsion spring assembly.
We require the weight of the door & door dimensions to determine the proper spring rally method for your installation.I will help calculate the door measure if needed to help condition which really is right for your application.

Most springs are standard (2” diameter). However, we also offer (2-⅝)” diameter springs & (3-¾)” diameter springs. Invent specialized rallies for doors with extra height, aluminum and steel tread plate, extra steel in the door, and special flooring & customized rallies to properly lift doors that are heavier and 113” in height.

Proper Installation Is Essential For Safe, Smooth Operation

Ad Measure inside trailer width. Mow spring tube to allow one” clearance on both sides, set by. Weld (1-1/2 x 2 x 3)” background brackets tothe header. ( 1-1/2) inch leg welded. Two-inch leg projects onto a trailer. Allow 4-inch clearance between jamb & two-inch mounting leg.

Check Cable Drums

Drum stamped RH on the curbside, drum stamped LH on the driver side. Bolt spring rally onto mounting brackets with four (⅜)” shoulder bolts provided. Tighten 4 nuts securely. Stationary end of spring mounts on the barrier side.


All Ramp Heister springs are color-coded & figured.

Spring Tension Chart

This tension chart has been well developed by Cargo Systems and only applies to Cargo Systems & Ramp Heister spring rallies.

Cargo Systems?

At Cargo Systems, we go out of our course to give you the more important news & assistance you need to make the right installation every time.


You may position either side & both sides of the mounting ear depending upon where you want ramp springs placement. Positioning the ramp springs between the outside ears will place the ramp springs toward the outside of full load width.

For this, You should know How To Install Ramp Springs. I want to tell you to install ramp springs into my description.

Positioning them between the inside ears will land the ramps toward the inside for a narrower load width. One ramp spring on each side will middle the ramps between full outside & full inside load width.