How to Loosen Bolt on Lawn Mower Blade- Easiest Way with Warning

Do you want to know how to loosen bolt on lawn mower blade? Lawn Mower or grass cutter machine cuts the grass on the ground. The lawn mower has one or several blades, which are connected with a stuck bolt. The design of the lawn mower can detect the height of the cutting grass.

An operator or lever or nut and bolt of the machine adjusts the height of the cutting grass usually. The machine’s blade is tightly connected with a bolt, which needs to be loosened before repairing or removing and the blade can be damaged after using it.

So one must have the knowledge of how to loosen bolt on lawn mower blade if he wants to check the parts or repair or connect a new blade. Are you worried? Can’t loosen the bolt on lawn mower blade? It is not so hard to loosen a bolt on the machine if you follow a series of ways.

How to Loosen Bolt On Lawn Mower Blade

There are many types of lawn mower, it has different sizes of bolt. If you want to get the standard sizes, it must include1\2 inch, 5\8 inch, and ¾ inch. However if the machine’s blade is damaged or looks dull, you have to replace or remove it. You may face the problem if your bolt is frozen or so tight.

Are you looking forward to knowing how to loosen bolt on lawn mower blade? The following series of methods help you.

  1. Have to put on hand gloves and drain the fuel tank.
  2. Switch off your engine, you have to gas out from the fuel tank with a pump. Then disconnect the wire from the spark plug carefully and secure it safely so that it does not get any connection with the plug. In that case, you can use tape so that it does not get a connection.
  3. Always have to take care as if the engine is not getting started accidentally.
  4. Turn over your machine so that the air cleaner faces of the engine are upward. In this case, you need thick gloves for your hand due to ensure your safety. Since there are various types of lawn mower, so you can refer to the user manual before starting the methods.
  5. Have to push a wooden wedge or block between the blade and the mower housing to prevent the blade from rotating anticlockwise, if you need to loosen the bolt.
  6. To loosen the bolt from the machine’s blade you need a spanner of the correct size to put on the head of the bolt and have to force the spanner handle in the anticlockwise ( the bolt is turning left). In that case, you can use a 16mmm spanner.
  7. Bolt’s size of the lawn mower may differ, it basically depends on the mower’s model. The standard size of the bolt’s head is 1\2 inch or 5\8 inch or 3/4 inch. When you turn the spanner, the bolt of the blade will turn. In that case, you need to pressure by the hand and hold it when you want to loosen the bolt.
  8. Have to spray powerful oil on the bolt, if you fail to turn the tight bolt and wait 10 or 20 minutes. Rotate the bolt again to loosen it. Select the blade’s bottom side, detach the bolt that loosens and drag the blade, if you want to sharpen the blade or replace the blade.
  9. Have to reattach the blade following the removal steps, tight the bolt on the lawn mower blade by rotating it clockwise. Put a wooden wedge to stop the blade in a way the blade from rotating clockwise.

Reasons to Loosen the Bolt on Lawn Mower Blade

Any problem may you face while using any machine. In that case, you shouldn’t get nervous, instead you need to find a solution. Like other machines, lawn mower machines have various problems. You must know how to loosen bolt on lawn mower blade if he is facing one of the following problems.

  • If you can’t remove blades.
  • If your machine is damaged.
  • If you need to sharpen the blade.
  • If you need to change the blade.
  • If the machine’s bolt is so tight or getting so rust.

Keep Important Things

  • Thick gloves
  • Wooden wedge
  • Spanner
  • Powerful oil
  • Pump


Have to pay full attention, when you use the penetrating oil, put a wrench socket on the bolt’s head, when force the wrench handle to loosen the bolt from the blade, and don’t forget to put gloves in your hand to protect your hand from any skin problem.

If a drop of fuel on the lawn mower, it may create a flammable. If you turn the blade accidentally, you may cut yourself.


People who use the lawn mower for their personal or commercial needs, they have to properly maintain the machine. People who are not serious about the loosen bolt on lawn mower blade, it may damage the machine. So when you need to loosen the bolt on lawn mower, you must be more serious as if any part of the machine is secured.

If any part of the machine is damaged while using it or it needs to be replaced with something that is attached to the bolt, then he needs to know how to loosen bolt on lawn mower blade. If you follow the ways, I think you can easily loosen the bolt.

Many lawn mower has one or 2 bolts for security, you can loosen the bolts in the same ways. The whole process has done so carefully as if there is no problem in any part of the machine. When you need to loosen the blade on lawn mower, you will make sure that you have all the essential tools.