How to Sell Used Lawn Mower- Pro Tips & Suggestions to Sell Must

Are you looking for someone to sell your used lawn mower? But don’t know how to sell used lawn mower? This content will bring some helpful tips for your problem. In this article, I will put up some ideas to sell your depreciated machine.

And you can promote it to others as so attractive as new. You know, a lawn mower is a machine that cut grasses or unwanted plants from the landscape. So, it should be ready first for sale. And that’s why some necessary steps need to remind.

How to Sell Used Lawn Mower

Are you bored to use the old lawn mower? Want to buy a new one? But before that, you want to sell it first? Of course, I have some tips for you to reduce your stress. A lawnmower is essential for household work. Nobody wants to sell it willingly for sure.

If you decided to sell or exchange your old lawnmower, you should follow the steps below to get your answer on how to sell used lawn mower.

Clean It Properly

First of all, you should clean your mower very thoroughly; otherwise, it does not look good, and thus people would not be interested in buying from you. As it’s not a new one, so you should present it as a presentable one. Moreover, without cleanliness, it cannot even imagine selling anything. So, make sure you clean it.

Oil It

When you are a buyer, and you want to purchase a mower, what should you notice first? Does it work well? Isn’t it? So you have to make it experimental. After washing up, oil the machine carefully. The joints may get tarnish because of using it for a long time.

It will reduce mower’s work capability. So, if someone trials, it may give a negative impact. So you should be conscious of it.

Check All The Parts

As you have used it for a particular time, so perhaps there is a possibility of being damaged. So there is a risk of cheating people. I hope you won’t like to do so. Check them, every single part, and if needs replace them. Then decide to either sell it or not. Or you can replace some nuts if it requires.

Sharp Your Blades

Everything has an expected lifetime. After finishing life expectations, they need to be modified. It will be useful if you do sharp your mower’s blades because the mower can be edgeless for using a regular basis. If it does not look sharp, people won’t be interested in buying from you.

Take Photographs

It is crucial to take a good picture of your lawnmower. Then show it to your desired customers. Make sure the photo quality must well, and different angle pictures should have to capture. Customers may want to see and judge to consider which one they should purchase. Without pictures, it will be more challenging to convince people to buy.

Fixed a Price to Negotiate

After capturing photos, you should set a price considering the market price. Be conscious about your local market value, and make a reasonable cost. It will be fruitful to draw someone’s attention to buy. If it demands a high rate, who would want to buy a second-hand thing?

Upload in a Marketplace

After fixing the price, you should upload the pictures to any social site or marketplace so that people can get to know about your lawn mower. You don’t know that maybe there are some people who are looking for an old one. So when you upload the pictures, they will see it, and you will get a buyer.


If there any problem with your mower, you should mention it to your customer instead of hiding any problem. Maintaining transparency is the key to gain trust. You know, without trust, people may not communicate with you. You will be grateful to you as well as your customers.

Payment Method

After considering the above matters, you should think about the payment method, how would you like to receive the buyer’s payment. If the buyer is from outside, that means from abroad, you should provide the information such as bank account number or other ways to send you the payment.

But if the customer from your neighborhood, you can make it easy to receive cash. It is good to make the decision beforehand.


Now come to the point. You decided to sell. You cleaned it well, you worked hard for it to make it look better, not only that, you fixed a price and finally got your desired customer. Then? What should you do?

You should think about how you will hand it over. And you should estimate the shipping cost for it. Then you can count your profit or loss accurately.

Final Verdict

These are the main key points to remember when you intend to sell your old lawn mower. However, You should not be careless about the functions of your machine. Good or bad performance, whatever it is, you should mention them in a checklist.

I know you are confused about how to sell used lawn mower, I think I have placed an entire guideline for giving you more ideas. Hopefully, it will help you. Besides, you can make some pros and cons of your machine and can highlight your product description.