How to Grease Lawn Mower Spindle- Do It Perfectly

Do you know how to grease lawn mower spindle? A green grassy lawn in front of your house enhances the beauty all around. At the same time, you must mow it with the lawnmower available in your residence.

An essential part of a lawnmower is it’s spindle as it allows the mower cutting deck to rotate the blade for a smooth cut, united with the activities of the pulleys and mower spindle.

So, the mower spindle is an essential part of a mower cutting deck as it works manifold ways to mow the grass. For instance, it offers the other elements to resist gearing and bearing, prevent erosion, and protect from damage caused by exposure to liquids, and water.
Then let’s scroll below to know how to grease the lawn mower spindle correctly.

How To Grease Lawn Mower Spindle

As we supposed to grease the lawn mower spindle from time to time, we should know how to do that step by step. Every step of the procedure of greasing lawnmower spindle is important because one incomplete step can turn the whole process into failure.
To begin the process, we need accessories like a grease gun, rag to avoid dirt, gloves for safety, a screwdriver, and other tools if necessary. If you want to know how to grease lawn mower spindle properly, you must follow these steps, like putting the mower in a perfect place, using a grease gun, grease pump, and moving on.
Let’s check the steps given below:

Necessary Tools

  • Gloves
  • Rag
  • Grease gun
  • Grease tube
  • Screwdriver

Eight Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: The first step to abide by is to place the lawnmower on a plane surface. Then settle the braking system and never forget to turn off the ignition. Set the lawnmower deck carefully, as the grease fittings located on top of it, and it’s easy to access. The first step is the most important task. Completing it properly, move gradually towards the next step.
  • Step 2: On the top of the mower deck, if the spindle located assembly, remove the protective cover using a screwdriver or a wrench to excess grease fittings.
  • Step 3: Loosening the cylinder, fill the grease gun on the pump end of the gun. Next, pull the handle back on the notch of the gun. You can remove the old grease cartridge if necessary.
  • Step 4: Take away the grease tube’s plastic cape from the gun’s end and insert the handle onto the rubber plunger. Then pull the cartridge into the grease gun, retracting the handle of it. This handle is an L shaped handle.
  • Step 5: Take aside the metal tape from the end of the cartridge. Then screw the end back on for a few turns. Now tighten the tube end properly, releasing the handle from the notch of the gun.
  • Step 6: On the end of the grease gun hose, now place the coupler cautiously on to the spindle grease fittings. Place two to three shots of Grease to the spindle using the lever. Then pull the coupler from the joint.
  • Step 7: In the same way, add two shots of Grease to the other spindle grease fittings placing the grease gun coupler on them.
  • Step 8: Start the lawnmower right after greasing for 5 to 6 minutes. It may enable greasing parts to work properly. Completing every step, check it back if anything left to do. Otherwise, the procedures may not work properly.


  • Remove Excess Grease around the fittings
  • To Grease the spindles more than necessary will be over headed.


  • Never forget to place the mower deck at a level you feel free to access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often to grease lawn mower spindle?

Every lawnmower must be greased spindles once a month. If not possible, try it within 2 to 3 months.

What happens if the spindles of a lawnmower are not greased from time to time?

If the lawnmower spindles are not greased from time to time, it will cause damage to all the parts of the lawnmower. Most importantly to the blade that works by the spinning of the cutting deck.

Which things are necessary to keep with while greasing lawn mower spindle?

Well, there are pretty many tools you may need while greasing, such as the lever, screwdriver or wrench, gloves, rag, Grease gun, etc.

Is it a safe greasing lawnmower spindle?

Yes, it’s safe if you follow the steps correctly. Setting the mower deck at the correct level is essential. Also, placing the tools, grease gun in a perfect distance helps maintain greasing safely.

Is it necessary to start the mower Just after greasing the spindles?

No, it’s not that necessary, but it will work more efficiently if you do so.

What kind of Grease is suitable for lawnmower spindle?

There are enough varieties of Grease available in the market. Just remember, the ferry lawnmower spindle needs more efficient Grease. So buy it according to the usage.


To sum up, we can consider that if you have a well-featured lawnmower spindle, it should be greased from time to time. Although avoiding this, you may get your mower powerless or worthless soon. It is necessary to grease lawnmower spindle properly.

Otherwise, the mower’s blades may not be spined and the parts of the lawnmower would be damaged. Since you went through the article, I guess you know better how to grease a lawn mower spindle now.