How to Register Trailer Without Title in Indiana-Do It Yourself Easily!

It can be challenging to use a trailer in Indiana when you buy a trailer from a seller that has never titled it. That is why people seem to search for ways on how to register trailer without title in Indiana to sidestep lengthy and hassledtitling.

In Indiana, every vehicle you own and want to put on the street must be registered with a title. Otherwise, you can’t use them legally on the street and pay for the tickets every time you use them without registration. Now, no matter the vehicle is a little cargo trailer or an SUV it has to be registered.

Today, we will help you with some secret tactics and tips to register the trailer without title. Also, you will know when you can register it without the title and make things done faster than it can be with getting the title.

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How to Register Trailer Without Title in Indiana?

How to Register Trailer Without Title in Indiana

Using a trailer without titling and registration will make you suffer at every point you step. Especially in Indiana, you have to register and certify each vehicle you own.

However, the trouble arises when you buy a trailer from another state where there needs no titling. You end up with no title and lacking and delay in registration and verification.

Therefore, the one and only way here to register your trailer are to prove your trailer to be homemade and get a VIN. Yes, that is the only way to make your trailer registered in the Indiana registered trailer list.

We all know that the homemade trailer does not need a title every time; you only need the bill copy of the sale to prove the ownership. So, how can you get it registered without the title in Indiana?

Let’s show you the entire process from the very beginning to the last.

Step-1: Go to BMV (Bureau of Motor & Vehicles)

Visit any nearest branch of BMV Indiana or visit their official website. Go to the Registration form page from the menu.

Step-2: Fill out the Affidavit form

Now, ask for the Affidavit form or download it from the Affidavit state form under the option ‘General Registration & License Plate Form’. Please fill it out with the info correctly.

Step-3: Contact Nearest Police to Inspect Your Vehicle

Contact any local BMV police to inspect your vehicle and complete the Affidavit form. You have to pay a maximum of $5 for this inspection.

Step-4: Submit the Affidavit Form to BMV Office

Now, submit this Affidavit form to your nearest BMW office. There the BMV staff will provide you a VIN, which you can use to register your trailer.

Step-5: Take Your Trailer to the Scale Certification Center

Now, take your trailer to the scale certification center. And weigh your trailer. Get the gross weight receipt from there.

Step-6: Submit for License Plates

The final task leaves for the license plates. Go to the BMV office with the VIN, gross weight receipt, other personal documents, and of course, the registration fees. And get your license plate for the trailer.

Here, your sale of billing copy will play a significant role in registering your trailer.

Note that if you are applying for the registration online, it may take 21 days to get the license mail.

According to Indiana trailer laws, you must register a trailer to other motor vehicles to use legally on Indiana street. And following the above steps, you can plate a trailer without title in Indiana, only if your trailer is homemade.

However, if your trailer is not homemade rather bought from any dealer, you must get the title from your dealer or get it titled right after purchase.

And then register for the license plates. Otherwise, you can’t use it conveniently on Indiana road and pay for the tickets for breaking Indiana trailer laws.

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Is It Illegal to Sell a trailer without a Title?

The answer is strictly no for Indiana. According to Indiana BMV laws, every single vehicle, including the trailer, needs to be titled and registered to use on the road. However, this process may vary from state to state.

In some states like Tennessee, the trailer does not need to be titled necessarily every time. Only registration does the job. So, when any person buys a used trailer from outside Indiana state fall in such a weird situation while registering it.

In that case, either you have to title the trailer with legal purchasing documents, etc., and all this stuff, or if it is homemade, then you need the VIN. And we have shown the steps here to register your trailer with the VIN and the bill receipt of sale.

How Can You Get a Title for a Trailer without VIN?

You can’t get a title without the VIN unless the VIN is not visible or deleted. If so, you can apply for a lost/deleted VIN and fill out the form for a new VIN for your title to get it registered.

In that case, you need to complete an affidavit form completed as proof of your lost VIN. To complete the affidavit, follow the steps from step-1 to step-4. And after that, you can get a new VIN for your trailer to get it titled.

However, these processes might take time depending on the trailer condition and other facts to confirm vehicle ownership.

Bottom Lines

Getting a trailer title in Indiana can berime consuming and hassling if you are not available with all the documents and proof of ownership.

This happens especially when you buy a used trailer that too from other states. But no worries, as we have shown the steps here for how to register trailer without title in Indiana provided that your trailer is homemade.

Or if your trailer is not homemade and not title yet, get it titled and then registered soon, providing all the essential documents.