How to Cut Sod Pieces for a Perfect Landscaping

Do you want to know how to cut sod pieces? But you are confused between how to cut and what to cut. Then you have come to the right place.

Let’s know about how to cut sod pieces in many different ways. In this context, we are going to share some techniques to cut sod pieces. So, no need to worry about it.

Here, we will provide the best direction for you. And this article will also help you to find out your selected tools.

Let’s give some descriptions below.

How To Cut Sod Pieces By Using Tools

Sod cutting is easy to do if you can use the best tools for your job. Then, you want to cut the sod for your small areas. You can use shovel or edger. And the large sections you can use a mechanical sod cutter to strip.

It is the easiest way to cut the laying fresh sod. Simply apply your tools; your work is perfect.

You Can Cut Sod With Shovel Or Edger

By using shovel or edger, you can cut sod. So follow the instructions below.

1.Water your sod advance in 1-3 days. It is more accessible to doing work

Use the garden hose to saturate the sod, and it helps the soil to be moist but not soggy, This method helps you to remove the large sod piece rather than in several dry sections. Keep in mind the sod wet is very heavy.

2. Push a shovel and edger into the soil to cut the sod

First, you plan out to remove the sod and insert your shovel or edger about 6 in (15 cm) into the ground. You lift your shovel and press it back into the ground immediately next to the first spot. You must do this until you cut a section of about 12 in (30 cm) wide and 4-5 ft long.

Where you work in large or small areas, make your selections, for instance, your choice maybe 3 ft long and 9 in full.

3. You can easily remove to trim the sod

After trimming the sod you must create a (30 cm) wide selection, the cutting range is 1-2 ft longer than 4-5 ft. Keep maintaining this way, so you can make it easier to remove sod cutting.

4.Using the shovel to pry up the sod and slide the tool naturally underneath

Cutting the sod of all four sides correctly, you can use the shovel to pry up the sod and slide the tool underneath. This system is helpful for sod cutting. This way is best for sod cutting from the ground.

5. Rolling the sod pieces

When you cut the entire section of sod, now it’s time to roll. You will gently move the sod with your hand like a carpet. You will continue turning the sod until you find the end of the section.

You point out a small section of sod up with your shovel and keep inside a wheelbarrow. It is an excellent idea if you are rolling sod like smoothly.

So, now with the help of the above description, you can easily cut sod pieces with shovel or edger.

More Information About How To Cut Sod Pieces

Now we are going to know how to machinate Sod Cutter. If you are planning on sod-cutting a large section, this is the easiest way.

1. Firstly water your sod before you cut 1-3 days, and it is easier to put the sod

Before you cut your sod, prepare the soil with the garden hose first. It helps to moist the soil but not soggy. You doing this correctly, you can easily cut the large sod piece rather than in other dry clumps. Keep in mind the sod is very heavy for water.

2. Before starting the cutter tool, some protection for your eye and ear

Before starting the machine, some protection is essential for your ear and eye. Ensures your safety, and it will also help you to work better. Sometimes the tool makes a noise very loudly.

3. Mark the dangerous side

You mark the spot where to avoid driving the machine. Go around the section you cut up the sod and avoid large tree branches. Use a small flag for dangerous side, so you don’t run over the place with the sod cutter. If you follow the rules, you don’t damage the cutting blade or the machine.

4. Read the instruction

Before you start the sod cutter, you look must over the instruction, and read it. Then you start the machine correctly for cutting sod. If you don’t follow the directions, you may heart yourself and damage your lawn when you use the tool. It is highly essential to maintain.

5. Adjust the cutting depth

The sod cutting depth is about 1- in (2.5 cm). The sod cutter adjusts lever on the right side of the machine. This lawn is durable for so many sod-cutting pieces.

6. Adjust the machine ground to the height bar

When you start the machine, you maintain the level ground to the height bar. And you are doing the cutting work softly. Clear the machine front side for best sod pieces.

7. Hold and walk with a sod cutter

After you setting the sod cutter, use it very simple. Hold the handle and slowly walk with the machine continue to until the end of the section.

8. Turn the machine to the end of the area

Read the instruction properly on how to turn your particular machine. Instantly you flip the leaver when you reach the end of the section and set the sod cutter opposite way.

9. Continue cutting the sod pieces

Push the machine opposite side to cut the sod pieces and continue to decrease. The sod cutter works best for removing sod from expensive areas.

10. Rolling the sod pieces

Roll the sod pieces is very easy for all of the steps. But the sod is quite substantial. So you carefully have done the work.

So, here in this content, you gain lots of information about How To Cut Sod Pieces.

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed all the easy techniques of cut sod pieces. We can assure you, reading this article, you can find out your perfect ways how to cutting sod pieces. We hope so your confusion is gone now correctly.