How to Edge around Trees- 7 Easy Steps & Bring the Look

Do you think of edging around trees in your yard or garden? It seems hard for you when you don’t know how to edge around trees.

Edging is a small but very important for landscaping. It makes your garden more clean and appealing. It helps to protect your tree from weed trimmers. It gives wounds to the trees which cause disease and can kill the young trees?

To protect the trees and make a formal look to a tree edging is very important. It gives a barrier for weeds and grass, which give your property a clean and tidy look.

As it seems to edge around a tree is a very complicated process. But this article will make it easy for you, and tell you the process of how to edge around trees with steps.

How To Edge Around Trees

In this part, we will share explicit information on different types of edge and how to edge around trees.

Different Types of Edge

There are different types of edging methods and materials that you can use to edge your garden or around trees. Some common types of edging are:

1. Spade-cut Edging

It is the easiest method of edging. In this process, use a spade to dig a trench around the tree.

2. Wood Edging

The wood edge comes in sections of wood that are of different shapes and sizes. It is cost-effective and long-lasting.

3. Masonry Edging

Masonry is the most expensive type of edging. Consists of stone, brick and concrete. The stone works make the edge more attractive.

4. Strip Edging

Strip edging made of plastic and metal. It mostly used for making curve on edge.

How To Edge Around Trees- 7 Steps to Follow

The standard method of edging around the tree is spade-cut edging. The technique described below a step by step

Step 1: Make an Outline

The first step of edging around a tree is to outline. You can mark a line with a garden hose. Garden hose will help you to mark the desired shape.

Step 2: Dig a Trench

After outlining, it’s time to dig a narrow trench along the line. You choose different ways to make trench along the set line.

Process: 1

The traditional way to make a trench around the tree is to use a spade or a half-moon edger. You have to cut 1.5-inch deep in the soil along the line you set.

Process: 2

Another process to dig or cut a trench is to use an electric edger tool. The tool makes the edging process easy.  The machine has a round blade on the wheels. As you walk behind the device, it rolls and cut the soil quickly and makes a narrow trench. The wheels on the device make it mobile and help to make the curve nicely. With this type of equipment, you can cut the same deep trench continuously.

Step 3: Cut the Turf

After you cut the edge, refine the cut with the help of spade. Cut 4-6 inches deep. Then cut the turf of the soil. It will lose the grass and make it easy to remove with hand.

Step 4: Sever the Turf

Once you lose the turf, it makes it easy to sever the grass with hands and make a V-shaped trench. The V-shaped trench prevents the grassroots from growing fast.

Step 5: Sharp the Edge

You can use a hand shear to sharp the edge. Place the shear vertically along the trench wall and cut the remaining grass from the side.

Step 6: Add Extra Support And Decoration

If you desire to rock, wood, concrete or plastic edging can use for extra support and decoration.

Step 7: Mulch around the Tree

Apply 2-4 inch mulch around the tree. Always remember to leave some space around the trunk. Mulch retains moisture to the soil around the tree. It decreases the compaction of soil and lawnmower damage. Mulch also gives a rich, dark appearance to the edge.

What Not To Do When Edging?

Some facts should not do when edging around a tree.

  1. Carefully dig the edge and try not to damage the root of the tree.
  2. Do not create planting beds around a tree. The additional soil can cause rot the bark and trunk.
  3. Do not cover the trunk of the tree when applying mulch. Keep some bare ground around the trunk of the tree then apply mulch.
  4. Do not apply too much mulch. Used too much on the tree root, it can cause severe damage to the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Which shape of an edge can I make around a tree?

A circle is a widespread shape of the edge around trees of landscapes. If you also want a square edge, you can make it too.

Ques: What type of tool can I use for edging around a tree?

If you cut the edge manually, you can use a spade or half-moon edger. You can also use an electric edger.

Ques: How to save soil from drying around trees?

To save the soil from being dried, you can use mulch around the tree. It retains the moisture and prevents the ground from dried being up.

Ques: How many places should I leave bare when applying mulch?

When mulching around a tree, much mulch should not apply around the trunk of the tree. 6-8 inch space around the trunk of the tree should leave.

Final words

Edging around trees is small but very important for landscapes. Edging is good for the health of the trees. It also gives your property a clean and attractive appearance.

In this article, we tried to make simple for you how to edge around trees. If the simple steps are followed and maintained, you need not repeat the steps.