How to Get Ruts Out of Your Yard- Solution to All Types

Who doesn’t want a beautiful and attractive yard? Yeah, everyone wants it. But ruts make the beauty of the yard look unattractive and soil make compact. It is essential to repair the ruts to maintain the beauty of the yard. Do you know how to get ruts out of your yard?

Read our article with patience. We are sure that if you read the whole article, you will know how to get ruts out of your yard.

Well, repairing the yard is a little tricky but not impossible. Yard ruts can be prevented by the following tips. We share our easy and useful tips for you so that you can make smooth your yard ruts.

How To Get Ruts Out Of Your Yard- Step By Step Solution

in this part, we will discuss how to get ruts out of your yard in detail. Ruts appeared for various reasons. At first, you should know what’s the reason for creating the ruts. Common causes are-

  1. Mowing pattern: If you always mow in the same pattern, then ruts are created in those places.
  2. Mow wet grasses: Ruts are formed on soft soil even when mowing wet grass.
  3. Heavy equipment: When heavy machinery or objects are run in the yard, ruts are also created there.
  4. Critters, pets, and kids: Many times critters, pets, or kids make holes in the yard soil, which also creates ruts.
  5. Uprooting trees: If unwanted trees are uprooted, ruts can occurs.
  6. Routine wear from walking: Also because of routine wear from walking creating ruts.

Repairing Tips For Yard Ruts 

Before telling you how to repair ruts, let me explain what tools are needed. These will be required for the work-

  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Gardenfork
  • Landscaping knife or edger
  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Compost
  • Grass seed

Now I am telling you how to use these tools and how to get ruts out of your yard.

Step 1:Select Correct Time

You couldn’t repair yard ruts any time of the year. When grass is in active growth is the perfect time for repair ruts in your yard. It means late spring (for warm-season grasses) or early fall (for cool-season grasses) is the best time.

Step 2:Measuring

The tool need for this step is a ruler or tape measure. Measure the depth of the ruts with your ruler or tape measure of your yard.

Step 3: Mixing Soil

Tools need for this step are soil, sand, and compost.

Be careful when you are selecting the soil because repairing ruts is depended on the use of the right soil. Blend the equal parts of soil and sand and/or compost. If you blend the balanced mix of these elements, it helps to root the grasses effectively.

Step 4: Filling The Ruts

This step can be started only after completing the above three steps.

For this step, you have to need a garden fork, landscaping knife or edger, and grass seeds. First of all, you have to be sure whether the rut is shallow or deep.

For Shallow Rut

Shallow rut means one or two inches deep ruts. It is typically easy to repair. Rut up the soil with a landscaping knife at an angle. Using garden fork loosen the soil after lifting the sod approximately one to two inches above the surrounding area. Give time to intact grasses. No more repairs are needed.

For Deep Rut

Deep rut means more than 2 inches rut by using an edger lift up the grasses in the centre of the ruts. Loosen the soil in the ruts and add more one to two inches above the surrounding area if need. Then fill the ruts with the mixing soil, grass seeds should be spread, give water, and wait to settle. Regular watering will grow strong roots again.


You should avoid those activities that cause again and unrepairable rut of your yard. What to do-

  • Mowing cannot be done in the same way. Change the mowing pattern each time mow.
  • It is better not to mow in wet soil.
  • Don’t drive heavy equipment across the yard.

Final Thought

In the above steps, we share our tips for you on how to get ruts out of your yard and can bring back lost beauty. If you follow all the steps, you could easily do it.