How to Keep Neighbors Dog From Jumping on My Fence with 9 Hacks

I used to be really irritated when I find my neighbor’sdog roaming around my yard and its sharp paw tearing my newly growing grass. No matter how many times I yieldedat them, they went but kept coming over my yard again and again.

It did not catch my mind why it keeps jumping on my fence, leaving its own. Though the best way to keep the dog away from the fence is to make your neighbor alert and contain their pets. Besides, planting trees on the yard parameter, installing a second low fence, or spray method can stop dogs from jumping over fence.

However, after several attempts and searching different sources, I found how to keep neighbor’s dog from jumping on my fence.

And today, weare going to share those tips with methods as many people around thereare going through the same phase, we pretty sure.

How to Keep Neighbors Dog From Jumping on My Fence

Is your neighbor’s dog jumping over your garden fence and pooping on your lawn? Or whatever it is doing, it’s obviously not making you any happy. Right?Let’s know about all the possible methods that can stop a dog from jumping over the fence.

Oh wait, don’t think that these methods are going to cost you a lot. Absolutely not. We know after spending so much on your favorite lawn, you won’t wish to break your bank to stop your neighbor’s dog’s mischief. Still, we have shown all the practical ways ranging from homely DIY to professional tools and ideas.

Contact Dog Owner to Contain Their Dog

If you know your dog owners, let them know that their dog likes to roam around on your lawn, leaving their one. It would be good to have mutual cooperation with your neighbor. What if your neighbor is not aware of the regular incident?

If your neighbor can handle his dog, that is okay. You don’t have to deal more with the dog preventing cases. And it won’t be good ad well to hurt or do any step towards the dog without even informing the owner.

Try Spraying Method

Don’t you know when your neighbor’s dog arrives? Want to be prepared already? Then, this method can help you also don’t cost you much.

Method-01: Take a solution of vinegar and Ammonia. Put them into a spray bottle and spray on the edges.

Vinegar and the smell of Ammonia seem to be very effective in repelling dogs. Spray them on the sidewalks or on around the fence. So that when the dog arrives, the smell makes them go back.

Notes: Don’t use too much Ammonia on your grass. It may harm your grass.

Method-02: Want to try some smart ways to keep dog away from fence? Try the Natural Armor Dog and Cat Repellent Spray with a strong peppermint scent that repels your neighbor’s stubborn dog from jumping over your fence.

Recommended Product: Natural Armor Dog and Cat Repellent Spray ( Why Best: No mixing hassle, just shake & spray/ Waterproof & lasts up to 90 days)

Use Granule on the Fence Area

Do your neighbor’s dog jump over your fence and digs out the soil? Then granule can work here best.

Some animal repellant granules are available in stores that don’t cause damage to the grass but helps to repel cats and dogs from messing around your lawn or digging holes. One of them is the Bonide Go Away Rpellent Granules with Cinnamon oil.

This type of granule will also be effective if your yard doesn’t have any fences. If dogs come over your lawn and dig up the soil, it won’t try again later on after applying this granule.

Then again, the Citrus smell seems to be effective as dog repellent. So, this can be your most cheap way to stop your neighbor’s dog jumping on your fences.

You can use lemon peel or orange peel in this case, leave some orange peel and lemon peel on the surrounding of your lawn or where you suspect the dog jumps.

Notes to point, leaving this peeling on the driveway or around the fences can disturb your landscaping beauty. So, better think of your lawn exposure areas before leaving them on the grass.

Put a Second Low Fence

If possible, install a second low fence after the main fence around your garden. Well, when you find your neighbor can’t able to supervise his dog the right way, this second fence idea can work.

Minimum of 2 to 3 feet high fence after the main fence can be applicable. The dog may jump over this fence but can’t be able to cross 2 fences of different heights at a time. So, it fails to jump over your fence.

Use the L-Footer on Fence

Making an L-footer on the fence top has been proven effective so far to keep the dog from jumping over fence.

Make an L-shaped making an angle on the top of the fence. And bend the angled side heading towards your yard.

This type of fence shaping will prevent dogs from jumping over your fence as the dog knows that it won’t try to jump and risk its own when it can’t make it.

Notes: L- footer may not be effective with a wooden fence.

Besides this, we got a cheap alternative to the L-footer from a lawnowner’s suggestion from the lawn forum site, which is kind of installing a cat net on top of the fence. According to him,

“You could run a couple wires above your fence and attach a solar powered fence charger like they use for livestock.”

The Lawn Forum User

Install Coyote Roller on the Chain Fence

Coyote roller is going to be effective and worthy for you to keep your neighbor’s dog jump on fence, provided that you have the chain link fence.

If you don’t know what a coyote roller is then, it is a pipe-shaped Aluminum or steel roller connected with a screw bracket. It can spin in a free movement. So, when any dog or other animal tries to foot over, it slips and falls on the ground due toits spinning.

Our eyes got the catch for the Ultimation10” Roller with bracket set. The good thing is it comes with a pack of 2 rollers in a budget pack.

Notes: remember, this coyote roller can be harmful to puppies. So, be sure before putting. You surely don’t want to harm an animal.

Use PVC Pipe –An alternative to the Coyote Roller

Are you looking for some cheap alternative to the Coyote rollers? Then, using a PVC pipe and make out a spinning roller seems to work.

Take a lightweight PVC pipe and cut it according to your lawn parameter. Mount one end pipe using the screw on the top of your fence. Then, repeat the same for other end of the pipe. Make sure the pipe spins well.

Notes: Don’t hang the pipe too tightly on the fence top. The pipe should spin fast and smoothly.

Make the Yard Invisible for the Dog

Does your neighbor’s dog jump over your fence when you and your kids play around the lawn? Then, it might attract your neighbor’s dog that makes it jump over your fence to come over your yard.

In that case, to stop a dog from jumping fence is making your yard invisible to the dog.  Yes, bring an obstacle to the dog’s eye from your yard. And how is that possible?

Any well-built grommet or heavy-duty net cover can be usable over the fence. It keeps your yard private as well.

Sunnyglade Mesh Shade Net Cover seems to be on hype nowadays to cover the lawn fence.

One of the user’s reviews draws our attention. According to him-

“Very dog proof, our terrier hasn’t tried to bite or chew on it like she does everything else including a bird feeder. LOL. We are very pleased with our fence.”

Jerry, Happy Sunnyglade User

Don’t you like this type of blockage around your yard? Want something aesthetic and landscaping way to block the dog’s view? Then, try the Fenpro Hedge Slats. It not only blocks the fence properly but also brings an elegancy toyour yard.

Can you afford some more and put a reed on the link fence? A wooden fence with yard blockage can be ideal to have. And according to most lawn owners, a reed fence is a durable and inexpensive option.

Reed fence mostly is made of bamboo or wood spread a traditionally naturallook into the yard. The MGP Natural Reed Fence is worthy enough to get a glimpse, no matter you buy or not.

Users find this fence assistant perfect for the price. One of the happy users from Canada says-

“As expected. As other comments suggest – it’s thinner and allows more light to pass through than I thought. If using for more privacy, I bought some cheap brown burlap used in gardening to put behind. Gives it a more solid appearance.”

Contact Local Sheriff or Police to handle

Is your neighbor not cooperative enough? Does his dog keep jumping over your fence, and your neighbor seems to less bothered? Then, the only solution is to contact the local sheriff or police department.

Most of the dogs will be hostile indeed. But when it’s about your lovely yard, you need to be selfish, though.

Don’t harm the dog to stop it from jumping your fence. Don’t make the dog suffer for its owner’s carelessness.

Different states have different laws regarding animal rights and leash laws. Let them deal with your neighbor to make them more conscious about containing their dog.

Why Do Dogs Jump over the Fence?

If you don’t have any idea about why dogs jump over your fence, leaving their own, then there can be several reasonsbehind this.

Boredom in Its Own House

A pleasant playing environment is essential for every dog. Dogs like to play a lot, but lack of proper space, stuff, and companion to play make dogs feel bore.

And that is why when dogs see other in a very playful mode or a cheerful environment, it jumps over the fence to join or cut out its boredom.

Lack of Bonding with Owner

Lack of bonding is another important reason behind dogs paying attention to others.If the dog owner travels a lot or too busy to give proper attention to his or her dog, then the dog feels left out and wishes to go elsewhere.

When It’s Mating Period

During the mating period, when a dog hears another dog in heat nearby, they will want to jump over the fence and seek out other dogs. It is typically common if the dog is not neutered.

The Chasing Habit

Some dog breeds are chasers in nature. They love to chase cats, birds, or squirrels. If the neighbor has pets, they will continue to pursue by jumping over their fence.

Things that Attract Dog

Sometimes it happens that you are playing with your kids in the yard, and your neighbor’s dog watches it. It can make it falling greed to play with you.  This is normal to happen.

But if you are afraid of dogs, then no need to do any action yourself; rather, make your neighbor understand the fact with mutual talking.

Bottom Lines

Finally reached at the end after knowing a bunch of ideas to keep dog from jumping fence. Well, I have been really helpful when I tried from one of these when I was in need to know how to keep neighbors dog from jumping on my fence.

Now, it’s your turn to take the bold steps and make your yard protect from your neighbor’schasing dog.

Whatever steps you choose, make sure not to hurt the dog.  However, dogs can be a better companion also.