How to Cut Sod by Hand Cutting Ways without Pain

You may be planning to make a new garden bed. Hence, you need to transfer sod in your garden from another land. By using some hand tools, the sod can be cut or removed which is need for your new park.

We have provided how to cut sod by hand with very normal techniques so that you can do this by yourself. Some people like to hire sod-cutting machines by paying a huge amount of money. But our carried skills help you to save your money. Therefore, you should go through our article for getting the excellent ideas.

How to Cut Sod by Hand- Step by Step

This supplied method results in clean, quick, and lets you instantly to grow your garden. For this purpose, you can take the help of a spade shovel or edger. These instruments favor you to measure the soil and dig it properly.

In reality, spreading fresh sod over an established lawn is no option and could ruin the sod and trigger twice as much activity to be done. So, removal of the old lawn before planting fresh sod is key to a safe root system. The process how to cut sod by hand is described step-wise in below;

Step 1: Water the Lawn Before Removing the Sod

Water the whole area with a garden sprinkler or pan two or three days earlier deciding to carry away the sod. Note should be taken to ensure that the earth remains moist at a depth of 3-4 inches by digging it with a tester. The steam loosens the earth and encourages digging.

The soil should be damp but it should not be soggy. Saturated soils are not only hard but also vulnerable to compaction, contributing to the slow growth of plants.

Step 2: Marking the Area Where you Like to Extract Sod

For this, you need to use flour or landscape spray paint to map the space to show the region where you want to strip sod. As a result, you can be measured the soil precisely and dig it accurately.

Step 3: Digging the Ground to the Parallel and Longest Side

Move to the edge of the assembly field, weighing more than 12 inches. Attach an edger device parallel to the longest section of the construction region into the earth. Move on the foot at the end of the metal frame to get through the grass.

Step 4: Placing the Edger Near the First Position

Then you have to displace the edger, position it directly next to the first place and do this method again and again.  Follow this procedure to break the sod into 12 inches broad strips all the process to the end of the construction area.

Step 5: Making Short Strips

Return to the starting point within 1-2 feet and cut the extensive sod stripe in width with the blade. As a consequence, this produces small strips that are simpler than lengthy ones to cut.

When there is any loose soil on the underside of the sward, a fork can function better because this soil can be shaken down to the surface as the sod is raised. Through cuts with a sod thinner, reduce the volume of soil withdrawn from the space and the weight of the growing element.

Step 6: Take Away the Roots of the Sod from the Land

Place the spade blade at one of the cut-line locations and move it below the sod. Lean on your spade handle lightly to pry away from the earth the sod’s core.

Step 7: Pick and Place the Sod Small Portion Into your New Build Area

Later, you will gather all the portions of the sods. Then, you have to set them off sideways in a new position very carefully. Moreover, you should concern during carrying the weeds because at this time they can be dissociated from each other.

Step 8: Repeating the Process

It is a continuous method and you will start cutting and sod scraping until much of it has been cleared. New sod must be watered more regularly than existing grass to ensure it takes root, but too much water may be placed on the turf. So, miss one to two irrigation sessions until you see the indicators of heavy irrigation such that the grass and soil underneath is just damp, never sullen.


Moist soil makes sliding through the grass smoother but damp soil produces a sticky mess. Gas-powered and manual sod cutters are primarily built for cutting to the maximum extent, so instead of purchasing expensive machines, you may use an edger or spade. The provided how to cut sod by hand will help you to do it properly and save you from wasting money.