How to Wire a 220 Well Pressure Switch: Easy Steps Explained

How to wire a 220 well pressure switch?  If you can know the diagram well and the proper steps, you can do it yourself easily. Let’s show you how.

A 220 Volt well pumppressure switch diagram is kind of the same as a light switch. What you need to ensure is the proper connection of the neutral and hot wire phase. That’s it.

Well, if you know the basic wiring or no knowledge of these circuit programs, don’t panic. This tutorial guide will show you a step-by-step process to wire the pressure switch for the 220 V well pump.

So, get ready to learn the way.

How to Wire a 220 Well Pressure Switch

Before directly jumping on the steps at first, get a proper idea of a 220 volt well pump pressure switch wiring diagram. So, when we will be finally wiring, you can catch fast.

Basically, you will find 2 types of wiring diagrams for a well pump pressure switch. One is the 2 wire pressure switch, and another is a 3-wire pressure switch.

And after checking out some pressure switch connection diagrams, we can say that the 220v well pump wiring switch primarily uses the 2-wire submersible pump.

In a pressure switch, control box 2 hot wire enters from 2 opposite sides-one from the well pump and the other from the electrical panel.

Here, mainly what you have to do is make the connection from the electrical panel to the pressure pump. In this wiring time, you have to be just careful that you’re not mixing up the neutral with a hot wire connection.

So, let’s see the steps forwiring.

220V Pressure Switch Wiring Steps

At first, keep the tools near at hand that you will need when wiring 220v submersible well pump switch. In the entire process, you will need

  • A screwdriver to tighten the connections
  • Some crimps to connect the wires
  • Wire strippers for wire cutting and connecting like the professionals

Let’s start wiring.

Step-1: Turn off the Power

The first and essential step for you is to switch off all the connections with the well pressure pump and the motor. This step is a must you know to avoid any electric shock.

Step-2: Locate the Switch Box

Switched off all the connections? Now, locate the switch box to make the connections from the electric panel to the pump. Take a close look you will find a square D-sized switch box.

In the 2-wire pump machine, this switch box seems to be inside the bottom of the pump machine. And in the case of a 3-wire machine, this box primarily lies outside the pump machine.

Step-3: Open the Switch Box Cover

Use any flathead screwdriver and open the cover of the switch box. Sometimes you may find this box open. That time you don’t need to put afford to open it.

Step-4: Secure the Wire Connections

Now, the main step comes to connect the wires. Before you connect, just remember one thing- there are 4 wire connecting circuit hooks. The 2 on both sides from 2 circuit bar receives the incoming wire from 2 sides. Here, one is from the pump machine and the other from the electric panel on the other side.

So, 2 hot wires can be colored as white or red if you really depend on the colors. 1 of the 2 wires coming from the motor- will go on one side of the circuit bar, and the other will go on the middle of the opposite bar. But make sure to keep the hot wire connected on the edge terminal.

Then the similar case for the opposite circuit bar. The hot wire from the electric panel will go on the edge terminal of the opposite bar. And the other will go with the middle of the opposite circuit bar.

Just remember that the middle 2 terminal is for making the neutral connection from the electric wires to the pump wires.  And the terminals on 2 opposite edge is to catch the 2 incoming hot wires from 2 sides.

It’s pretty simple than you were thinking. Now, there remain the grounding wires. You will see there are hooks for connecting the ground wires. Connect the wires and secure them by tightening them with the screws.

Step-5: Close the Cover

Once you’re done with wiring correctly, close the cover and secure it tightly as it was before.

Your pressure switch wiring  is finished. In this way, you can install a new connection to your pressure pump switch or reinstall the connection to the pressure switch.

Whatever the reason is before starting for this type of electrical tasks-

  • Switch off any electric power source
  • Don’t try if you’re not 100% sure of the steps. Take the help of some professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does well pump need to be grounded?

Yes, it needs. A well pump, as well as a submersible pump uses the metal switch box and casing; it needs the ground connection as a conductor of the circuit.

What size wire do I need for a 220 well pump?

For a residential water pumping, #6 to #14 AWG range wire will do the job. For a large pump for commercial use, people use 500 MCM size of wire also.

What is the difference between a 2 wire and a 3 wire deep well pump?

In the 2 wire pump, there remain 2 hot wires, and the switch box seems mostly inside the pump machine. And in the 3 wire pump, there are 3 hot wires and one grounding wire. And the switch box of the 3 wire pump seems to be anywhere outside the machine.

Can you run a well pump without control box?

Of course, you can if it is the 2-wire well pump. You can easily install it. The only drawback is when the pump fails, you have to replace the entire pump machine.

How to reset well pump pressure switch?

If you have the standard pump with a lever arm sticking to the switch box, push it upward until you hear the pump starting sound and hold on like this up to it goes up to 30 pounds. Then, let it set. You will see the pump rushing water at ideal steadiness.

Bottom Line

If you take a close look at the circuit system inside the switch box, you will find the steps easy when you are frowning with how to wire a 220 well pressure switch.  Also, here we have covered the entire process step by step with precautionary tips and suggestions.

Well, read it carefully and make things done with the wiring well pump all by yourself.