How to Get Rid of Pusley Plant? 3 Effective Ways with Pro Tips

How to get rid of Pusley plant from your well-garnished lawn? Just pull them out with your hand, and this is the best and, most importantly, a safe way. This could be tiring also if your lawn got plenty of them. And you can’t mow them as the seeds might spread.

Well, we got you. Loke you, many people are struggling with Pusley plants and looking for ways to terminate them. Therefore, today’s entire discussion will be on Florida Pusley plants and the strategies to get rid of them.

Let’shave a peek inside.

How to Get Rid of Pusley Plant?

So, it’s Summer, and you find your lawn getting hairy with the Florida Pusley. Some know this as the lawn snow as well.

Having the Florida Pusley on lawn grasses would have been okay if it only pops up and does nothing.But thesepesky weeds spread relativelyfast and take over the bare spaces on the lawn. So, removing them becomes as crucial as you feel after getting a glimpse of weed on your lawn.

Listen,we hope you are not mixing the dayflower with the Florida Pusley. Well, both almost look alike. Still, many fall into a dilemma and make the mistake of assuming dayflower as the Pusley, whereas both are different kinds of weeds.

So, before jumping on the removal process, get it clear by knowing some details about the Florida Pusleyplants. However, if you are very sure that the one you got on your lawn is the Pusley flowers, you can skip the following part and read the removal process.

What Is Florida Snow & Reasons to Pop up

Florida Pusley plant, also known as Florida snow, is mostly seen in the Southern parts of America, especially Florida. It is mainly a weed, a stubborn weed with a perennial wildflower.

You will find people calling it Mexican Clover, also though not native to Mexico. And soif you’re here searching ways on how to get rid of large flower Mexican clover, then you hit the spot.

However, these weeds seem to invade the lawn and landscaping areas mostly for improper and infrequent mowing, less maintenance of the lawn, and insufficient use of the pre-emergence herbicides.

Do you know why Floridians call this weed snow flower? Because the flower of this plant is white in color with 6 star-shaped petals, and when the seeds germinate, it takes over the grass very fast and looks like snow on the grass.

Moreover, these wild flowers become purple when aged and if you are confused with is this is the day flower or the Pusley, then the big difference you can find in the leaf shape. Yes, the leaf of the Pusley has morestripes than the dayflower.Also, the leaf size is a bit larger than that of the day flowers.

Now, check out the Florida Pusley removal methods we show here. And we promise you will get quite some alternatives to reach the ways to remove Pusley weeds from your lawn completely.

1. Remove Pusley Plant by Pulling with Hands

We are starting with the common and safest way- using hands. Yes, this is the only and secure way to remove the Pusley from the grass.

If you find the large flower Pusley,it is already bloomed and tensioning that using any round up might kill your grass and pull them out. Instead, sit on your knees and pull the Pusley roots out of the grass.

Pusley roots are not that hard, and so when pulling, it comes out easily.

2. Remove Pusley Plant Using Home Remedies

In one of the lawn maintenance guides, St. Augustine landscapers find this remedy effective to remove the weed of the grass that was just spotted.

  1. Take a cup of salt and 2 cups of water. Boil and make a solution. Then, Pour directly on the weeds or Florida Pusley roots. And see the results within a week.
  2. You can also use vinegar and a liquid dishwasher with the solution and spray directly on the affected area or the roots.

Make the solution with

  • 1/2 gallon of white vinegar
  • 1 cup of table salt
  • 2 tablespoons of liquid dish detergent

Mix theseafter thatpour the solutioninto a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the affected area. This will kill the Florida snow, but you must apply any Pre-emergent herbicide after that to prevent further growth.


This would not work on the Pusley flowers that already spread. Be sure before applying salt on your lawn grasses. Don’t kill your grass while trying to get rid of the weed.

2. Remove Pusley Plant by Applying Herbicides

Now, this is the process many looks for all the ways. Any weed killer Roundup will helpremove the Pusley buy before you need to be sure that round up is compatible with your grass and won’t damage the grass.

And after sneaking into some lawn owners’ successful attempts, some roundup herbicides cameto our attention.

Use Post-emergent Herbicides

Could not you notice the Pusley popping up on your lawn? Is Florida snow covering your yard?Try CelciusWG Herbicide. It effectively works on the Bermuda grass. And according to some lawnowners, it is rated forkilling the Pusley flowers.

  • Effective post-emergent with 3 active ingredients
  • Safe to use on residential lawn, golf lawn, commercial lawn, and many others.
  • A little amount goes long.

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You must use this post herbicide by following the application process and amount based on your lawn area.  When it is already flowered, you can use CelciusWGat a rate of .113 oz (3.2 g) per 1000 sq ft.  Though this herbicide is a bit expensive, it worth it. And a small amount of this goes a long way.


Make sure there is no chance of rain in the next 48 hours of your application.

Want a Cheaper Alternative?

If you are looking for cheaper post-emergence herbicides, then you can try the Southern AG 2,4-D Amine. However, weed killers containing glyphosate can kill turfgrass also.So, it would not be better to use this type of roundup on the St. Augustine lawn.

  • Ideal for selective broadleaf weed control
  • Economical rate of use
  • Shows results within weeks

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Pro Tips

  • For best results, spray with water mixing the same ratio of the 2,4-D and liquid dish soap.
  • Use under bright daylight but beware of high temperature! Temperature above 85 to 90 can cause damage to the St. Augustine grass as well. Because the high temperature in Florida makes the chemical affect the turf.

Use Pre-emergent Herbicides

Is your Pusley plant just started popping up on the grass? Or do you want to prevent the Pusley plants from invading again?Then get set ready to use the best pre-emergence herbicidesas we all know prevention is better than cure.

Herbicides can kill the weeds, but weeds like Pusley are prone to come up repeatedly, especially if the lawn does not go under continuous maintenance.

To prevent the Pusley growth on St. Augustine grass, you can use a pre-emergent herbicide that containsAtrazine as Atrazine is effectiveon the St. Augustine grass.

However, you can try the Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Pre-Emergent Weed Preventer. If appropriately applied, maintaining temperature and season can control Pusley and other weeds for up to 9 months.

  • Applicable both in Spring and Fall
  • Best results on the golf course, turf, trees, landscape, nurses
  • Works super if applied maintaining temperature and amount

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Pro Tips

  • Before using any pre-emergent herbicides, make sure the lawn is not wet completely dry. If possible, walk across the yard and check.
  • Must see the label and use the proper amount according to your lawn size to get the efficientoutput.

3. Remove Pusley Plant by Hiring Any Lawn Care Company

How to get rid of Florida Pusley when there are plenty of them, and you can’t figure out which herbicides will be effective then hire a lawn care company near you.

For example, the Greensward of Marco Lawn Service in Marco,Florida, Lawn Love in Orlandois quite good rated. You can contact them over the phone or mail them your issue. They will come over and observe the lawn condition to take the best steps.

Well, this can be cost-effective, of course, but it will save your time. Make sure to make the deal effectively based on the current rating so that you do not get plucked by the unnecessarilyhigh-rated services.

Things You Should Know While Removing Pusley

Now you know the ways of getting rid of the Pusley plant. But before applying the techniques, you should remember some facts for successful action.

Maintain the Proper Season and Time for Mowing

Choose the dry season and dry weather for trimming the weeds of grass. Don’t mow on newly born grass. Mow properly and maintain the proper size.

Read The Label of Herbicides Before Buying

Pusley is a certain kind of plant with broadleaf, but your crops or grass are different. Check the herbicides if they will be endurable for your crops. Read the label carefully and the active ingredientsbefore purchasing.

Maintain Safety Issue While Applying Herbicides

The herbicide is a solution that contains chemicals,and some of the chemicals can be harmful to the human body. So use your hand gloves, boots, and don’t touch your face or eyes while spraying the chemical. Wearing a pair of glasses will be safer too.

Do Not Apply Water after Any Application

After pulling the Pusley or trim or using herbicide, don’t water the ground for several days. It will weaken the Pusley plants and don’t let the existing seeds and chemicals spread over. To avoid rain, use herbicides when there is no rain within a week at least.

Always Use Pre-Emergent after Removing Pusley

After removing all the Pusley plants from the ground, you don’t want to let them appear again. So must apply pre-emergent herbicides, which will be competent in stopping the weeds from your lawn and garden from further peeping.

Use pre-emergence herbicides before the germination of Pusley. And for your kind information, the time of Pusley plant germination is the coldest Winter.

This process will be fruitful for the crops because you can’t trim the Pusley along with your crops.And once it starts its germination, applying pre-emergent would not be of any use.

Choose The St. Augustine Grass for lawn

St. Augustine is the most aggressive and worthy grass to overtake the shrubs on the ground. Plant this grass for your yard, and it won’t allow Pusley if properly maintained.

For a quick glimpse of St. Augustine lawn care, see how to make St Augustine grass thicker for the perfect lawn look.

Follow a Good Lawn Care Practice

Pusley plants can grow and spread on the thin turf depriving of proper maintenance. Maintain proper fertilization and mowing to the grassfrom time to time. Water them regularly.

A healthy lawn will resist the plantation of Pusley and any other weeds.Also, frequent mowing can interfere with the growth of Pusley plants.Also, thick grass won’t allow any weed germination on the soil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is Florida Pusley an Annual?

Ans: Florida Pusleyis seenduring the warm seasons. So better to get your lawn mowed and swallowed herbicides in Winter when there can be a chance of Pusley seeding.

Ques: What herbicide kills Florida Pusley?

Ans:Any herbicide labeled for killing broadleaf weed kills Florida snow. However, Herbicides containing Atrazine are effective on St. Augustine,Trimic is effective on Bahia grass. Again, the 2,4 D is also effective in killing Pusley plants.

Wrapping Up

The journey does not end here. Maintaining your lawn from time to time is crucial if you want to enjoy a healthy yard with thicker green grass. Moreover, to keep this, you must check if the stubborn weeds like the Pusleydon’t invade. Eventually,You should know how to get rid of Pusley plants.

No matter how beautiful the Pusley flower is but your vegetable garden or turf will ultimately go in a loss for its existence.

However, if somehow your lawn got the attack, then this guide is there for you with exact recommendations. So, save this, what if you miss any important tips that you might need later.