How to Turn A Leaf Blower Into a Vacuum- Try These 3 Tricks

How to turn a leaf blower into a vacuum? Today, I will discuss it with you. I hope it will help you. A leaf blower is an essential equipment for all lawn lovers. A vacuum is another necessary tool for cleaning and dusting. So both are essential things.

To blowing leaves from your lawn or garden, you have to need a blower machine. It helps you to blow leaves or other weightless dirt. Blower machines can manage your work easily. It saves your time and money, and it is not expensive equipment.

Vacuum, this is our daily helper. The vacuum comes from Latin adjective vocuus. It has another name. Someone knew it as hoover. To cleaning and dusting, we have to use it. A vacuum can suck dust from furniture or the corner of our house. It is a sucking machine.

How To Turn A Leaf Blower Into A Vacuum?

Sometimes we need a leaf blower, and sometimes we need a vacuum. When we want to blow leaves, we have to use a leaf blower. But when we need a vacuum, what can we do?

Yes, exactly what you think. That time you can turn your blower machine into a vacuum. Do you know? How can you do it? If you know, this is good for you. But, if you don’t know, you have to read this article.

How to turn a leaf blower into a vacuum? I discuss it in my article. I will mention three easy strategies in this content that will help you complete the turning project.

Three easy strategies

Now, I will mention here three easy strategies. There are-

  1. Switch on/off process.
  2. For SKIL Blower.
  3. For TORO super blower/vacuum process.

1. Switch on/off process

Leaf blower and vacuum both machines are electric motor. The vacuum machine has much lower gas pressure. Its pressure is an atmosphere at sea level. You can clean your floor by vacuum. A vacuum can suction debris easily. In this process you have to follow some instructions to below:

Take blower

You take your blower first. It has an electric motor. It contains a fan also.

Hold it handles

Then you hold the machine’s handle and notice it. There has a switch button.

Push switch button

When you push the switch button single one, it acts as a blower machine. But when you push the switch more than once, it converts to vacuum.

After pushing the switch button more than once, the leaf blower machine turns into a vacuum. Now you can use this machine like a vacuum. You can easily clean your floor from dust. This process is a very easy process to convert blower to vacuum. So you can try this one.

Switch on/off process is a shortcut process in the article, how to turn a leaf blower into a vacuum.

2. SKIL blower process

SKIL blower is a blower machine that contains a motor and a fan. This size is standard size. It sucks up leaves, which is 8600 SKIL blowers. SKIL blower is not so heavy. It can move quickly and looks is beautiful. In this process, you need some equipment.

What you need

To complete this project, you have to need some instruments.

  1. A leaf blower machine.
  2. A vacuum bag.
  3. A big size tape or glue.

If you have a SKIL blower 8600, you can use it to a leaf blower, and at the same time, you can use it as a vacuum by converting the blower.

Discharge its hole

First, you have to discharge the hole. This is the fan rake hole. When you put out the rake, you can see there a gap. vacuum tube at the point of fan rake. To attach it, you have to use large size tape.

Push the switch

After attaching the vacuum tube, you can push the switch button and convert it into a vacuum.

It is a very simple process to turn the leaf blower into a vacuum. You can also try this process and enjoy it like a vacuum cleaner.

3. TORO super blower/vacuum:

Toro super blower/vacuum is outstanding equipment that is very helpful in our daily life. It is exceptional for its structure. You can use it as a leaf blower, and in the meantime, you can use it as a vacuum. I will discuss with you how to turn a leaf blower into a vacuum in this process.

Follow the bellower steps:

Take some instruments:

You need some tool to turn blower into a vacuum. There are-

  • A vacuum bag.
  • A vacuum tube.

Put out the tube

At first, you have to put out the blower tube. You can see there has an arrow. Hold the pipe and turn it toward anti-clockwise.

Put on vacuum bag

Look, after putting out the blower tube, you can see a hole. In this hole tube, you have to attach a vacuum bag. The bag attached to a small tube. You have to put on the tube turn by clockwise and fixed it with a motor.

This bag is washable, so if you want, you can wash it easily.

Put out the fan rake

The blower machine has a fan. It covered with a rake. You have to put out the rake. So, first, you hold the rake by your hand and turn it at anti-clockwise. Now see your fan rake put out.

Attach vacuum tube

After putting out the fan rake, you have to fix the vacuum tube at that point. Take your vacuum tube and push it on end and turn it at clockwise. Now attach your vacuum tube with the motor.

Wow! Now, you can use your blower machine-like as a vacuum. The blower turned into a vacuum.

This process is also an excellent process to turn the leaf blower into a vacuum. I hope, if you follow the instructions, you can get success in the project quickly. How to turn a leaf blower into a vacuum is a helpful article for you. So, you can try the Toro super blower.


Here I try to mention some useful strategies, which are helpful for you. Now, you can know how to turn a leaf blower into a vacuum. If you obey all steps, you must be a success to convert leaf blower to vacuum easily. So, you must read the article step by step.