How to Replace Fuel Lines on Husqvarna 125B- Easy Tutorial

Do you want to know how to replace fuel lines on Husqvarna 125b? Then this content can help you with this desire of knowing the process.

Husqvarna 125b is a user-friendly handheld leaf blower. It is efficient and also combines with high blowing power. This blower is well balanced and perfect for all the owners. But with long term use, it’s fuel line becomes loose and for this reason, there must be an oil leakage problem.

To solve the leakage problem, we must know how to replace the fuel line. If you don’t know how to do it then don’t worry we are here to help you. Just follow the below instructions.

How To Replace Fuel Lines On Husqvarna 125B

Here you will get all the information about how to replace fuel lines on Husqvarna 125b. Simply you need to follow our guidance and make sure you don’t miss any of the steps below. Then start the procedure.

Step 1: Clean The Area

Clean the blower first to wipe up all the oil that leaks before. Otherwise, it will annoy you when you start working.

Step 2: Slide Off The Air Filter And Open Up The Blower Side Parts

First slide off the air filter which covers up the carburetor. When you remove it you will see the carburetor. Using 5/16 Allen wrench, open up the blower side parts.

Step 3: Lift The Recoil And Rest Piece Then Unscrew The Carburetor

Lift the recoil and other rest of the piece you see after opening the blower’s side part. With an 8-millimeter socket unscrew the carburetor.

Step 4: Put Choke Lever In Choke Position And Take The Trigger Linkage

Slide off the plastic piece by choking the position. Then take the trigger linkage out which is connected to the carburetor.

Step 5: Remove The Fuel Pipes From The Carburetor

Then remove the fuel pipes from the carburetor which is attached to it. Unattached them carefully.

Step 6: Remove The Rubber Grommet With A Screwdriver

Remove the rubber grommet from the fuel container with a screwdriver. Lift it out, the filter will come with it.

Step 7: Change The Pipes And Put It Back

As per requirements, change those pipes of the fuel line which are leaking oil. Then put it back to the fuel line and connect the pipes with the carburetor again.

Step 8: Assemble All The Parts

At last, assemble all the parts of the blower that are disassembled before replacing the fuel lines.

Benefits Of Leaf Blower

Before using any equipment, we want to know about its benefits. This intention will not be neglected with the leaf blower too. So let’s know about the benefits of a leaf blower.

Easy To Maintain A Lawn

Leaf blower helps lawn owners to maintain their lawn easily with its multi options to work. It can be used in so many ways to keep your lawn clean. You can even use it in yards, a terrace as well.

Save Your Time

Undoubtedly, the Leaf blower saves your time by not throwing you any tantrums for a long time. But after a few years, it’s a different story. Every piece of equipment needs maintenance so the leaf blower is. To protect it for more years, keep maintaining and using it.

Blow Snow

>A leaf blower can be used in blowing snow too. It’s a great help in winter when there is snow full in your terrace, lawn, and any other place. It will blow them without any problem. Though the snow will hard to blow leaf blower will do it effortlessly.

Easy To Use And Multitasking

This is a piece of great equipment because it is easy to use and most importantly, it has so many working options. You can use it for any blowing work that will help you out from any situation.

Environment Friendly

Husqvarna leaf blowers are environment-friendly equipment. It won’t harm any environmental elements by its work. So you can use it without any concern.

Where there are so many benefits of leaf blowers, unfortunately, it has some drawbacks too. Let’s know them.

  • Most of the leaf blowers are expensive
  • It can be noisy and loud
  • It will blow back unless you bag the leaves up
  • It needs maintenance for great performance
  • It blows the dust around the place
  • Some of the leaf blowers can be heavy

Factors Need To Know Before Buying A Leaf Blower

  • A leafblowercan be noisy so choose and handle the blower walk behind style to avoid the noise. 
  • Blower speed is the main concern, do check it.
  • You need one battery for a small place but if the place is huge then get a rechargeable one.
  • Weight is the issue of every blower so get the lighter one for a small yard and a big one for a larger one.
  • The voltage and capacity of the blower depend on battery life so keep that too in mind.

Wrap Up

It’s not easy to maintain a leaf blower for long periods. It starts leaking the oil and wasting your oil and time both. So not wasting any more things you must know how to replace fuel lines on Husqvarna 125b. This knowledge will help you to realize how easy the process of doing it is.

In this context, you will get a satisfactory way to get rid of the fuel line problems. You will be able to replace the fuel line by yourself without anyone’s help. But safety is the first priority for yourself or some other people who are going to use it. However, you don’t even need to take it for repair if you learn what needs to be done with your leaf blower.