How to Start a Lawn Mower Without a Key- Learn the Tricks

Have you lost your lawnmower key? How to run the lawnmower now? If this is the cause of your concern, then you can read this article. In this article, we will tell you how to run a lawnmower without a key. You want to know more about, you must stay with us.

One thing to keep in mind is that those under the age of 18 will refrain from doing this. However, if necessary, the help of an adult should be taken. The higher the popularity of this method, the more likely it is that theft will increase.

It is better not to apply this method unless it is needed too much. So if you want to know how to turn on lawnmower without a key, keep reading this article. Today we will discuss how to start a lawn mower without a key.

How To Start A Lawn Mower Without A Key- A Surprising Tool To Help You

A lawnmower can serve you for a long time. Most mowers are useful for many days if taken care of. Every instrument should be taken care of. However, if it suddenly found to be faulty, it must be taken to the mechanic.

But if you are good at it, you can fix it yourself. The key to the lawnmower may be lost to you inadvertently. Don’t worry about it, but keep your head down and handle the situation. If you have time, you can make another key from the store. However, you can take alternative measures if needed immediately.

However, if you collect more than one key when purchasing a lawnmower, it is safe for the mower. If one key is lost, the other can used. Below we will explain how to use the alternate key in a mower. Now we will tell you step by step how to turn on lawnmower without a key. These will require some equipment first.

  1. Two rubber gloves
  2. Battery post cleaner
  3. Jumper wire
  4. Plus

1. Rubber Gloves

Now we are going to start work. Rubber must use before beginning work. These will ensure your protection. When doing electrical work, an accident that can happen due to shock due to mechanical faults. That is why we have to be extremely careful while doing work.

For this, we can take the help of a skilled person if necessary. For unskilled people, the risk is much higher. That is why we should be aware of. I will wear rubber gloves and then start working in the mower.

2. Use Of Screwdriver

Usually, you need to use a screwdriver to open the key.

Step-1: Use A Screwdriver To Open The Key

At this stage, I will first take the glass brake and open the cutting blades. Then I will open the hood of the lawnmower. Then I will identify the battery and ignition coil.

I will find a small box in the lawnmower. It is usually on one side of the engine-bogie. I will use a screwdriver to start the work at this stage.

Then I will touch the connector using the screwdriver on one end of the machine. At this stage, your lawnmower will start running.

Step-2: Use A Screwdriver To Open The Key

At this stage, you need to take a screwdriver ahead instead of a key. Then you have to insert the screwdriver in the place where this key inserted. Then you have to try to rotate the scooter to get the result of the work. You will be able to open the mower without a key.

3. Lawnmower Engine Start Rules

At this stage, some equipment will require to run the lawnmower. We have already listed. Those tools will need at this stage. Before starting the work, we talked about using rubber gloves. Rubber gloves must use to avoid an electrical crisis.

  • Keep the rubber glass close
  • Attach the glass rack
  • Open the hood of the lawnmower
  • Find out where the battery is inside the lawnmower
  • There is a small box next to the engine buggy battery runs from start battery to the starter.
  • Here he has two colors of electricity. One is red; the other is black. He has to be disconnected.
  • Remove the dirt in the battery and reconnect
  • Fix the black jumper cable in the negative post of the battery and the red jumper cable in the positive post.
  • At this stage, the red jumper on the lawnmower starter should touch the other end of the wire
  • At this stage, remove the red jumper cable from the starter when the engine turned on. Also, the black jumper cable must remove from the negative post of the battery
  • It will help the engine to start. The driver will start at this stage.

4. Installing New Key

If you do not agree to operate the lawnmower without the key above, you may want to consider an alternative. Take your lawnmower to a workshop. Go there and install a new key if necessary. Now you can use the new key for a mower.

  • Use hotwire mower in lawn mower
  • A new ignition switch must turn on
  • Use the flat head screwdriver where the key inserted
  • The screwdriver may not work on all models


  • Put your lawnmower in the right place.
  • Use its cover to ensure maximum protection of lawn mower
  • lawn mower Clean occasionally
  • Check the ventilation area occasionally
  • When turning off the lawn mower, keep the key away from the mower’s ignition

Last Word

Finally, we read the article and found out that it is possible to run a lawnmower without a key. If you want to know about this, you can read the article. However, this alternative system is not commonly applied. Minors should stay away from doing this work.

Proper maintenance of lawn mowers will help you to provide extended, lasting services. If you ever lose the key, it is wise to take refuge in a workshop. However, you can make alternative measures to avoid temporary situations.

I have tried to explain this in simple language in the whole article. For those who don’t know how to start a mower without a key, follow this article. Here’s how to start a lawn mower without a key.