How to Raise a Zero Turn Mower to Ride with Ideal Height

If you want your zero turn mower to have desired height to cut tall grasses, you have to know how to raise a zero turn mower. Sometimes problems occurred during mowing tall grasses. High grass mowing cause strain on the blades and engine.

Building the deck or cutting the height of a mower is a way to solve the problem. In this article, we are discussing it. Walking, playing, or beautifying whatever we want, trimming the grass and weeds, is necessary. There are many types of mowers available for this job. In this way, a mower called zero-turn invented in 1963.

It turns its radius zero inches, which means it turns back within its footprint. That’s why it named zero turn mower. Its easier maneuvering and speedy features advantages attract people to use.

How To Raise A Zero Turn Mower

The maximum time a mower cutting height is four inches. If the grass is much tall than a mower’s ability, then it needs to raise the deck or cutting height. Here we are showing two processes of how to raise a zero turn mower gradually.

Raise Your mower by Adjustment Procedure

Most of the mower have installed the increasing and decreasing cutting height process. You can raise a mowers deck by using it.

  1. Press the pedal to unlock.
  2. Adjust the necessary cutting height by rotating knob.
  3. Slowly relieve the pedal.

Raise Your Mower by Mechanical Technique

If you do not satisfy with the maximum cutting height of your zero turn mower, you can adjust the desired height by some method using instruments. It will not take a long time. But first of all, you should take maximum safety for this work. For this job, you need-

  • 9/16 size socket and ratchet.
  • Height measurement tool.
  • Thick gloves.
  • Tire pressure gauge.
  • Plier or a wrench.
  • Safety goggle.

Now, you can go for raising your zero-turn mower. We are describing the process step by step.


First of all, put your mower on a smooth surface. Because you have to work on the ground side of your mower.


Now ensure safety. For security, you have to take the steps mentioned below.

  • Wear gloves and goggles.
  • Fully depress the pedal, correctly inflated tire and make sure the parking brake set.
  • Disengage the attachment clutch.
  • Stop the ignition key and remove the key.
  • Ensure that the blades and all moving parts are in the stop position.
  • Make sure that the wire spark plug is disconnected and no possibility of connecting with the socket.


Turn all the tires on maximum pressure. Measure the pressure with tire pressure gauge. It will help you to be sure about the proper alignment of the deck.


Turn the blades alongside and incorrect position. Grab the blunt edge of the blade, place it to the front to the rear of the deck.


Now measure the gap of the front tip of the blade edge to the ground. Then measure the distance of the rear tip of the cutting edge and the land. Take this measurement both right and left side of the mower.

Keep the assessment in a notepad. Then subtract between the data for the differences. If the measurement differed more than 1/8 inch, you should adjust it.


To adjust the deck height, go to the front side. The front, rear wheels have a lift lock nut-bolt. This lock nut is related to changing the height of the deck. The left side adjusts the remaining deck, and the right side turns the right floor of the mower.

Each turn can change the mower deck about 3/16 inches. Turning the nut clockwise, raise the cutting height and turning counterclockwise lower it.


Now turn the blade to the direction of the backside. In the same way, measure the differences of the blade cutting edge and the ground. Measure the differences between the front and rear of the mower. If the measurement shows the gap between front and back is out of 1/8 to ½ inch, then the adjustment is needed.


To do the change, loosen the jam nut with a wrench or plier in several turns. Then, to raise the mower deck, tighten the nut clockwise and lift the mower in the desired height.


Make sure that the changes are equal to both the front and rear sides.


After adjustment, both sides, tighten the jam nut again.


Complete raising the deck, now check all the parts and restart your zero turn mower again.

Your zero turn mower is ready to mow the field filled with tall grasses. So, start your mower and trim the grass and weeds easily.

Note: Before following the instructions, you should see the manual provided by the manufacturer. Though every mower has the same way directions to raising the deck, some may have unique features. Some may have specific rules and cautions too.

The zero-turn mower is an ideal product to mow the flat place. It is ill suitable for a hilly, unsmooth area. So be careful about choosing to harvest a place of tall grass.


The grass’s growth seems different in different seasons. So, the zero-turn mower manufacturers add the advantages to raise or lower the deck according to cutting height necessity.

In the spring season, the grasses growing fast and become tall in a short time. In that time, a zero turn mower will less able to mow the place with the maximum height included. If you can raise the cutting height with your choice, it will be easy to harvest.

We hope that you could know how to raise a zero turn mower and get the desired height. Now, if you are going to mow your place after raising your deck, it will not cut the grasses and weeds awkwardly.