How to Store a Weed Eater Safely without Damage

Are you thinking of storing your weed eater and want to know how to store a weed eater?

The weed eater makes lawn care easy and worthwhile. It helps to maintain the lawn for a long time without any problem. But in winter we don’t need to use it. So you have to store it for a long time.

To make the weed eater useful after a long gap you must know how to store it. We are here to help you with storing your weed eater. Let’s find it out.

How To Store A Weed Eater- Let’s Find Out

It’s not easy to take care of a lawn. For this reason, we have to use some lawn equipment and one of them is a weed eater. Here you will find out how to store a weed eater.

Before Store The Weed Eater, You Need To Do This Works

Before storing the weed eater, you need to do these works.

For Electric Weed Eater

Tip 1: Wipe Out All Of The Dirt From The Electric Weed Eater

First of all, you need to wipe out all the dust, rocks, grass, or anything else before keeping the electric weed eater in a store.

Tip 2: Maintain The Weed Eater

Before storing the weed eater, you need to maintain it properly so that it can be utilized after a long period.

Check the spark plug and change it, clean the air filter, and handle too.

Tip 3: Plugin And Turn It On

The electric weed eater needs to be a plugin and turn it on. It will work at that time when you need it. And the best part is it’s lightweight so after a long hour if using your hands will not be painful.

Tip 4: Performing All Edging

An electric weed eater has a button. When you press it, the weed eater’s head will rotate and perform all the edging.

Tip 5: Check The Size Of The Nylon String

Check the size of the string and clean it completely. Make sure the nylon string should be thick and strong enough otherwise it will break easily when cleaning or using the weed eater.

Tip 6: Check The Length Of The Wire

You need to clean the wire and it needs to be folded so that it can’t damage. The electric weed eater’s length of the wire is at least 100 feet long. So that you can work without restraint. No worry if you are using a weed eater that works by the battery. You can carry it anywhere you want.

Then you can store it in your garage or storage wherever you want.

For Gas-powered Weed Eater

Tip 1: Draining The Tank

For gas-powered weed eaters, your first job will be draining the oil tank. That oil you can preserve and use later.

Tip 2: Run The Engine Until It Runs Out Of Gas

After draining the tank, you have to run the engine until it runs out of gas. For safety reasons, it must.

Tip 3: Clean The Machine For Annual Maintenance

Again clean the weed eaters parts for annual maintenance as we tell you for electric weed eaters. Clean it also before storing it.

Tip 4: Dismantle And Clean The Spool

Dismantle the spool and clean it with care and after doing this your gas-powered weed eater is ready for storage.

Storage Alternatives

Shelf Bracket

  • Buy a shelf bracket to hang the weed eater on the wall of your garage or wherever you want.
  • Choose the location where you want to hang it and take the measurement of the area. Write down the numbers and decide the height you want your weed eater to hang.
  • Measure the weed eater from the handle. Because the bracket shelf will hold it from below the handle. Write down the number as well.
  • First, make a reference point and then take 2 more points where the bracket will hang. Check the height and mark the points again.
  • Finally secure the brackets with screwdrivers to the wall where we make points. If some additional installation is there then do it too.
  • Place the weed eater horizontally on the shelf bracket.

Creating A Slotted Shelf Rack

  • Buy plywood which is a large piece and cut it with a power saw as per you want to be your shelf rack length and wide.
  • Measure the base of the handle because on the rack the base will be hung upside down.
  • Cut the middle of the plywood in deep according to the measurement of the base.
  • Attach the plywood with brackets using the screwdrivers to the wall. Then hang the weed eater. For the concrete wall, you need some other hardware to fix the Shelf rack.

Necessary Cautions

Cool The Engine

Before starting the maintenance and storing, cool the engine. It is a must work for your and weed eater safety

Must Drain The Fuel And Burn The Gas

You must drain out the fuel from the weed eater and then turn it on to burn the gas fully. So that there will be no fuel and gas.

Leave It In A Cool And Dry Place

Leave the weed eater in a cool and dry place. This technique will help you to use the weed eater after a long time without any issue.


Before storing the weed eater, maintenance is a must otherwise it won’t start after the long gap of use.

Safety Goggles And Gloves

You must wear safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from that dirt and dust or anything which can harm you.

Wrap Up

For lawn care, the weed eater is a piece of must equipment. But we can’t use it in the winter season. So we need to know how to store a weed eater when we don’t need to use it.

We should maintain it and store it for long term use. Do store it by following our guidance and enjoy your wintertime with a beautiful lawn.