How to Stop Someone Driving Through Your Yard- Great Ideas Discussed Here

My uncle looking for some help on how to stop someone driving through your yard, recently he shifted California with his family in a new home. His new home sits on a corner lot, and following a curving front yard belongs to a road edge.

It is a common problem for him to face in his green yard that someone willingly or unwisely drives through the yard. This work certainly creates cracks, holes, and also damages the lawn grasses. Not only my uncle but are many people facing this problem also for a long time. If you are one of them, I am writing this article for you here.

Green yard plays vital functions in front of the home, both family and environment. Yard encourages the facilities to make family time outdoors. So to save yards, you need to know to stop someone driving through your area.

Generally, neighbor cars, delivery trucks, and tractor-trailers pretty travel beside the corner of the yard and then drive through the yard.

How To Stop Someone Driving Through Your Yard And Protect From Dangerous Cars

Yard protection is an essential concern for every owner. Every proprietor needs to know the tips and tricks to manage their yard.

Car become is a wonderful vehicle in our modern life which gives many advantages. But sometimes cars traveling too fast are destructive for yards and lawns. This makes a loss for life and also financial at the same time.

Problems are very evident where careless and destructive drivers make mischief.

The wright and dynamic actions of the vehicles can be controlled in some practical way.Now we are providing you some solutions to stop someone driving through your yard.

Step 1: Inform authority

You can take help from the administration, inform them of your problem in detail. If the road in front of the yard is state maintained, notify them. On the contrary, you inform the local community if the road is private.

Step 2: Use Good Size Rock

Good size, rock or boulders can be much helpful for your problem. You put them in a strategic place in the corner of your yard. This solution will discourage the neighbor and the drivers who disregard your yard security.

Step 3: Put Fence

Putting a fence is the easiest and solution for the problems. There are traditional wood or metal rail fences, chain link fences, aluminum fences, and vinyl fences for you.

Traditional fences will not be much durable and weather resistant. You can choose a vinyl fence alternative to a conventional fence that can be long-lasting for ten years.

Step 4: Make a hedge

A hedge is a boundary or fence form that is built with the help of bushes or shrubs. This hedge system also can be an excellent solution for you.

Hedge performs a good way to create border confronts of the driveway or street. You can plant low-growing hedge trees like knee-highs that will be enough for the drivers’ notice and will not block their eyesight.

Holly, Osmanthus, Yew, GlobosaNana, Berberes, and Choisya are the names of some low-growing hedges for you. You can try this for your yard safety, and moreover, the hedge will decorate your home.

 Step 5: Break the comfortable situation

There are corners at the end of every road, and maybe you have that situation. Drivers and neighbors feel something comfortable to pass the corner carelessly. That is why you are facing the circumstances.

It would be best if you broke the comfort level. What will support you to do it, of course, rock, fence, or hedge makes a hindrance for the careless neighbors and drivers?

Step 6: Concrete pyramid

A concrete pyramid also can support the problems. You can put them on the edge of the yard. These real pyramids are not only inexpensive but also fantastic.

Pyramid Concrete blocks are an excellent choice to use in your yard or lawn because these are compatible with the grass. They contain spikes at the bottom to hold them in a specific place. Those blocks may be a white color that will hinder the driver’s eyesight from being careful.

Step 7: Putting a Flag

The yard is always your property in front of your home, you can make obstructions to prevent someone from driving through your yard. If you are using concrete pyramids on the grass, put a hollow tube inside it and insert poles with flags on them.

Flags will make this pyramid system easier. Additionally, the forgetful and inattentive drivers show warming beyond a long distance.

Step 8: Hammer wooden spike

Hammer wooden spike can be a good use to stop someone from driving through your yard. They are not bad looking totally with your grasses, put them each other apart from 18 inches.

You can especially put some rock around the wooden spikes, and if you want to keep grasses, trim them a little. Those spikes should be a foot long and will stop the cars.

Is Driving Someone Yard Is Illegal

The answer is yes, and no is illegal driving through anyone’s yard, and that law is illicit in most cities. If your property is trespassing, sure it is illegal, and if this incident is happening, again and again, go to check your city building code and try to find if there is a city ordinance against it.

You can issue a file with the police informing your problems, or the enforcer can give a ticket regarding it. However, if this incident occurs for the first time, let it go and try to be a good neighbor.


Neighbors and car drivers are the closest people in our daily life; in some cases, they considered like family. But sometimes they get indifferent and careless and bring much damage.

Yard damage is a kind of accident. But each person should be conscious about the maintenance of the yard and lawn and should know how to stop someone driving through the yard. All the solutions and ideas work frequently, and subtly, hopefully, this article will help you in this regard.