How to Get Rid of Thatch in St Augustine Grass- Solve Now

Want to know how to get rid of thatch in St Augustine grass? It is quite difficult but not impossible. However, you have a lawn with St Augustine grass with thatch. There are many kinds of remedies to get rid of thatch in St. Augustin. You can use many kinds of machines and you can follow many strategies.

Before using a machine you should take care of your St Augustine grass because using a machine can damage your grass. But it is a matter of great regret that most of people do not pay heed to their grass before damaging it severely.

No problem, If there is a big thatch grown-up, there are many paths to get rid of it. Now, we discuss all essential things about how to get rid of thatch in St Augustine grass.

How to Get Rid of Thatch in St Augustine Grass- Definition

The layer of dead plants that stay on top of the soil is called thatch. It looks like a light brown layer. A little amount of thatch is okay but a lot of thatch is not good for St Augustine grass. The main cause of thatch is dead grass but other plant materials, pine needles, and so on contribute to making the layer of thatch.

A thin layer of thatch is good for your St Augustine grass. This thatch layer can be ½” thick. To keep moisture a little layer of dead plant material helps to regain nutrients of the soil. On the other hand, If the layer of grass becomes thick, It decomposes, looking dark and breaks down organic material.

So You need to take care of your St Augustine grass regularly.

Why Need to Get Gid of Thatch

To maintain a healthy and well growing and soft St Augustine grass, you need to get rid of the thatch. Excessive thatch is very irritating for St Augustine grass. Thatch damages grass and decomposes. So you must remove thatch from St Augustine grass. And You must know how to get rid of thatch from St Augustine grass.

More About

Use the following tips to maintain thatch layer at a manageable height which will make your St Augustine grass green and lively. So Let’s know all of the tips for getting rid of thatch in St Augustine grass.

  1. Making aeration
  2. Care before and after aeration
  3. Using thatch removing machine
  4. Change the old style

Regular Irrigation

To get healthy and green St Augustine grass you have to use a deep and regular irrigation schedule. You have to water on grass once per week for 45 minutes to 1 hour. It will help to get thatch moist and make soil saturate enough.

Making Aeration

To improve root growth and water drainage, you need lawn aeration in St Augustine grass. Aeration is the system of loosening compaction of soil under grass. By this process, oxygen can reach the root structure of grass. This kind of air changing is good for the health of the grass.

As a result, grass can grow well and thatch cannot build soon. The perfect timing of aeration is the session of spring.

Care Before and After Aeration

You must care for your St Augustine grass before and after aeration. The Day before aeration you have to make sure that your grass can take enough water. Before aerating you have to mow your grass.

When you are mowing you have to know that grass cutting will be half of your normal grass size. Then water on the grass. After aeration grass will cover in small plunges of dirt.

Using Thatch Removing Tools

When You see a lot of thatch in your St Augustine grass you want to get rid of it, right? There is another way to remove thatch that is thatch removing machine like a mulching blade, hand rake, a dethatcher, power rake, etc. You have to mow twice per week.

And you must know that never cut more than ⅓” of the growth of grass. Thatch of St Augustine grass breaks down easily that’s why you should maintain the grass by using machine

The hand rake is used for getting rid of thatch: This hand rake is the best way to prevent thatch.

A dethatcher:This is the best machine for St Augustine grass.

Power Rake: This is a very powerful and aggressive machine. When thatch grows very big this time power rake is used. but it can damage your St Augustine grass.

Some names of thatch removing machine:

  • Brinly DT- 40bh tow behind dethatcher – Best Two behind
  • Greenworks 14 inches 10 Amps corded thatch remover
  • Agri Fab 45-0295 48 inches two behind lawn dethatcher
  • Von Haus 15 inch 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher and aerator
  • Mantis 7321 power tiller aerator or dethatcher combo

You can use these tools for getting rid of thatch in St Augustine grass.

Change Old Style

To get rid of thatch in St Augustine grass, you can change old grass cutting style and can give a new look of grass. It will be helpful for your grass. A fixed style may increase thatch in St Augustine grass.

Tasks After get rid of thatch

  1. Use fertilizer for grass nutrients
  2. Irrigate after getting rid of thatch so that new grass can grow and fills in
  3. Manage weeds
  4. Continue to mow after getting rid of thatch
  5. Apply a soil improvement plan


If you take care properly, you will get a fine St Augustine grass easily without thatch. Remember, Prevention is better than cure. It is natural to build up thatch but you should follow the maintenance thatch of grass. A little thatch makes the grass puffy but a big thatch destroys your St Augustine grass.

You need to care before building too much thatch. So It is your turn to use these all tips about how to get rid of thatch in St Augustine grass and get a great kind of St Augustine grass without thatch.