How to Remove Landscape Rocks | 7 Quick & Easy Removal Ways

Are you facing complications on how to remove landscape rocks from your yard? Don’t worry; We are here to ease your problems. This article will go to show some practical solutions for your landscape rock removal help.

Landscape rocks are an excellent product to decorate someone’s yard, garden, pathway, or focal point. But not for everybody, maybe you buy a new home where you find rocks around the whole area. Your previous homeowner loved them so much, but you hate rocks.

In this way, these rocks make a worse situation for gardening and planting. Now you have to remove all of these. However, Different rocks have different looks according to their shape and size. Of course, you can’t fling the stones anywhere. But need to find some systematic ways to remove the rocks.

Some Effective Steps On How To Remove Landscape Rocks Step By Step

Landscape rocks removing process may create anxiety for your garden and yard. Not only this, but they can also hurt pets and kids comfortably. So for removing those, there are some types of process to remove these rocks, and you should apply the method which is most suitable for your rocks.

Let’s see step by step.

 Step 1: Necessary Types of Equipment

Landscape rocks removal will require some important equipment. You have to collect them before starting the process. Those are in below with their uses

  • Rock screening bucket – For filtering stones from soil.
  • Box blade – For collecting small and tiny rocks.
  • Rototiller – For finding rocks from inside the soil.
  • Trowel- For outing rocks and soil
  • Digging Bar – For removing medium size rocks
  • Wheelbarrow – For moving rocks and stones.
  • Shovel – For moving rocks
  • Landscape rake -For removing rocks and other kinds of stuff from the soil.

Step 2: Use Your Hand

This will be the easiest and helpful way if you can try to remove rocks by your two hands. This is possible to move some of the medium and small stones from your garden and backyard pathway.

But this method is so tiresome and unsavory. Besides, you can take help from your family or hire someone. Large rocks and fake rocks contain too much weight that can bring back pain or other physical problems. So avoid it to remove large landscape rocks by hand.

Step 3: Use Hand Tools

Handy tools make the moving process more comfortable. This kind of helpful tool may be available in your home, such as a shovel, digger bar, and also landscape rake. You can dig and move medium and small rocks with the tools, but most of the minor rocks will miss through it.

Step 4: Check Your Yard And Rock Condition

When you decide your mind to remove landscape rocks, look at your yard and rock condition, notably different rock sizes. Different rocks will demand different eliminating process.

Screening gravel could be one centimeter; pea gravel could be two centimeters; on the contrary, some gravel or rocks could be much weighty that can’t be picked down quickly.

There is an excellent opportunity that your previous landscape rock lover may use landscape fabric or a geotextile cloth to prevent the growth of weed under the rocks. Use your shovel or wheelbarrow to scoop the rocks and gravel, then put them on the wheelbarrow. Besides, lift the landscape fabric after removing rocks.

Step 5: How to Collect Too Small And Large Rocks

Medium-sized rocks can move quickly with hand or handy pieces of equipment, but too tiny and large rocks make a complexity.

Take a rototiller to collect too small rocks from soil; this will help you do it quite easily, try scooping in the ground with force, and see the rocks coming into the surface. Now collect the rocks and use a bow rack to filter out the rocks and move soil. When you gather all the rocks, with a shovel, collect them in a wheelbarrow, finally use a hand screen to filter rocks from soil.

Use a spade or shovel to dig around the rocks large boulder to make it a little loosened. After that, take a digging bar at the edge of the rocks and with capable force lift it and use wood or branch to push the rocks into the nearby area.

Step 6: Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is an active process to carry heavy weight around your garden and yard and ensure safety for your area. Use a wheelbarrow to load your large and weighty rocks; this work may require someone’s help because of rocks heavyweight.

After collecting all the stones on a wheelbarrow, push and lift it, take particular looks while you will carry the wheelbarrow around the flowers and plants.

Ensure maximum inflation of wheelbarrow tire; you can also do practice for some while around the area of the yard to feel secure to take the balance of wheelbarrow.

Step 7: Hire a Dumpster

A dumpster will make easier your works and solely save your time, so hire a dumpster. A dumpster can carry 10 tons of materials, and if you can haul all of the rocks to the dump with your own hands, this will make much easier your removal actions. To hire a dumpster, call the driver and take a schedule from him.

Step 8: Call a Junk Removal Company

Some junk removal companies work for rock removal; they mainly help dispose of massive stones and debris. But they also demand money significantly. The company provides employers with a junk truck that will determine the price. Disposal costs typically determine according to rocks’ weight.


Removing landscape rocks from the yard and garden is difficult to work. But it is comfortable with a small number of types of equipment. This article tells you these possible ways on how to remove landscape rocks, hope you find it helpful.

The easiest solution can be to offer your rocks to the neighbor and offer a wheelbarrow to carry the rocks to his home. Or pile the rocks for them to install in the driveway. But if they refused, try to follow those processes to remove landscape rocks.