How to Open Christy’s Red Hot Blue Gel- Trick Exposed

If you are struggling to open this can of PVC cement Red Hot Blue Gel, then by how to open Christy’s red hot blue gel in this article, you can find out the ideal solution about this.

Red hot blue gel is a very offensive, blue, medium-bodied, quickly setting PVC solvent cement. This 8 “PVC pipe through the class schedule and is designed to use, schedule 80 to 4”. Red Hot quick pressure and demands of both ideal conditions.

So, check the following things to get familiar with everything.

Description To Know How to Open Christy’s Red Hot Blue Gel

The red hot blue gel is chemically the “hottest” solvent cement product available on the market. It is a 150 mm-sized PVC pipe and is designed for use in all programs and classes of settings.

The red hot is allowed for pressure and non-pressure, packaged and non-selectable, water, turf, drain, foam core, flexible PVC piping. For high strength, large diameter, or essential applications, red hot is not required.

Red Hot is considered the fastest place for solvent cement. It works fast to ensure a quality joint. You have to follow the instructions together with the pipe and manufacturer’s instructions with our command to assure the active joint.

How to Open Christy’s Red Hot Blue Gel

If you are tried everything, from excessive force crazy tools, all you need can open to red hot blue gel, then read the following part.

PVC cement that you can’t open no matter how much force you put into it or which pliers you, and it just messes up the threads. Well, this is the best tool for it gets some wiring strippers.

With soft grips and this will confirm to the circumstances of the top following for you to open easily. Squeeze and turn, and there’s your glue. Once with a simple motion, this may be tougher depending on the size of the can it confirms to almost all formats, and it’s relatively easy to use.

For open red hot blue gel, you can also use a flathead screwdriver stick that the screwdriver underneath the lip of the can twist it. Pair of pliers or vise grips or something like that because you could not do it without bringing in hard tools.

More about Christy’s Red Hot Blue Gel

Christy’s red hot blue gel is the easy way to fuse PVC pipe and fittings. When you are making repairs, the pipes are never dry, whether you have just run the sprinklers or you cut into a line.

After that, you will be dealing with water, and then you want to choose PVC cement that works in wet conditions. But, Christy’s red hot blue gel is the fastest setting blue glue on the market today. It will bond even entirely underwater work in wet.

Common mistakes include working with red hot blue gel using too much or too little on the wrong day. If you try to work on errors, you will not see success with red blur gel. Excessive use of gel leads to the weakening of the PVC joint and loss of its waterproofing integrity.

On the contrary, when you use a minimal amount of red hot blue gel, the pieces may not wholly stick together, causing leaks or other problems on the road. Christy’s red hot blue gel comes with absolute thickness and fasts that suitable for you.


For safety and health prevention, please provide information about this product from our product safety data sheet. Always use it in a new environment. Never test with elegant gas or air.

For solvent cementing in the very winter, please provide our current weather guidelines. Always wear and spread protective gloves since these cannot be easily removed.

Always seal the cap tightly to prevent the solvent from thickening, straining, or gel. If the solution becomes thick, stringy, or gel, disposed of properly, it cannot be “reactivated” or diluted.


The original red hot blue glue is tightened PVC pipes and fittings for quick pressing and maximum productivity. The bottom of the can feature a three-year warranty from the date stamped.

Use of Christy’s Red Hot Blue Gel

Wipe the pipe squares, dividers, and clean. A trial dry-fit – the pipe should fit 1/3 – 2/3 of the diameter of the pipe duster, brush, roller well, or use the latest 1/2 “size applicator of sufficient size to wipe.

After that, apply Christie primer if necessary by local code. Uniform plumbing code Purple primer is required. If local code allows for pressure systems up to 6% and pressure systems below 4, it can use without primer.

The limit of the amount of cement to a complete, even inside the ting fitting on the outside of the pipe and the middle layer of glue. Coat pipe a second time. Assemble the joints quickly while the sealant on both sides is still liquid.

Pipes and fittings must be re-coated when dry. Rotate and rotate the tube in the flips until the pipe buttons come into the socket. Stay together for the combined set (about 30 seconds).

Raise the cement and keep the joint safe for at least 10 minutes. Full collective strength should maintain within 24 hours in temperature and winter. See the installation guide for product sets and create the right timing and additional information.

Do not experiment with store skies between 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) and 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius).

Final Thoughts

For dependability, Christy’s red hot blue gel is hard to beat. If you have broken pipes and you need to repair them, then the red hot blue gel is the best model you should highly consider.

As you now figure out how to open Christy’s red hot blue gel by this article. And before purchasing, you should read the manual properly with familiar with everything.