How to Kill Banana Trees? 3 Ways But No Damage to Others

A banana tree produces fruits only once in its lifeline. And after that, it no longer remains useful. Again, the banana tree outgrows so fast that you will be wondering at its fast land occupying scene.

So. When you plan to have a banana tree in your home yard, you should have a good idea of how to kill banana trees to tackle their fast growth.

However, if your beautiful lawn is getting covered already due to the banana plants and you are at a loss what to do, then don’t panic. We are here with a complete solution backed by tons of research and practical tips.

By the end of this context, we assure you will get the proper and precise guide to get rid of the banana case, either it’s the banana roots or the entire plant.

How To Kill Banana Trees With No Damage

Kill Banana Trees

The task of removing banana trees is not that much tough if the trees have not flapped up their complete branches. Now, take a look at the 5 methods to remove banana trees and get rid of your banana trees issue.

1. How to Get Rid of Banana Trees by Felling?

Felling is the most common method used to cut any plants, especially logs. However, if your banana trees are adult and no diseases, fell the tree entirely to stop its growth.

Those who do not know about feeling, then let’s clear this out by sharing the steps for the feeling process.

  • Get a properly grip-able axe.
  • Start cutting from one bottom edge of the banana tree.
  • Cut and make a notch around the one-fifth size of the total shrunk diameter.
  • After the banana tree felling, cut the tree shrunk perfectly to avoid further banana generations.

So, you can remove a large and mature banana tree by felling. If you need can get this popular demanding axe from Fiskars. It is an ideal axe featuring benefits.

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  • Handle flare on edge prevents slip off
  • Ideal for splitting & chopping

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Pro Tips:

Make sure you stand at a proper distance, and there is enough space for the tree felling.

2. How to Remove Banana Trees by Digging up?

Digging up the entire banana root can help you out to remove the banana plants. This method is effective only when the banana plant is not giant big in size. And remember, for digging up soil, you need a good shovel like the Radius Garden Shovel.

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  • V-shaped cutting edge
  • Durable powder-coated steel
  • No tension for hand & wrist pain

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Now, how to dig up banana trees permanently? Go through the steps here-

  • Make a circle about 1 foot around the banana roots.
  • Enter the sharp edge of the shovel at a 45° angle into that area.
  • Dig out the soils of that rounded area using a shovel. Dig deep up to the banana rhizome.
  • After you complete digging up all the soil, now pull the banana roots away. You see the roots come off easily.

Pro Tips:

  • While digging out, be careful. You have to put much effort here.
  • There should not remain any piece of rhizome of the banana root. Even a tiny piece can lead to a new plant again.

3. How to Clean up a Banana Tree Using Herbicides?

If you think you can’t put that much effort into digging up the banana roots and looking for the easiest method with less hardship, use herbicides. Yes, using some herbicides like Roundup Weed & Grass Killer is the best thing to kill banana trees without putting much hardship.

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  • Guaranteed grass & root cleaning
  • Becomes waterproof within 30 minutes
  • Visible results within 12 hours

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But how to use the herbicide for banana plants? You can either inject the herbicides inside the bananastemor spray all over the root. There are some other brands also such as Brush B Gon, Killzall, and Brush Killer, etc. They offer some quality weed killer herbicides that you may want to look around.

After spraying, wait for a couple of days. Research says that using herbicides like the full strength roundup takes around one or two weeks to show the results.

However, the roundup suggested here shows a result within 12 hours that is amazing. This roundup is so good that if anyhow you accidentally spray on the wrong plants, immediately washing off can help get the relief.

If you were searching for the fast and most handy way to destroy banana trees, then using herbicides killer is effective and just perfect for you.

But the sad part of using herbicides is there can be regrowth again after some days. IN that case, you have to put the herbicides again and make these efforts again. And you need to continue doing this until you get a permanent result.

Pro Tips:

  • While using herbicides, keep your pets and children away from the spot.
  • Sometimes these roundups do not kill the roots, so keep an eye after applying herbicides and check if the banana trees grow again.

How to Destroy Banana Trees Permanently with Plastic Wrap?

Another handy and homely way to delete banana trees is wrapping with black plastic. Yes, cut the banana trees and wrap the roots with black plastic. Then, leave them like this to die. After a couple of weeks, the tree or the roots will turn yellowish to brown color.

Don’t take out the wrap now. Rather, wait for some more days like this because uncovering the roots can make them keep in touch with the sun and get revitalized again.

Though this method is very cheap and handy, kind of time-consuming with uncertainty. So, better to use any of the methods mentioned above.

How to Destroy Banana Tree by Hiring Landscaping Companies?

How to Destroy Banana Tree by Hiring Landscaping Companies

The last but not the least method to kill a banana tree is to contact the nearest local maintenance company to dispose of the banana trees. However, this can charge you more.

But when you don’t have time for your landscaping, you can rely on the lawn maintenance companies that are providing superior care and service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will diesel fuel kill banana plants?

Yes, you can use kerosene as an alternative herbicide for banana plants.

Do banana trees die after producing bananas?

Yes, banana trees die after producing bananas. But the story does not end here. When a parent banana tree dies, the baby banana plant, known as a sucker, revives and starts growing.

What is the best thing to kill banana trees?

Dig up the banana trees is the best and easy way. Besides, different herbicides and pesticides are also effective, but you need to make sure of the precautions during usage.

Bottom Line

We have come to the bidding time. After going through the entire guide, we hope now you know well how to kill banana trees and get rid of the fast-growing banana plants.

Though all of the method shown here is effective and beneficial, it’s the dig-out process if you need the best one.

Yes, digging out the banana trees helps most than the others. So, try the best one suited to your lawn and make your favorite lawn free from the grasp of banana trunks.