How to Run Pipe Under Pavers- Proper Irrigation Ways

Do you need to know how to run pipe under pavers? Many people like you need to run the pipe under pavers to set drain or conduit. But if you have a yard that contains a beautiful lawn with green grasses and yet you need to set drain or conduit pipe under it, you must make a hole or tunnel under it. It is for keeping the surface intact while setting the pipeline under it. Some people may need to make a hole or tunnel under a concrete sideway or driveway.

In that case, you need to find a way to dig a tunnel under pavers. It is because pipe must go through the tunnel under pavers keeping the hard or soft surface safe. Here, in this article, you will get to know how to run pipe under pavers step by step.

How to Run Pipe Under Pavers – Process

To make a hole under paver, the most effective process is to bore under the surface and make a hole. In this process, the hole is made by the power of water. To set it, you have to set a jet nozzle at one end of the PVC pipe. Then you have to set a garden hose at the other end including all other elements. Then you have to use the force of water to make the hole. The hole size will be as the PVC pipe and it will excavate the area as you want. Because you can choose how much space you will excavate by adjusting the pipe’s length.

You can re-use all the elements. For that, you have to add a coupler to the pipe. So, it is a cost-effective process too.

The necessary elements you need to bore under the surface are:

  1. Two PVC male hose end adapter fitting,
  2. One brass sweeper nozzle,
  3. One three-fourth inch female hose to three-fourth inch female pipe swivel,
  4. One three-fourth inch male hose to three-fourth inch female pipe,
  5. A PVC pipe cutter,
  6. Garden hose and
  7. PVC glue.

Necessary Steps on How to Run Pipe under Pavers:

You have to do it in three steps-

  • Step-1: Setting all the elements to start boring
  • Step-2: Set up the pipe under the pavers and then
  • Step-3: Run the pipe.

Step-1: Setting all the Elements to Start the Boring:

  1. At first, you have to dig the trenches at the side of the paver. The depth should be about 6 to 2 inches, at least.
  2. Then you have to cut the 40 PVC pipe into pieces by using the cutter the length of the pieces of pipe must be 2 to 4 feet longer than the width of the paver.
  3. Now you have to attach the male adapters at the other ends of the pipe. Then attach the female hose to female pipe swivel with one adapter and the male hose to the female pipe to the other adapter at the opposite end of the pipe.
  4. Then you have to connect the female pipe adapter to the garden hose and connect the female pipe adapter or the male hose to the sweeper nozzle.

Now it is ready to start the work.

Step-2: Set up the Pipe under the Pavers

  1. At first, you have to set the pipe to the trench and hold it tight as it may require flexing for the first time. Try to keep the pipe straight to the bottom and jab the tool to the soil.
  2. Now turn on the water flow. You will see to appear the dirt to the nozzle end. You just have to keep the nozzle in its place for 15 to 30 seconds. Thus the water will loosen the soil.
  3. Now, pull back the pipe up to a foot from the 6 inches. Then thrust it to the soil repeatedly. You have to repeat it until the boring is complete.

Step-3: How to Run Pipe under Pavers

  1. When the pipe has gone to the other side, you have to stop the water flow. Then you have to cut the hose fittings from both sides. Now it is ready to run the pipe under paver.
  2. Now, you can set your pipe to use it as irrigation or drain pipe. To do it, you can attach the necessary fittings into the pipe and use it as what you want.

There is another process too to use the trench for multi-purpose. In this process, you just have to make a big hole, and so, you to use a large pipe to bore the channel. After drilling the big pipe, you can set the real pipeline into this big one. Then you can use it as the irrigation pipe or for the other uses and also you will be able to use the larger one for setting the lighting wire. Thus, you can use it for two or more purposes.

But if you have a rocky and hard surface that cannot be bored in hand, you may need a machine or a contractor to do this.


You maybe have a green surface or yard, and you do not want to harm it anyway. But you need a pipe under it to water narrow strip of lawn. In that case, it is essential to know the process of running a pipe under pavers. In this article, we have described it in detail mentioning necessary elements.

Now, you know how to run pipe under pavers. You can run your pipe and use it as you want to keep the surface intact. Yes, the speed of your work depends on the soil conditions and your experience level. But you can do it on your own if the soil is not too much hard. You can make a multi-purpose tunnel also. So, work softly and carefully and run your pipe under pavers on your own try.