How To Level A Yard For Sod- With 11 Easy Steps

Do you want to know how to level a yard for sod? And looking for a solution then we are going to help you to do it.

Uneven yards are not only unattractive but also harmful as well. It can cause falls or trips and can even sprained ankles. So before sod, we need to level the yard to be careful and for its attractions.

The yard becomes bumpy due to many reasons and we can even say that it can happen for not caring about the lawn frequently. Leveling a yard is an ongoing process.

So for better results, you guys have to solve the underlying problem first. Then you can follow our guide to learn the process.

How To Level A Yard For Sod- In Details

To make your uneven yard a level one for sod, we are here to lead the way to make you know. You just need to follow some easy steps to get to learn about how to level a yard for sod. Then start the process of making it possible.

Types Of Equipment

All the equipment we need to follow the steps easily is here.

  • Topsoil, Sand, and Compost (for topdressing)
  • Lawnmower
  • Measuring tape
  • pH test kit (for soil test)
  • Lime (if required)
  • Thatch rake or dethatching machine
  • Shovel

Step 1: Collect The Tools

First, let’s collect all the tools for the assurance that you have all the things to do the work without any issue.

Step 2: Prepare The Topdressing

Just prepare the topdressing by the mixture of sand, topsoil, and compost. The mixture ratio must be 2:2:1. It will help the lawn to strengthen the roots of the sod.

Step 3: Clean The Yard

To start the work, clean the whole yard. There should be no dirt, stones, or anything else to hurt someone.

Step 4: Mow The Lawn

You can use the lawnmower to decrease the amount of grass but not so much that it shows the grass scalp. It can be the reason for drying up the area.

Step 5: Measure The Area

Before doing any further steps you can measure the yard area where you want to sod. It will give you the idea of ordering or buying accurate sods.

Step 6: Test The Soil

Make sure that you tested the soil with a pH test kit and follow it’s directions and get the result. Its result must be between 6 and 7 and if it’s low you can use lime to increase the pH.

Step 7: Dethatch As Needed

Then remove the portion of thatch on the lawn with thatch rake systematically. But if your lawn is larger at that time a dethatching machine is required to do that.

Step 8: Fill The Holes With Topdressing Mixture And Also In Even Areas

After dethatching, take the mixture of sand, topsoil, and fertilizer and fill the holes with it. Sprinkle it with the shovel on the even areas also to level the yard areas completely.

Step 9: Run The Water Sprinkler And Stabilize The Surface

To stabilize the surface of the lawn run the water sprinkler. And give the soil some time to stabilize properly. After stabilizing check if there are air pockets or not. If it’s there then fill it with the mixture.

Step 10: Monitor The Progress And If Needed Reapply The Mixture

You will get to see the results in some days so be alert. Sometimes one application is not enough to even the lawn. If it does not get even appropriately again you need to follow steps 8 and step 9 for reapplying the mixture.

Step 11: Place The Sods

At last, if the lawn seems satisfying then you can install the sod on the soil firmly and water them daily. For mowing, you have to wait more than a week and then enjoy its beauty too.

Importance On How To Level A Yard For Sod

The importance of a level yard for sod is unbelievable. Let’s know them.

Easy To Maintain A Lawn

If your yard is leveled then it will be easy to maintain a lawn for years.

Better Cut With Mower

Mowing in the bumpy surface is so uncomfortable so by the level yard it will give you a better cut mowing experience.

Usable Surface For Walking

When you walk you definitely don’t want to be hurt by any bumpy surface or holes. So leveling will prevent these problems.

Enjoyable And Safer

The leveled yard is much more enjoyable and safer for kids and adults also.


Drainage will not increase your lawn disease if your yard is leveled.

Spring is the best time to level a yard because it’s a season of moisture. However, do not level a yard in winter when the grasses are inactive.

Cautions for How To Level A Yard For Sod

For enjoying the leveling lawn you need to follow the above steps but you have to be cautious enough to be safe. Let’s know about the warnings too.

  • Keep maintaining the distance between the mower and yourself.
  • Must have all the equipment.
  • Do not hurt when cleaning the yard.
  • Take the right measurement of the yard to be sure about the sod quantity.
  • The Topdressing mixture needs to be precise.
  • Use the tools carefully to get rid of any kind of accident.
  • You can borrow a dethatching machine in some nearby stores.
  • Do not walk on a wet lawn.
  • Don’t overwater.

Wrap Up

For a delightful lawn, we can do some hard work, right? As we tell you it’s a nonstop process for the lawn so we can’t be dependent on some people to make your desire actual.

Let’s know how to level a yard for sod and make your desire true.  Just interpret the instructions for a sufficient outcome.

Seasons also have an incredible impact on leveling a yard. So be ready to work in the spring and enjoy the winter.