How to Rotate Trailer Tires Like a Pro? Follow These Simple Steps

Have you ever noticed the tires of your car trailer? It doesn’t matter if the tires are new or old. Have you ever felt that tires are driving in the wrong direction? It is a common problem with trailer tires. But there is no reason to worry; I am here to tell you how to rotate trailer tires. And your problem can be solved quickly.

Regardless of whether you use single, double, or triple-type trailers, they will stay good with the tires’ regular rotation. Rolling tires are used more commonly in double or triple axle trailers.

However, it can also be useful for single excel trailers. Like tires on your car, trailer tires can wear out, develop unusually or not standard wear patterns, and shorten your tires’ life.

Find The Problems Of How To Rotate Trailer Tires

If your car’s tires do the following abnormalities, you will know that your tires have a problem. Problems can vary. , e.g.

  1. When your trailer tires show a large amount of wear and the center tread of the tire, this can commonly portray that your tires are overinflated, and the pressure should get adjusted to the particular load capacity.
  2. >When the opposite occurs, where the center of the tread is fine, the edges of the tread (not the sidewall) are wearing, it can depict that your tires are underinflated.
  3. “>When your tires have to wear along one side of the tread, your trailer is overloaded.
  4. When you have been cupping appearing, otherwise described as spots or splotching along with the tread of your tires, this could illustrate that your tires are not correctly balanced and need to be balanced or adjusted.
  5. When you encounter flat spots along with your tires, this means your tires are most likely locking up and possibly skidding, which can be caused by stopping suddenly or turning sharply.

Management Of Your Tires

It’s recommended for you to balance your trailer tires regularly.

Many people will rotate their regular using trailer tires around the same time the vehicle towing them gets their tires rotated. Doing this type of maintenance will also help to see if there are any other mechanical problems with your trailer, such as your bearings, hubs, brakes, or axles.

There are another few different ways that you can know how to rotate trailer tires. These are-


You can turn the tires moving them from the front to the back, from side to side, switching across the axle or in an X formation, making a criss-cross pattern.


Whether your trailer is a bi-axle or tri-axle trailer, it recommended that you rotate your tires in an X pattern. There is no right or wrong in using the criss-cross pattern.


It is recommended for you that tires that are worn irregularly or improperly be rotated to a position that they are revolving in the opposite direction of the origin at the position.

If you are using the X pattern, you are putting a different edge of the tire to the outside, which will help even out the wear of the tire, which will help prevent safe trailer traveling by helping avoid wobbles, vibrations, blowouts, and other mechanical failures.


You have to note that you should check the pattern that your tire wears out frequently and when you notice a recognized pattern, rotating your tires is beneficial to stop the problem of uneven wear and future issues. Rotating your tires can be quickly done; very few tools needed.


If you want to know how to rotate trailer tires, first use jack stands that like trailers have a load rating, are adequately rated to hold the weight of your trailer. Prop up your trailer up each axle, make sure that the stands are square.


It is suggested or both mounting and un-mounting that you use a torque wrench for the lug nuts or lug bolts. Once you have the tire and wheel assemblies unmounted from the trailer, you can rotate them accordingly.


When you are mounting your tires and wheels back onto your trailer, you have to make sure that the jack stands again are on level ground and then use a torque wrench, torque your lug nuts or lug bolts to the proper torque specifications.

How Often Do You Rotate The Tires?

No rotation schedule is so rigid that it’s worth purposely scheduling, it is recommended to do it when the wheels are up anyway, and the truck is in for other services.

Here are five takes on how to rotate trailer tires.

  1. At least once during the life of the tread;
  2. At the halfway point of wear-out;
  3. Only when irregular wear appears;
  4. One-fourth of the total expected mileage, and again at half to the three-quarters total distance.
  5. At every oil change or every other.

Do The Following Safety

If you want to know how to rotate trailer tires on your own you need to follow some safety first. These are-

  1. Don’t cut corners. Get jack stands with ratings more than adequate for every axle, place them on a hard level surface, make sure they are squarely under each axle before lowering. If doing just the front, or rear axles, check the wheels still on the ground.
  2. Expert says that proper mounting and proper torque of wheel fasteners. You have to make sure the fasteners and mounting surfaces are clean and threads in good condition, torque fasteners across from one another, 180 degrees apart, going back and forth across the wheel in several stages.
  3. Not to use an air wrench unless precisely calibrated to the proper torque, or unless using a torque stick designed to stop torquing at the right level.
  4. Finally, go torquing to the manufacturer’s specifications with a manual torque wrench. Then, after 100 to 500 miles (ca. 805 km), re-torque in the same way to guarantee a secure mount.
  5. From front to back rotation allows drive tires to be replaced as full sets.
  6. The X–rotation reduces the effects of irregular wear patterns, such as heel and toe wear. Side-to-side rotation is the best for steer tires.

So, you have gathered a lot of knowledge about how to rotate trailer tires. Now I am very sure that you will be able to drive your trailer tires very safely and competently. Put your car on your list of favorite things. Take care of it like your own child. Your awareness will keep your car’s tires and other parts in good condition and long-lasting.