How to Replace a Spindle on a Gravely Mower | Easy Tutorial with Tips

If you are looking for how to replace a spindle on a gravely mower then this article comes with all about spindle solutions.

Do you have any problem with your spindle? Also, if you feel that your spindle provides uneven in the grass after you mowed.

Getting a smooth and even cut on your grass is never possible without a sufficient mower spindle. Some signs could be showing you that your mower spindle has issues. If you find out your spindle has broken or loose issues, then it’s high time to replace the spindle with a new one.

Spindle Fundamentals to Know How to Replace a Spindle on a Gravely Mower

For mower’s cutting deck, lawnmower spindles are essential parts. With this mower spindle, it rotates the blades for cutting the grass smooth or even.

Don’t stop here; a lawnmower may have various spindles. It depends on the size and manufacture. When you feel that there has a problem with your spindle, you can change some equipment to fix it.

But if the spindle may bend or break then, you have to replace that.

Before Replacing Υou Νeed to Take Safety Alert

Without safety, you cannot replace or install any product because of some electrical equipment. We all need safety alerts. Before starting to park the mower on a surface level, you need to set the parking brake and expel the key from the ignition.

After that, remove the spark plug wire also. Remember to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands and fingers from the sharp edges on the mower and blades.

Symptoms of a Faulty Mower deck spindle

When you use your mower deck spindle, you can face the following or common issues

After cutting, it provides uneven grass

 When you mow your lawn, you may notice that the grass is uneven, then you might understand that the spindle is not working well. With the deck spindle and pulley together, the spindle gives you a smooth cut.

Getting squealing noises

While riding your mower, you might hear squealing noises. The spindle might break, or their bearings might wear down. So, by these signs, you have to understand that your spindle has some issues.

Signs of broken parts

If your spindle has broken parts, it did not provide a suitable cut. Sometimes the sides can stop turn incompletely if there is a broken part.

Spindle faulty to heat up

If your spindle stays steady after a touch and getting heat after 40minutes, then you knew that your spindle is facing some problem and you have to replace it later.

Loud buzzing sound and shivering

While using your mower, you may notice that it gets buzzing sounds, and sometimes it gets vibrated. Don’t ignore that part because it causes a big problem if you don’t recover it or replace it. 

Things you will need

  1. Socket
  2. Rag
  3. Belt
  4. Rubber mallet
  5. Torque bit

Setting to Replace a Spindle on a Gravely Mower

Here, we provide some process to replace the spindle on a gravely mower. Let’s check the below part.

Separate the spindle from its glass deck

  • Before starting, turn off the brake. Then you should take away the key from the ignition part and let the mower cool down.
  • After that, by putting anything in front of tires barrier the tires from rolling. Drag the spindle cover from the top of the deck, by helping torque bit separate the cover.
  • Detach the bolt on the spindle and remove the pulley. Cover the blades under the mower deck by a rag. After that, remove the lift from the spindle. Remember to keep on the fasteners in a bowl, so you don’t lose them.
  • Then remove the spindle from the blade. You may need to remove the spindle to use the available tool. Remember to mark the direction the spindle faces so that you can have an easy time during the reinstallation process.

Remove the bearings from the spindle

  • Before removing the bearings, you must follow the above process. Then you can detach the spindle from the session. Shift each of the bearings and find a matching replacement.
  • After that, set the new bearings in one place. Place the top of the spindle housing on top and press it using a rubber mallet.
  • Reconnecting with spindle by using a socket. To rest next to the upper bearing interior colors, press the shaft of the spindle. Then lower your mower down to the ground with the jack, and you will be ready. 

Repair Or Install New Spindles

When the removing spindle process solve, you may found that it is broken or bent then you will need to repair the damaged parts

  • It would help if you connected the new spindle on the blade then tighten the nut that links them gather. After that, you return the spindle into the mower deck.
  • During this time, you need to set the bolt, cover, and pulley in the backside to help the spindle. Then again tighten the nut so that the pulley fixed in its place.
  • Then put the belt into the original location by sliding it over the pulley. Nextly, you can replace the cover of the spindle and fasten it.


Maintenance-free for commercial use Spindle lasted almost 2-3 years.

Final Thoughts

Lawnmower spindles are a necessary part of mower cutting decks. If any part of the spindle assembly is bent or broken, it may cause the blade to rotate unevenly, or prevent them from turning.

So, it would help if you replaced the spindle to gain sound equipment and smooth cutting. You can read the above method and repair it quickly to know how to replace a spindle on a gravely mower. By this article, hopefully, you will know all about the spindle replacement.