How to Clean Clogged Muffler- 3 Ways to Better Engine Exhaust

A congested engine muffler needs immediate attention if you love to drive. Otherwise, it may affect the whole engine to spoil someone’s driving experience. Taking a quick step to unclog is necessary as soon as possible. So every car owner should know how to clean a clogged muffler.

However, inside the lawn mower engines there is also muffler for better exhaust and smooth engine performance. So, you must clean this muffler regularly.

Want to know how can you clean a clogged muffler? Here we will discuss relevant processes to help readers out. But before that, one should learn all signs and consequences of a clogged one.

How to Clean Clogged Muffler- Effective Actions

Car mufflers need perfect maintenance to protect them from blocking. So it is must for drivers to be aware of cleaning a clogged muffler. There are several ways of cleansing which we have brought to you by our article. We hope audiences will find it instrumental.

Method 1: Cleaning the Whole Pipe

Keep following all instructions below to finish tasks properly.

  • There will be coated black within the car duct as carbon dioxide blows through pipes. Due to this fact, a muffler slowly loses its activity. These coals cover lead tubes to be narrow.
  • Because of the congestion, pipes get rusts on their body. It also creates a moist environment outside. To prevent rusty texture, consider using stainless steel pipes as they are effortless to clean. You have to do is applying soapy water over them.
  • After exerting soap water outside the tube, wipe it gently with a cotton or nylon cloth. Now take a lengthy brush and insert it inside to clean the entire dirt mildly.
  • You need a degreaser if there is any carbon staying back inside. Apply some degreaser on a towel and tie it with a stick or brush. Now put this staff inside as well as on outsides with the same clothes. Let this chemical do its work for a specific period, then rub it all over with a napkin.
  • Get a fresh towel to graze the pipe softly. Apply polish in and out with wools, then let it sit for a while. Lastly, rub off the whole polish by using a piece of cloth.

Aero Wash All Degreaser- Professional Cleaner

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Method 2: Catalytic Converter Cleaning

Purifying a catalytic converter is not as simple as pipe cleaning. It’s better to call on a mechanic for this purpose. Hence, we have provided task-related guidance for people who are willing to do it by themselves. Let us have a look at the processes.

  • First of all, check if there are any remaining parts or elements by banging them with a hammer. Finding sounds will establish that there is a loose part. At this point, immediately remove your converter and rush to a mechanic to fix problems.
  • If there is no issue with residual pieces, then go for a cleaning. Go on the internet and do a search about converter cleaners. You will find multiple cleansers with various price tags. Now, grab an affordable product among them all.
  • Go through every direction on the label of cleanser. Fill your gas tank up to a specific level and pour an exact amount of cleanser in it. The pourable measurement instructions are easy to find on its body. Then drive normally and keep noticing until gas tanks get empty. Examine to learn if any problem has occurred before refilling it with gas again. Call on a mechanic while you think that cleanses didn’t work correctly.

Method 3: Cleanup Manifold

Carefully take a look all over the points to perform with perfection.

  • Manifold mainly gathers exhausts from an engine cylinder. Gradually, they get covered with coal, dust, and rust, which causes engines to lose their functionality.
  • Now, grab a car manual and locate the manifold. Every 4-cylinder car has one manifold, while 6 or 8-cylinder cars have two. Make sure that your engine is off, or wait at least 30 minutes. Wear gloves and a mask for safety before performing tasks. You can start work whenever machines are cold enough.

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  • High tear resistance and excellent durability
  • Take a cloth and one fine brush to clean all exterior sides of the manifold. Gently rub on to remove all remaining coating. Now get a lacquer thinner to put it into that liquid. Keep it in this chemical for several minutes and then take the machine out. If clean enough, attach it back again with engines.

How to Understand That Your Exhaust System Is Clogged?

There might be a harsh noise of the car engine while you are trying to start. It weakens the functions of exhaust systems as well as accelerations. Also, an owner may get some smell like anything is burning. The smoke will be black enough and produce more heat under your vehicle. Check for any leakage in pipes or keeps hanging. A clogged muffler will show these signs, which one has to understand.

What Are the Consequences of a Long-time Clogged Muffler?

A vehicle won’t function well if you fail to keep its muffler obstacle-free since a clogged one can not emit harmful gas from exhaust systems. It requires fresh fuel and air to run an engine properly. There will be no space for these elements if toxic air does not get out. In this case, the
gas will find a way to run through a leakage, which may cause an explosion. Sometimes it gets so worse that this can lead one to death.

Final Words

A car with a clogged muffler is a nightmare for all drivers. It will create disturbance in a smooth run. Sometimes the situation can get really bad to spoil every loveable moment of your journey. So here we come with a rescue guide concerning this problem.

These are the most straightforward techniques to unblock a muffler. By following this guideline of how to clean a clogged muffler, anyone can tidy up an exhaust system on his own. If you still find all actions difficult, contact a mechanic.