How to Remove A Cabbage Palm Tree- 3 Effective Methods

One of the species of palmetto palm is the cabbage palm also known as Sabal Palmetto. It can be found in some parts of Asia, Australia, the USA, Cuba, and the Bahamas. It takes around 4 to 6 years for a cabbage palm tree to grow each year it grows 5 to 6 feet and measures up to 40 to 60 feet tall as it reaches its peak.

It is useful for several uses and advantages for people supplying food, medicine for fever, weight loss, materials for building baskets, weaving, etc. Knowing how to remove a cabbage palm tree can be very useful.

Tools Used for How to Remove a Cabbage Palm Tree

  • Gardening gloves – Gloves are used for drilling the machine as the surface is hard, and sharp edges will come off flying and can prick on the hands to stay protective it is necessary to wear gardening gloves.
  • Safety goggles’ – Goggles are essential to protect the eyes from any sharp ends or pieces of bark that might come attacking the driller thus wearing safe goggles’ is essential for the protection of the eye.
  • A chain saw, pruning saw- The chain saw should be fixed around 70 degrees, placing it in the direction of the tree cutting it approximately 1/3 rd of the tree so that it can be cut 2 feet off the ground. As the tree is cut from the backside as it is chopped there will be a crackling sound as it moves inside the tree trunk and cuts in the direction toward the cutting side.
  • The cabbage palm tree is pruned when the fronds dried out, turned brown, or are dead they are held near using a ladder. The fronds are held to cut with a pruning saw.
  • Pruning shear- Pruning shear is used for trimming the cabbage palm shrouds. They are used like scissors to hold from both sides and cut off the dried and dead fronds in the springtime as it protects the trees from heat and cold from wintertime.

How To Remove a Cabbage Palm Tree- 3 Useful Methods

Method: 1

Tying the tree: It necessary to tie the tree from the ground using 4 strong pieces of rope tightened 2 ft above from the ground and 0.61m far from up pulled down towards the ground with wooden tick arrows.

This is required as the tree may topple and cause damage as it falls on the ground 1/3 of the tree is nailed to the ground and it will fall on the ground for items to be removed and space to be cleared.

Making a mark around the tree in a circle with chalk or powder – By marking with chalk, the size of the root can be measured, the trunk of the tree is example 12 in the width of diameter then a space of double size away from the tree is drawn with a diameter of 24.

For placing or relocating purposes even larger circles are drawn around, adding six more meters just like 30 for protecting larger root.

Method: 2

Drawing A Circle: Using the circular drawing of the trees can be started for digging around the edges of the circle. Digging throughout the circle making holes around so that the roots are visible from the ground. The root as they are diggers should not be dug to harm or cut down the root.

The roots should be in the ground in a safer position. It is one of the methods of how to remove a cabbage palm tree. The root ball should be visible for relocating the strong and stubborn roots should be taken off the ground by taking a shovel, how or prune shear to cut off the root by placing the blade near the root area.

The root area should be visible from the ground, the digger needs to start digging to reach to the bottom any, hard root should be cut off with a shovel. The circulation of the tree towards the bottom of the roots should be freed and loosened so that it is ready to be taken off the ground.

A rope should be tied on top of the tree around 1/3 from downwards above the ground. Slowly try pulling the tree towards your location and direction. Take someone for assistance as some cabbage palm tree is heavy.

Call some assistance to help take the tree off the ground this is how to remove a cabbage palm tree. Do not stay beneath the tree as it falls. A crane is needed to move the tree and place the tree where it is required or needs to be relocated to the position set up. IT needs watering and earthling again to mask it stand out and grow fruits again.

Method: 3

Protection Of Eyes and Face: There are particles of debris, dust and sharp components of trees that will come off while cutting it is better to protect against hazards, wearing gloves, ear cuffs and a protective mask is necessary so are hard well-fitted boots.

Wear a harness around the waist for hydraulic lift is necessary for lifting off the ground and climbing up the tree safely tie with around a rope so if the remover falls from the tree, he should put up a safety vest.

Clear the area of the cabbage tree cutting process is haphazard, everyone should leave the place .no children, elderly or even pets anything around the garden like furniture should also be removed.

Rightful position- A hydraulic lift can be bought from the store or rented to lift the remover to reach the top of the tree to cut down fronds. The person should place himself beside or above the fronds so that when it is cut it does not fall over the person cutting.

A helper should be on the sideways near the ground watching on which side the tree is leaning and might fall. If the person went up using the ladder then the helper standing near the ladder would guard.

Cutting the tree by driving in the tree pushing with whole strength cutting across around the trunk 1/3 of the tree. Cutting and crackling until it is broken the trunk comes off cannot keep its balance. Striking hard and cutting and attacking the bark halfway through until it falls off the direction it is leaning.

A chain saw machine is more powerful with safety masks and dress worn by the wood cutter and the chainsaw machine runs towards the tree trunk and bark pulls off creating a notch around the tree. The tree falls off completely from the ground.

Taking a picture of the tree and analyze and research the tree. Understanding whether it can withstand more fruitful for more life or will die after digging off.

A company with experts can be hired to get the work done or a nursery plant seller can give or supply experts who would practically survey and take off the trees from their roots with all the expertise is another way of how to remove a cabbage palm tree.