How to Make Your Grass Dark Green for a Mesmerizing Lawn

Are you sad with your grasses color that they are becoming yellow or light green, confused about how to make your grass dark green? Do you want to know the solutions to this vital problem of your lawn?

A dark green lawn always attracts someone’s eye-sight to enjoy the outdoors. But sometimes getting your desired healthiest and greenest color grass in your block will be a little uneasy.

Making your grasses dark green is not an impossible task; it will take some time with attention and hard efforts. Look in this article, and we will prescribe the possible ways to make your grass dark green.

Why Grasses are not Dark Green and How to Make Your Grass Dark Green

When your lawn grasses lose its dark color, definitely this problem happened because of some unexpected issue. Let’s talk about it.

  1. Maybe the soil is too acidic. If the PH balance is not qualified, your lawn can lose it’s dark green color.
  2. Less soil moisture can be responsible for this; soil moisture dissolves salts and provides the perfect nutrition for the exact color.
  3. Most lawns lose some dark green color in winter. Actually, there is nothing to do with it. Instead, You will need to wait for the warm reason.
  4. Excessive use of fertilizer and pesticides can also harm your lawn grass’s color.
  5. Lack of nutrition can bring irritating work to your lawn. Different fertilizers maintain different nutrition quality, and if your grasses can get the perfect portion of fertilizer, then this misfortune will happen.
  6. Sometimes a hot atmosphere can be responsible for these complications.

Make your grass dark green

A healthy lawn always requires dark green grass. But when you don’t get it from your lawn, you have to follow some steps to find it. We will describe some methods here.

Step 1: Feed High-Quality Iron Product

Sufficient iron supply ensures the growth of healthy and dark green grass by promoting beneficial microbes.

The beneficial microbes execute the dynamic ecosystem of organic activity in the soil. The grasses take the nutrition from the ground, produced from the microbes, resulting in a dark green lawn.

Sometimes you will see that the grasses are getting enough water and fertilizer but not dark green, then you can take the help of ironing mineral supplement.

Step 2: Deep Watering

Water is the essential stuff for grass or plants. To make a healthy and dark green lawn, you have to provide an adequate supply of water.

When you see the complexity of getting the dark grass in your lawn, maybe it tells you for deep watering. Most of the lawn is divided into different types of grass, so you will face that one part seems greener than others. Focus on the deep watering every portion of your lawn

Check the soil moisture condition, checking soil will decrease your half tension, how to make your grass dark green? If there is any difficulty to get water in the deep roots of the grass. You have to supply water for a long period to sink soil into the deeper portion.

On the contrary, you should focus on the ideal time to water your grass. For deep watering between 5.00 to 9.00 am at the best time. Cool morning weather controls evaporation, but many people use water in the night, that’s not a good idea, grasses get wet all night and contribute to fungus and disease.

Step 3: Proper Amount of Fertilizer

If your lawn can receive the proper amount of fertilizer, you will see a healthy and dark green grass lawn. Less fertilizer can make your lawn yellow and light green, and more fertilize your lawn brown, especially burning the grasses color. You can choose different kinds of liquid or granular fertilizer for them.

When you are watering on the grass appropriately, then focus not to use fertilizer excessively. Moreover, go for using a spreader for applying fertilizer that will ensure the moderate spreading of manure.

Step 4: Select a Variety of Grass Seeds That Favor Your Climate

Make a reasonable allocation of seeds for your unbalanced lawn or if you are going to make a new lawn. A set of well-qualified seeds will ensure you darker grass for your lawn. Make sure that the seeds are climate maintained for warm weather and cool weather.

Step 5: Mowing Properly

Your bad mowing habit can impact your grass color when you use a dull blade for mowing, it hampers more stress on the grass color, mowing too short also causes the damage. The darkest portions of grass situate at the top of the grass, which contain chlorophyll.

Mowing can be the best work to get darker grass; this method will help you grow dark green and stay that way. Rather than weekly based mowing, now you can mow according to your need.

Step 6: Soil Problem

Color problems can also be created with a lack of nutrition level, soil compaction, and less PH balance. Soil problems make it difficult to get water in the grassroots. You can provide a lawn aeration service that will beak soil compaction.

Another side will allow more water oxygen and nutrition, and besides, take a soil test to reduce PH balance.

Step 7: Use Organic Fertilizer

Organic natural fertilizer is more useful than chemical fertilizer for your grass, environment, and green color. There are various kinds of natural fertilizers you can choose from the market, and also you can make from kitchen and garden waste by your efforts.


Green color always contains the beauty of grass or plants. But sometimes it can be challenging to find it on your lawn. Dark green grass will grow after following the steps on how to make your grass dark green with some easy tricks.

You have to find out the problems behind the complexity and to maintain a tremendous routine work by providing adequate water supply, fertilizer, mowing, and nutrition. Moreover, general care is most for your dream green color grass.

We hope you find this article helpful and thanks for reading it.