How to Build a Hydroseeding Machine Yourself Easily

Whether you are installing a new lawn or simply curious about how to build a hydroseeding machine here, we are answering all your questions and helping to right service for you.

Hydroseeding is an effective and cost-saving method to establish grass when the hydroseeding process is done in the right way it can make lush green lawns.

So, knowing the right way to spread or build a hydroseeding machine, you can read the below part.

Definition of Hydroseeding to Know How to Build a Hydroseeding Machine

Hydroseeding is a method of keeping grass seeds where you spray the composition of seeds, fertilizer, and water on a sterile patch of lawn. That mixture also gets on the marketplace, and you can easily buy or try by your hand in your home.

Using the hydroseeding, you can get many benefits. Because of that, mixtures help to protector and nutrients when you applied the area and also providing the best germination conditions for the grass seed.

When the spraying process is done, you have to wait mostly for two weeks & remember to keep the mixture wet consistently. It would help if you concerned some things that you can keep your pets away from the area by putting flags or dragging a temporary fence on the sprayed mixture for the first few weeks.

Used for All That Stuff

  1. Goodly yards
  2. For stopping erosion
  3. Decreasing dust pollutions
  4. Obstructing weed improvement
  5. Building athletic fields

Why Hydroseeding

There are three types of choices for installing a lawn: sod, hydroseed, and grass seed. Now, how can you decide which method is necessary for you?

Start with Contenders

At first, we discussed with sod. It is the cost project all over the marketplace and also expensive to install. That’s why the sod cannot do by us, always done by professionals or homeowners.

Because of using sod, it comes with the possibility of disease issues and having great difficulty to get a better root option.

On the contrary, hydroseeding is a less costly project and also a successful installation. During this process, the grass is natural to grow, and mostly it takes two weeks.

Please don’t stop here, another grass seed is easy to install, but it is prolonged to grow. For using grass seed, you must remember that it needs protection like wind and birds that can displace your seeds.

Necessary Equipment

For hydroseeding, the primary material is the hydroseeding machine and truck to carry it on. The hydroseeding mixture will make of water, seed, fertilizer & mulch.

However, the equipment is requiring different sizes or efferent types of mixtures depending on the properties so size.

Here, the primary hydroseeding job using the 750-gallon tank, 500 gallons of water, 10 pounds of necessary, all-purpose fertilizer, 45 pounds of grass seed, and about four bales of mulch.

How to Build a Hydroseeding Machine

Step: 1

One motor is for the agitation only, It’s a 2-inch trash pump. Inlet is pulling from the bottom center and pumping directly back in the tank through 5 agitation points 2. The right side is halfway from the top. The left side is below custom fenders and 1 top front as bale buster.

The second motor is for spraying the slurry. It’s a 3-inch Trash pump and inlet feeds from the bottom middle as well. The outlet has been reduced to a 1-1/4 inch hose with the custom-built spray gun and a pro-grade, quick connect for fast change tips. At half throttle, this is what it looks.

Step: 2

After that, pumps are both mounted to the trailer with rubber spacers to reduce vibration. Wheel covers are custom bolt attached with a very high weight rating. Dual 7500 lb Axels. Adjustable hitch mount for truck height.

You can also install banjo open/close valves as needed on both motors. The reason for having dual motors is that now you can agitate while spraying. That allows us to run a much thicker mix and mulch fiber through a jet agitation hydroseeder without losing any pressure spraying.

Step: 3

You can create and seeded with plugger on most of the yards. Next, sprayed both properties for dallisgrass with Glyphosate because the weather changes pretty quickly, and on selective herbicides, before you could reseed.

You can take a string trimmer, rock rake, leaf rake, and garden level, tore up ground the best, then you can with hand tools and remove all the dead stuff from a blower.

Step: 4

Now you can mix a lot thicker and maybe even mulch. We only filled up 200 gallons of water and two bags of 3 in 1 hydro cover mix that included paper, mulch, and. Each bag quotes 1000 sq ft of coverage.

Added 11 pounds of GCI seed, 5lbs of 18-24-12 lesco starter seed, and Humic 12 called for rates. Two hundred gallons and two bags covered about 2100 sq ft at the pump a little over the quarter throttle. So you can run a much thicker mix at the higher throttle.

Consideration of Hydroseeding

As you’ve learned, the process of hydroseeding is not as much as trying. But, there have some issues that anyone can go wrong. Firstly, you or a professional may forget to do a soil test.

The soil test is necessary for knowing the pH and toxicity levels so, if you get the wrong result, you would be doomed before you start.

After that, you may make another mistake like taking the wrong seed or mixture. So, before choosing the right seeds, you or a professional must be doing the proper research.

The best time to hydroseed the lawn in spring. But often this is avoided by other factors. You may suggest the summer season, but in that time, the seed could not grow because of heat or dry weather. After hydroseeding, you should put the plant, and mulch can healthy and build.


You are perhaps wondering how much it costs because hydroseeding provides excellent service for us. According to the US, the average cost is around $0.18 per square foot. By that calculation, a lawn between 5000 and 10,000 square feet would cost about $900-$1,800.

However, you can also buy a cheaper spray mixture at your local stores. But, the cheaper combinations won’t come high quality using this equipment. It also takes more than time.

Final Words

Saving time is one of the most significant advantages of hydroseeding. When the hydroseeding process is done correctly in the rights way, you can till the soil to prepare it for planting.

As you have learned, how to build a hydroseeding machine above his article, hopefully, you now figure out hydroseeding, including all ins and outs.