How to Mix Oil and Gas for STIHL Weed Eater- Do It Perfectly

Do you know how to mix oil and gas for STIHL weed eater?

Weed eaters and trimmers are one of the most important and most used tools for you if you own a house. We all know that the grass and weeds in our lawns or gardens just never stop growing.

And if you also want a clean lawn like everyone else, or if you love to keep your garden neat, a weed eater is a must-have tool for you. And it is essential to know how you run that thing as you would not always find someone to clean the lawn for you.

Then you need to know to run a weed eater perfectly, a perfect ratio of oil and gas is one of them. The perfect oil gasoline ratio keeps the engine of your weed wrecker going, help it to run smoothly. So knowing how to mix oil and gas for STIHL weed eater is actually needed so that you run your weed eater without turning it into the garbage.

How to Mix Oil and Gas for a STIHL Weed Eater and Why is it Important?

To mix oil and gas for a STIHL weed eater, you just need to go through an easy process that is gently shaking. Then why is mixing oil and gas so important for STIHL weed eaters? Because all that matters is the ratio of oil and gas and the type of oil and gas you are using.
The STIHL weed eaters use two-stroke engines that complete one combustion cycle in two strokes; this is why the engines need to be kept lubricated. So you need gas or gasoline to run your engine and the oil to keep the piston lubricated so that it moves smoothly.

And you can not just mix these two in any container at any ratio or as much as you can, because it may cause harm to your engine. This is why it is really important to combine them in the perfect ratio.

STIHL recommends it to be a 50:1 ratio of gas and oil for their weed eaters which means for one-gallon gasoline you will need to mix 2.6 ounces of engine oil in it.

Why Choose the STIHL Weed Eater?

As we are saying so many things about how to mix oil and gas for STIHL weed eaters, questions might arise in your mind that why do we need to follow so many rules just to run a weed eater and why would we choose this specific brand only? So let us know more about these STIHL weed eaters.

STIHL is one of the most used brands when it comes to weed eater or trimmers. The weed eaters of STIHL come with both loop and bike handles so you can choose the one according to your comfort. STIHL weed eaters are lightweight and easy to use, and that is why these weed eaters are always in demand.

Their weed trimmers provide you with a two strokes engine. The two-stroke engines take two strokes of the piston to complete one power cycle. These engines are specially used in lawnmowers, grass trimmers, or weed eaters whatever you call them.

In this kind of engine, the size can be easily fixed. And these engines require a perfect ratio of gasoline and oil to run, and this is why it is important to know how to mix oil and gas STIHL weed eater.

Oil Gas Ratio

Gas (in liters) Oil (in ounces)
<1 2.6
2.5 6.4
5 12.8

What is the Perfect Kind of Oil and Gas?

While mixing oil and gas for STIHL weed eaters of yours, you would not be able to use any oil or gasoline as it may harm your engine. For STIHL weed eaters, engine oils only rated as TC are recommended.

For the gasoline, you will need high-quality patrol with a minimum Octane number of 90. Octane rating lower than this may damage the engine as it can increase the temperature of the engine, or increase the chance of piston seizure


Of course, you would not want to use any container you find in front of you for mixing oil and gasoline as if you do not use the perfect container it might react and be harmful to you.

Mixing Procedure

To mix oil and gas, plastic containers are the best option. Especially nonspill containers are the easiest to use both for mixing and pouring to the main engine. And the container must be approved for use with fuels.

To mix oil and gas, first, you need to pour engine oil in the canister and then mix the gasoline in it. Before pouring it into the engine, you must give it a good mix by shaking the container. After mixing these two in the container, gently pour them in the engine.


After you mix your oil and gasoline, be careful while opening the container because the vapour produced inside after shaking can be toxic if you inhale it. So just open the canister carefully after mixing, give it some time and pour slowly.

Also, keep in mind to read the instructions carefully as the oil gas ratio is different for different models. Never mix so much oil and gas at once. Only mix oil and gas for a few days’ work. You can only keep the mixture for three months. Shake the container every time before fueling the weed eater.

Mixing the oil and gas for STIHL weed eaters is always a tough job for the new users. Even sometimes the users who have been using this for a while can face problems and mess up too. And as the wrong mix can damage your engine later, it is really important to know how to mix oil and for the STIHL weed eater or weed wrecker of yours.