How to Dispose of Herbicide- 2 Disposal Ways

Recently I bought a pile of herbicide for my garden. But now I don’t need it anymore. So, I want to dispose of this herbicide as soon as possible. I think it’s not only my problem. It is a common problem for the farmers or gardeners or anybody else knowing the right method to dispose of herbicide.

Do you want to solve your problem of how to dispose of herbicide?

As all, we know that herbicide is a hazardous substance. So while disposing of it, we need to be cautious. But don’t worry. My article will be the ultimate solution to your problem. Here, you will find your answer about dispose of herbicide to ensure your safety.

How to Dispose of Herbicide

The herbicide has some toxic ingredients. It can cause groundwater contamination, which leads to environmental pollution if you dispose of it anywhere. So you cannot dispose of herbicide as you wish. You need to know how to dispose of herbicide. While disposing of herbicide, you must follow the methods I described below.

I will describe to you two methods of how to dispose of herbicide here. I am pretty sure that you will find the solution to your problem after reading these methods.

Method 1: Disposing of Empty Herbicide Container

1. Make Sure that the Container is Empty

Before you are disposing of, check that your herbicide container is empty. If no product comes out with its nozzle, then it is ready to dispose of herbicide.

2. Follow the instructions on the Label

Every herbicide has instructions for disposing of on its label. So before you are going to eliminate it, you must read the direction carefully. Follow the guidance and dispose of herbicide properly. Otherwise, it will be harmful by eliminating it.

 3. Rinse the Container

Rinse your herbicide container following the instruction on the label. Empty concentrated containers must rinse three times.

  •  Refill the empty container with ¼ portion of water and close it with a cap.
  • Shake it well. Repeat it two times more and drain the rinse to the spray tank.

 4. Consider the Materials of Container

Some containers are made of hazardous material. So when you dispose of the empty container with your regular household waste, you must consider the container’s contents. Otherwise, it can be dangerous to dispose of herbicide with regular household waste.

 5. Find a Hazardous Waste Collection Center

If you cannot dispose of it with household waste, you should take it to the hazardous household waste site. Find one of these disposal sites near you.

Method 2: Disposing of Full or Leftover Herbicide Container

1. Try to Use the Leftover Herbicide

Use the herbicide until the container became empty. This tip will be the easy way for you to get rid of it. If you do not use it further, you can donate it to the person who needs it.

 2. Pour in the Waste Ground

Pour the residual herbicide in any waste ground where you do not grow anything or don’t use this. Do not pour your residual herbicide down in the sink, drain, and pond or ground, whether it diluted. It may cause water pollution, and also it can be against the law.

3. Give Away Others

If you have a leftover or unused herbicide, you can ask your friends or neighbors or anyone else whether they need it. By giveaway them, you can quickly get rid of it. This step will also be helpful to others as they don’t need to buy further.

4. Call Household Hazardous Waste Site

Call a Hazardous household waste collection center for disposing of herbicide. If you have an unused herbicide, the Hazardous waste collection center will be the best for disposing of it. These collection Centers dispose of hazardous materials safely and maintain the country law. They will collect your herbicide in their collection days.

Things You Should Keep in Mind before Disposal

As herbicide has hazardous material, so you should be careful about disposing of it. Things you must keep in mind before disposing of :

  • Always read the instruction label of the herbicide first.
  • Do not burn the herbicide for disposing of because it can be explored.
  • Never pour your unwanted herbicide in any ditches, toilets, drains, or sink because it is totally against the law.
  • When you are rinsing herbicide containers, you must be sure that your clothes are protective.
  • When you give the herbicides to others, make sure that the herbicide is in their original containers with its instruction label.
  • The person receives the herbicide, make sure he must read and follow the instruction on the label.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I recycle the empty containers of herbicide?

Containers that contain concentrated products are not suitable for recycling. But now empty ready to use containers can be recycled.

Can I bury the herbicide container in a sanitary landfill?

If your local authority allows, then you may be buried the herbicide in a sanitary landfill. But make sure your empty container of herbicide rinses appropriately.

Final Word

Though herbicide contains some hazardous ingredients, it is not so hard to dispose of it. If you know well that how to dispose of herbicide, you can surely dispose of it safely. But ensure that your disposal method must be environment friendly. If the hazardous material mixes with the water, it may contaminate the groundwater.

As a result, it will destroy the pasture system and become a threat to the wildlife habitat. But if you follow the methods I described to you here; you indeed find a way to dispose of herbicide safely. I hope this article will be the solution to your problem.