How to Clean Landscape Light Lenses- Effective Lawn Care Strategies

Do you want to know how to clean landscape light lenses to make it shiny? Then you are in the right place. We will help you to make your work easy and simple without spending more time.

Landscape lights are the attraction of the lawn or any other place. These lights are coming in so many different colors or sizes. To remain these lights as they are before we need to maintain the cleaning methods once or twice in a year. But unfortunately, most of us don’t even know how to do it.

Don’t need to worry about it, we have some solutions or you can say methods to work and learn about this work as easy as possible. Let’s do it then.

How To Clean Landscape Light Lenses- With Detail Information

For making your work easy let us give the opportunity to make you understand how to clean landscape light lenses. Herewith some easy steps, you will be able to do this process by yourself.

Types Of Equipment We Need

  • Water or soapy water
  • Soft cloth
  • Vinegar (optional)
  • CLR (optional)
  • Brillo pad (optional)

Before starting the procedure of cleaning we need to do some more work. Let’s just know those works and complete them early.

Step 1: Cut The Plants That Are Block Or Damage The Landscape Light

First of all, cut all the trees or plants before. Those plants which are covering the landscape lights or maybe damaging the fixtures. This step will make your cleaning process easy.

Step 2: Wipe Out Garbage From Fixtures

There must be fallen leaves, dirt, or mud present in the light fixtures. You need to wipe out that garbage from the light fixtures.

Step 3: Search For Damaged Or Exposed Wire

For safety reasons, you have to check all the wires and search the damaged or exposed wires. Fix them on your own or you can even call the electrician to rebury them after fixing them.

Step 4: Check If The Fixtures Are Destroyed Or Not

Check the fixtures of the landscape lighting whether they are destroyed by the time or not. If it is already destroyed the fixtures then order the parts or replace them or fix them.

Cleaning Method

After doing the above works now you can start the cleaning method. By following the instructions.

Step 1: Restore Bulbs

Periodically we all need to restore the bulbs whether else clean it or not. But now LED bulbs are in demand and owners’ first choice that doesn’t even need to change. But if you are using the older lights then restore those bulbs. Although if your LED lights are not shining enough you can change them too.

Step 2: Start With Cleaning The Metal Parts

In cleaning the metal parts, you can use water or soapy water and a soft cloth. But if you want an advanced cleaning then you need to be careful because you have to use vinegar which does not have the same reaction to all metals.

Step 3: Make Spotless Glass Lenses

For making the glass lenses spotless you can use water or soapy water and a soft cloth. Otherwise, lighting vendors also suggest a brillo pad and CLR clean glass lenses.

Step 4: Check The Position Of The Fixtures And Adjust Them

While cleaning the landscape lights or doing any other work, maybe the position of the fixtures dispositioned. Fix those fixtures and adjust them properly. Then your lights are ready to shine again.


Before cleaning or when you are cleaning landscape lighting lenses, you need to be cautious at some points. Let’s know how to protect yourself first because protection is a major priority undoubtedly.

1. Disconnect the electricity

Make sure about the electric disconnection before starting the work. It is an essential part of the process. Do not neglect your safety in any circumstances.

2. Careful with the equipment

When you use the vinegar, CLR, or brillo pad you need to be more careful. It may react unknowingly but horribly. So the equipment needs to be chosen wisely.

3. Call the electrician

If you are not an expert in changing or fixing the wires then must call the electrician. Do not touch the wires without precautions.

4. Discuss with landscape lighting installer or check manufacturer’s websites

For cleaning tips or knowing the process, you guys can take the manufacturer’s website’s help or discuss it with a landscape light installer.

Wrap Up

To avoid the cost of the cleaning procedure of the landscape lighting lenses we show you some easy methods or steps. Just do the work carefully without any accidents. If you have some doubts then you can also take supervision of experts like electricians or anyone else who are experts in this field.

Hope to notice that we are able to prepare you to think about how to clean landscape light lenses<. If you can do it on your own then do it otherwise other doors are also open for you. Best of luck with your first attempt and do take the safety precautions as well.