How to Cool Down Air Cooled Engine- 5 Strategies to Resolve

If you are one of those people who have to handle various types of electrical machines daily, then cooling down an air-cooled engine is not unfamiliar to you. Nowadays, these air cooling machines are used in loan mowers, generators, air crafts, and especially in motorbikes.

Therefore, as a bike rider, it was of utmost importance for me to find out how to cool down air cooled engine with some simple means. After doing a lot of net surfing and talking to the expert, I jotted down those easy and simple steps in writing and sharing with you for your help.

I can assure you if you follow those correctly, then cooling down the air-cooled engine won’t be your headache anymore. Remember! A little precaution on the matter can save you from excess expenditures and hassles as well.

Simple Answers to the Question of How to Cool Down Air Cooled Engine

An air-cooled engine is set in the vehicle so that the inside mechanical parts do not get overheated. The dissipation fins help to pass through the warm air and keep the engine at normal temperature. It is known to everyone that an air-cooled engine gets heated much quicker than an oil-cooled engine.

However, it is feasible for an extremely cold environment since it does not get frozen. Currently, air cooled engine is preferred by people since it makes the car lightweight and cause low-cost maintenance, unlike a liquid-cooled engine.

Unnecessary to say that since this portion works to cool down the engine by absorbing the excess heat, we need to know the methods of cooling down air cooled engines for future safety.

Moving the Vehicle in Slow Speed

When I tried to find out how to cool down air cooled engine on the internet, the most common point I noticed was to move the vehicle slowly so that the outside air can be pumped into the radiator to cool it down. It is better to slow down the vehicle rather than stop it completely.

Remember, the fans which are added extra will only work when the vehicle is at a lower speed.

Clearing Dirt

We often forget the most simple and easy thing to protect our cooled engine from overheating, and that is clearing the dirt from the engine. Do not forget to make sure that the engine is not hindered by unwanted grease, hair, dust, mud, oil, or any other pieces of stuff.

These substances often stop the atmospheric air from pumping into the engine to cool it down. For all those filth, heat won’t be able to come out over the fins.

Turning Off the Machine

Let’s not forget the fact that not only vehicles but air-cooled engines are used in some house-hold machines as well. For example, if you ever feel your air conditioner is not working well due to some problems of air cooled engine, I will advise you to turn it off as early as possible. Fire may break out if it is not taken care of properly.

Sitting Idle Before Shutting Down

When I typed how to cool down air cooled engine in the search box, I found one interesting thing that I must share with you. According to some experts, the engine should not be shut down suddenly in case of overheat.

For example, before shutting the lawnmower down, it is suggested to let sit the mower idle for sometimes. When the machine is working actively for a longer period of time, do not shut it down without idle it down for two to three minutes. Nevertheless, if you let it idle for too long, then too much energy will be wasted. Be careful!

On the other hand, according to a few motorists, the method of “sitting down idle” does not work actively for the motorbikes. To cool down an air cooled engine in a motorcycle, it is not possible to spend time to let it sit idle. Especially while driving on the road, we have to shut it down.

Well, it is now clear that the method of cooling down the air cooled engine work differently on every machine. You have to be a little more cautious about cooling it down and prevent overheating depending on the machines you are using.

Servicing Time to Time

As I said previously in the introduction, I am a motorist. It is very important for me to know when actually my air cooled engine is facing overheat. When the bike was going roughly instead of going smoothly and started smelling like a heated metal substance or burnt oil, then it is time to check on the cooled engine.

Do you know what can make your life easy on this particular matter? Get your machines for servicing through proper machinist every after three (3) months. Believe me, they know better than anyone else how to cool down air cooled engines. By doing so, you can understand how your machines are working before it is too late.

An air cooled engine ultimately depends on the circulation of air by moving out the heat outside through fins and pull into atmospheric temperature towards the engine to get rid of the excess heat.

Overheat can be caused by various reasons like not so good tuning. It is better to check all the relevant mechanics and know regarding common causes of overheating and what to do about it through an expert to be safe.

Wrap Up

Please keep in mind that when you are dependent on a particular vehicle for daily commutes, it is wise to check every part of the vehicle from time to time in order to avoid unnecessary events. No one wants their engine to be damaged by black oil, which may happen because of the faulty air cooled engine.

Yes! The damage is severe, and you do not want to spend some extra money to repair the damage. In my writing, I tried to sum up some essential points on how to cool down the air-cooled engine so that you can dodge the broken down vehicle on the road.