How to Get Rid of Ajuga in Lawn- 8 Efficient Ways

Ajuga is a deficient care plant that is overgrowing. It looks lovely, and it also added a new beauty to your garden. But if you do not know how to control Ajuga plants from spreading, it can spread all over your yard. Before gardening the Ajuga plant, every gardener must know some tips on How To Get Rid of Ajuga in Lawn.

Here I discuss some methods to get rid of ajuga in the lawn. These methods help you to get rid of unwanted plants like Ajuga in the garden.

How to Get Rid of Ajuga in Lawn

Ajuga botanical name is Ajuga Reptons. It is also known as Bugleweed, Carpetweed, Carpet Bugleweed, etc. Ajuga speared very quickly, making a mat of dark green leaves that grow 2 to 3 inches in full sun and 3 to 4 inches wide plant. It is also maintenance-free.

During Springtime, all ajugas also sports petite stalks of blue, pink, and white flower. This Flower can enrich your garden beauty.

But sometimes it produces a chemical that can discourage other plants from growing. It also spreads quickly by running, making a carpet like dark green leaves. So before it covers your garden, you must get rid of Ajuga.
Today I show some useful solution for How to Get Rid of Ajuga in the lawn.

Method 1: Pull Out the Plants

It always best to use your hands to pull out ajuga from the soil. If you do not want to remove ajuga from your lawn without using any chemical, it is best to use hands and pull ajuga from roots. Water the soil before pulling. It can lose the ground and made it easier to pull out plants.

You can use a spade or garden fork to loosen up the soil. Don’t try to do it in a rush, take your time and pulling them from the root. Because if you left something on the ground, it could spread in your garden. It may take some time, but at the end of the day, you can make your garden free from ajuga.

Method 2: Use Plastic

Another method of getting rid of ajuga is called Solarization. This method is appropriate to cover a large number of ajuga. For this process, use black plastic and cover your garden with it. Use some bricks or woods on the edge of the plastics. Cover it over the ajuga plants and leave the plastic for 2 to 3 weeks.

This process helps to kill ajuga plants due to the deprivation of sunlight. It will also help to kill if any seeds may grow in the soil. Suppose you have more ajuga plants in your garden; after 2weeks, see the result, and you can leave the plastic 4weeks.

Method 3: Use Homemade Solution

You can also use homemade herbicide. It is also friendly and environmentally. You can make hot water and mixed an equal portion of vinegar into it. Stir it and added some salt and liquid dish soap.

Then pour it in a spray bottle. Use this mixture on ajuga plants; it kills plants slowly. This solution may affect other plants too. So before using this, make sure about different plants.

Method 4: Stop Waters the Plants

Water helps to grow plants faster. Let ajuga dry for some time and do not water the soil. Without water, it damages ajuga, and eventually, it dried off. It helps to prevent ajuga from spreading. This is very useful method for How to Get Rid of Ajuga.

Method 5: Adding Salt

Another method of getting rid of ajuga is adding salt with soil. Salt is considered poison for ajuga. Mixing salt with soil can kill ajuga from roots. Ice can also kill ajuga. Both salt and ice are not friendly for other plants. They are so adding salt can causes harm for other plants to grow.

Method 6: Adding Soil Poison

Use a broadleaf or soil-poison for killing ajuga. Soil poison is quick acing, and it kills ajuga from spreading. This solution is not friendly to other plants. It will harm other plants for a long time. If the plants do not die after 2weeks, treat again with the same solution.

Method 7: Trimming

If you do not know How to Get Rid of Ajuga in lawn then this is a very easy method for you. You are trimming back the ajuga while permitting the other plants. This process can take more time. Maybe a season or more to be active. But you have to keep your patience and do this every morning.

Method 8: Remove Dry Plants

Remove the dead plants from the soil. Roots may be causes for ajuga return. It also relaxed by using your hands to remove dry plants. Your plan should be to remove plants and roots from the soil as much as possible. This process can take some time, but it can make a specific form preventing ajuga from coming back.

So you must remove the dry plants as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do things need to control ajuga?

You can use a fork, black plastic, homemade herbicide, weeding fork.

Does ajuga die in winter?

No, ajuga can survive in winter.

Does ajuga come back after death?

If any roots left behind into soil, it can come back from there.

How quickly does ajuga spread?

Ajuga spread quickly like a runner, and it covers the whole area like a dark green mat.


Sometimes Ajuga causes problems for other plants. All methods discuses above are useful for those who don’t know How to get rid of Ajuga in lawn. Try to use a fork, spade to pull out the plants from the soil. Use soil poison causes soil pollution; also, it is not ecofriendly. So try to use your hands. Try to remove plants from their roots.