How to Dispose of Grass Clippings: 10 Mess-free Ways

What is the best option for how to dispose of grass clippings? Grass Clipping is an easy way to a big lawn and a great way to recycle valuable nutrients for free. Clippings spilled down quickly and slowly relief nutrients like Nitrogen back into the soil beneath your lawn.

Grass trimming left on your lawn will shade grassroots and help keep the soil cool. And because grass segments are made up of more than 80% water, they return valuable moisture to the Soil, which means less watering for you to do.

While recycling isn’t your only option for getting rid of your grass clippings, it might be the option that makes the most sense for you. So, Let’s find out.

How To Dispose Of Grass Clippings After Cutting The Grass

Are you want to get rid of your grass clippings after cutting your lawn? You have quite some options. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

1. Grass Clippings put in a Yard Waste Container

Your local waste collection company allows it, an excellent option for disposing of grass clippings is to put them in your yard waste container. Remark that your yard waste container is not the same as your regular trash bin and might be an extra service you have to pay for it.

2. Composting Them

Another essential way to get rid of your grass clippings is to add to several small piles. Divide the cuttings among lawn waste bags and thrown them away according to your society regulations. Some communities have programs for kerbside pickup of green waste, which is then recycled.

On the other side, they will add nutrients to your compost, which you can then use to feed other plants. The grass is full of Nitrogen and considered a “green” material, which can be part of a healthy carbon-to-nitrogen balanced compost heap.

3. Give Your Clippings To Local Farmers

If you live near a bundle of farms, contact a few local farmers to see if they’ll take the clippings off your hands. They can use them to feed their cattle or add them to their compost heaps, which you might not have space for at home.

4. Contact Gardening Businesses

If you strike out with local farmers, you can also try reaching out to local gardening businesses. They sometimes take grass clippings to compost or turn into mulch, and this likely won’t cost you a dime.

5. Give Them To Your Friends And Neighbors

Another way to get rid of grass clippings is to offer them to friends, family members, or neighbors. Like the gardening businesses I mentioned above, you might already know somebody that could use your grass for composting or mulching.

On the other hand, you can donate them to your friends, family, or neighbors, who add them to their compost heaps. Offer your grass clippings on free advertising sites to gardeners who are willing to come and collect them.

6. Leave Clippings For Seasonal Curbside Pickup

I can utter putting your clippings in a yard waste bin above, but not all of us have this option or are willing to pay for it. The right choice is to leave your yard waste, including grass clippings, by the road during the designated pickup days in your area.

The frequency and characteristic of pickups will depend on your location and what’s offered in your neighborhood.

7. Take Clippings To A Local Disposal Site

In our area, we have a local disposal center that takes everything from yard waste to metal to old furniture. We do have a pay a small fee per visit, but if you save up your clippings to narrow down your trips to a few loads per season, this can be a good choice to the other disposal methods on this list.

8. Leave The Clippings To Settle Naturally Onto The Soil

Let grass clippings on your lawn, which is often referred to as grasscycling. Instead of ranking the grass clippings into lawn waste bags, let them settle back onto your own.

They will provide your Soil with nutrients, making your lawn healthier than it would be when bagging your clippings. Mowing your grass when it is dry and only cut off around one-third of the total blade length at a time to make grasscycling the most effective.

9. Use Them As Mulch Mower

One other disposal method is to use your clippings as mulch. Mulch Mower crop cut grass to smaller, more readily munchable lengths.

They are also great for mulching leaves directly into your lawn come fall. It not only protects your plants by stunting the growth of weeds, but it also provides your Soil with nutrients to help your plants grow and thrive.

10. Decrease Emission And Exercise With A Reel Mower

You can progress the environmental and health advantages of grass-cycling by using a push reel mower. With the reel-mower, you can burn calories, not gas and oil. Modern reel mowers are not heavy and easily maneuverable.

Their spinning blades often do a better job clipping grass than gas-powered mowers, which tend to tear and rip grass stems.


Can you prefer to do one of them how to dispose of grass clippings? Finally, you have plenty of options to choose from, as listed above. The best option is to leave your grass clippings on your lawn simply, it doesn’t always make sense, and in some cases, isn’t intended.