How to Tell If Mower Deck Spindle Is Bad with 5 Signs

If you do not understand why the mower is not working, then this post is useful for you how to tell if mower deck spindle is bad? Can not you cut your lawn as beautifully and evenly as you want?

So, now listen. When there is a problem with the mower deck spindle, it cannot work correctly. If any part of the lawn mother is faulty, it cannot be deal with. Especially its blade and spindle part is essential. Without the right quality mower deck spindle, the lawn cannot cut evenly.

Today’s article talks about it. If you read it once, you benefit from it. Let’s start.

How to Tell If Mower Deck Spindle Is Bad- Strategy To Understand

If the mower deck spindle is bad, you can easily understand because it has some symptoms. If you read all these, you can how to tell if mower deck spindle is bad by yourself. Below is a brief description of these:

After Mowing Grass If It Is Uneven

When you mow your lawn, if it is not moving smoothly and evenly, you will realize that something has happened. The crane is involved with the mower deck spindle because it works together to mow the garden. It is understood by not getting the desired result.

Crushed Or Curved parts

Look at the spindle of the mower deck; if it crashes or becomes a curve, you must understand that it does not work correctly. The uneven rotation of the blade is responsible for this. If its edges broke, it would not rotate completely, and the lawn will not cut evenly.


If you hear harmful noises while running the mower, please do not ignore it. It is a big problem. Understand that the spindle may be broken or too old. It needs to fix as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not get the desired result.


If there is a vibration while running the mower, you can tell by this that the spindle is damaged. It is usually suitable for a while and bad for a while. You have to make sure that the axle is closed. As a result, random vibration starts.

Heat Up

What if the spindle of your mower deck is cold before running but gets heat after a while? If this is the case, it needs to replace quickly.

You Fix The Spindle

If you don’t know how to fix it, please read it. The process is for you, which is gives below:

You have to break the mower in the same place and make sure that it is cold. You have to lock the tire from rolling. You must wear gloves on your hands; otherwise, an accident may happen. The front part of the mower should calculate 1 foot.

Now, open the lid of the spindle through the instrument. The work can be done very quickly by using the manual. Now remove the crane and put the cloth under its blade. Separate the spindle, and open its bolts, and put it in the bowl carefully.

The spindle needs to separate. This method is for one axis, and it has to be repeated for more than again.


Replacing spindle bearings is a straightforward task. First, your spindle has separate, and all of the bearings have to open and put in place for a replacement. The rubber cover has to be used to set the new bearings in place. The top end has to place first. The spindle shaft will need a pipe to reconnect.


If it is crush or curve, it needs to replace. For this, the bolts, belts, and spindles have to be opened carefully and fitted the crane so that it tight more. After the axle completely repairs, the mower has to be put down by the jack.


If you can’t cutting to even and smoothly your lawn, then you have to remember that your mower deck is terrible. That’s why it does not work. An article ready for you as if you read this and have to know what the symptoms about the mower deck spindle are adverse.

You have also added to fix the axle, replacing, and installing process for your favor. Now, you quickly know how to tell if mower deck spindle is bad. If once this goes to evil, then it’s replaced as early. So, don’t worry, why can’t you cut the lawn with your mower.

If you follow this, I am sure that you benefit from the article.