How to Bid Commercial Landscaping- Pro Guide with Hidden Tricks

Are you worried about how to bid commercial landscaping? Okay, then you will find some unique and essential tips to makeover your fear, and you can correctly bid after reading this.

When you know how to bid landscaping jobs, you will have a chance to make a great impression and have the opportunity to prove and differentiate yourself apart from your competitors. Sometimes lawn care service providers need to choose whether residential or commercial clients will be fit for them.

Though many want residential ones, commercial clients can offer a lot of excellent benefits. Before bid on commercial landscaping, you need to understand the job entirely and have an idea of services and charges.

How To Bid Commercial Landscaping

If you decide to be involved in commercial work and if you want to know how to bid commercial landscaping, you have to follow some tricks to bid appropriately.

Followings, you can follow

  • you should choose such kind of jobs to bid that can match with your expertise and also price.
  • Should provide evidence of quality and service.
  • You should present yourself as a professional.
  • Try to be focused on your work and charges always.
  • Proper timing sense
  •  Labor

Remember, one thing that is- make a lower price cannot lead you to your career for a long-run profit. Anyway, to start and continue in a planned way, Let’s see:

What You Need To Do

  • You can contact your client through phone calls, emails, postcards, and flyers or meetings.
  •  You need quality references from previous clients.
  • The property manager should concentrate on determining which bid is the best choice for their budget.
  • Keep your commercial clients happy. The best way to win is to show your clients that you care about your job, you are doing it properly, and you are not missing anything.

You have to notice some important things like

  • How many bidders are bidding on this job
  • How your relationship with this account is. A nice and friendly relationship improves your chances of being a win.
  • Whether you can make profits from the contact or not.
  • If a client looks for you and knows about you from past clients anyhow, there may be a chance to prioritize your quality rather than price or maybe not.
  • Again, if the client finds you just because of your lower bid, there is perhaps a chance to prioritize lower payment rather than quality work. You may not be sure about it, but you have to try to know.

So, to be sure all about these things, try to have a conversation professionally and always try to be in contact with them.

Some Necessary Tricks

If you bid wrongly, it will be a big headache for you. Not to bid wrongly some tricks you may follow:

  • It will help if you do not charge much, because you may lose your project.
  • Your underbid also makes you lose money.
  • It matters to know how low you can bid for money.

You actually want to make a profit. So why you do such things that make you lose your project? You need to be more conscious about your time management, service providing, and proper charging. We are here to show you the exact path to bid appropriately and win.

I think you now understand what your primary things to do are. You first should approach first politely. This is a solid strategy to follow that crafting an email or a letter for each business you want to work or do. So, now, ultimately, how can you start? Let’s have an overall idea about how to bid commercial landscaping:

An Overall Idea

  •  Politely approach through email or letter if they do not respond that is time to knock coldly.
  • Should drive around and look for properties that need to fix.
  • When you will find any business that may accept your services, knock them, and introduce yourself.
  • If you are good enough for your skill, that will bring you more profits.
  • And after that, try to follow the other tips that I provided in my previous points.


Use Landscape Bidding Software

As a suggestion, I can say, you can use landscape bidding software. This software can help you to present professional commercial landscaping bids. It also includes all the necessary details. If you know the proper use of this software, you can have the appropriate information from the software and also can make quick bids.

Ensure Professionalism

Another vital matter is visualization and look. Not only here, but also in all other sectors of life. In the corporate world, a mostly, professional look is a great matter. It is the most significant matter in your first conversation, I think.

So, I will suggest you belong a professional look always in your email, communication, your portfolio, actually all over your attitude.

Make Sure You Have The Attitude Of Taking Responsibility

You must belong to an attitude that can prove that you can take responsibility. It is one of the most important things. If you don’t exactly know how much your work takes time to maintain everything, you perhaps lose your money.

Be Grateful to Your Client

Finally, another suggestion is, you should not accept the loss. Write a ‘thank you’ letter. Be grateful to your client. Let them know that you are happy, working with them or that team. Be polite in your behavior always. It proves your professionalism perfectly. It also demonstrates your responsive mentality.

Now, it is your duty to follow all the tricks and suggestions given here to bid properly. if you can continue a professional behavior with your clients, you will be able to make a chance to work back with them. So, this is overall of how to bid commercial landscaping.