How to Get Lost Title For a Trailer| Apply Online/Offline

Is your trailer’s title missing? Did you worry about how to get lost title for a trailer? Don’t worry, here you can find your solution. The title is not only important for your trailer but also important for any vehicle. So, you must be careful about that.

The title of your trailer implies that you are the owner of the trailer. If you lose it, you will lose the ownership of your trailer. You can’t easily replace the title. You have to follow some process and go to different offices in your locality.

So, here is the article about how to get lost title for a trailer.

Each state provides a different process to get your lost title back. For example, in the United States, the title is issued by the Secretary of state. First, find the department of motor vehicles (DMV) in your state then asked for the title.

Why Should You Know About How To Get Lost Title For A Trailer?

The certificate of title of a trailer refers to someone as a legal owner of the trailer. In other words, we can say the title is a bunch of rights. If someone has the certificate of the title, he will get the legal interest of the trailer.

You should remember the title is also called ‘Pink Slip.’ It’s not a piece of paper; it is your rights the trailer you own. I hope you understand the importance of a title. That’s why you must know about how to get lost title for a trailer.

What Is Trailer?

We know, a trailer is mostly used to accommodate cargo due to it’s enough space. That’s why we can call it a Heavy Good Vehicle (HMV). It’s enormous and heavy in size and weight. It has two sections, and these sections are joined to each other by metal bars.

You should remember one thing that trailer with GVWR, which is less than 2,000 don’t need to be titled. If you have a homemade trailer, contact your country tag office for the title registration.

 How To Get Lost Title For A Trailer?

Here some tips which might be helpful about how to get lost title for a trailer. But each state has different criteria. First of all, collect your local requirements and start the process.

Collect local requirements

Each state wants different papers, applies various methods to replace the title. So first of all, ensure that you know all the requirements.

Every state has a DMV office. Some states have DMV offices in a different name or have some office where they do this kind of work. Search on the internet and find out the destination.

You can also call on customer service to find the information about the office.

Collect all the documents

You need to collect –

  • Certificate of title
  • A copy of valid driver license
  • Trailer renewal notice
  • Trailer registration
  • Trailer identification number
  • DC DMV title number
  • Trailer tag number

Submit all the papers

Go to your local DMV office and submit all the papers.

Ok, some states have rules that they take a court order to obtain the title. If your state provides this, go to the court and then the judge will give you the ownership.

Some state provides online service. You can find out the application there. Maine, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Indiana, Maryland, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Washington DC have online lost title application.

Two Criteria You Must Know About How To Get Lost Title For A Trailer

The Title That Was In Your Name

If the trailer is titled in your name, many states refer to get the title through the local DMV office. You need some documents like and you may pay some small fees. Some states want to VIN (Vehicle identification number), driver’s license, other personal information like email or phone, social security number.

You should submit all these to get lost title for a trailer.

The Title That Wasn’t In Your Name

If you have bought a trailer from a seller, but you lost the title before transferring it to your name, .what can you do now?

One solution is to request the previous owner to submit the replacement request .you must be careful about that you need to pay to get lost title for a trailer.

If you can’t contact your previous owner, you may go to take the court order to obtain the title.

Two Ways To Obtain A Certified Copy Of A Title

  • Apply by mail
  • Apply in person

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Trailer’s Title?

It also varies from state to state to get lost title for a trailer. Some states take 15 to 30 days for issuing replacement titles from the day the request is processed and paid. You may need to wait for the mail to receive your title.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Lost Title Of A Trailer?

It may cost From $2 up to $95.It also varies from state to state .here are some example:

State Cost
California $22
Colorado $8.20
Florida $75.25
Michigan $15


Knowing about how to get lost title for a trailer but also about what you should do and what not. Keep your trailer title in a safe place. Don’t put it in your trailer. If fraud people find it out, they can claim that you sold or gave your trailer. They can re-title the name of the trailer. So store it in a safe place.

Overall it may be said that you should always be careful about the certificate of the title of your trailer. The paper that you submit to DVM should be accurate. One simple mistake can hinder getting lost title for a trailer.

I hope this information will be helpful, and you find your solution to how to get lost the title for a trailer. If you follow these steps, you will replace your title easily. But follow the rules of your state what they provide.